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Money Map Press

Money Map Press is the company that intends to make investing profitable. It also offers newsletters and other services. There is a professional team of investment experts who follow the combined experience of more than 250 years. These experts provide analysis and investing ideas to help investors become wealthy through the ability to identify global trends. Let's take a look at all the newsletters and other services offered by the company on a regular basis. In general, they publish four different newsletters. Private Briefing is their "flagship" publication that was co-founded by Bill Patalon and is released every weekday. The newsletter tells about forces behind the recommendations, strategies, markets, and developing stories. Since 2011, this publication has delivered 187 double- and triple-digit winners.

Nova-X Report was developed by Michael Robinson who has more than 35 years of experience working in Silicon Valley. The goal of this newsletter is to "unlock $7 trillion in new high-tech wealth" through revealing two new opportunities meant to provide growth and safety across innovators, visionaries, and great opportunities, such as "turnaround plays and penny-stock biotechs." According to Michael, you will be pointed to profitable ventures in other sectors by scoring profit in one sector. Following this formula you will make money easily. Money Map Report was brought by Keith Fitz-Gerald who focuses on six high-profit "global trends" such as technology, energy, medicine, scarcity, demographics, and warfare. He teaches you to make money by focusing on unknown companies, maximizing profits, generating income, aligning your portfolio with the 50/40/10 structure, harvesting your profits, and decreasing your losses. Energy Advantage newsletter from Dr. Kent Moors' will help you to get profit by investing in global energy needs including coal, oil, natural gas, biofuels, solar, and any other energy source.

Customer Reviews - Does Money Map Press Really Work?

Studying numerous users' reviews I found out that the customers of Money Map Press are highly satisfied not only with the company's publications but also with the great trading services it offers. The first one is known as Stealth Profits Trader developed by D.R. Barton Jr. who spent more than a quarter century to create this proprietary computer system. SSTI tracks thousands of data points across numerous stocks, taking into consideration specific market conditions ideal for a highly profitable trade. D.R. will offer only that trade that is set to earn 4-5 times the average. You are expected to get three email alerts per week no matter how the market is trending. This will give you the ability to receive some cash about every 10 days. According to the Theory of Inevitable Profits offered by Sid Riggs, there are seven catalysts that provide large gains in the market: Management upgrade, Game-changing new contracts, Disruptive technology, Institutional interest, Upward revenue and earnings revisions, Returns and Sector rotation. Using these catalysts, Small-Cap Rocket Alert claims to reveal how to play the opportunities.

Shah Gilani developed the so called Short-Side Fortunes, a service that promises to show how to make money when prices are reduced. The subscribers are sent about three alerts a week across almost every asset class. Each alert includes a Trade Blotter showing an open position, as well as Shah's rationale for the position. Michael Robinson, a Pulitzer-Prize nominated writer, developed Radical Technology Profits service that intends to teach you how to cash in the companies that specialize in tech sectors like aeronautics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, and more. Every month, you will be given four investment briefings, new opportunities and sell alerts.

There are many Customer reviews about Money Map Press. The overall online customer feedback appears to be positive at the time of this research. Most users claim that the company's recommendations perform well, just like the customer service does. Their recommendations prove to be really profitable and customers seem to earn money on their advice. Money Map Press held an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Let's take a look at what real customers are saying about their experience of working with the company.

"I can honestly say that my experience with MoneyMap Press While has been pleasant. I have tried many of their services: Seismic Profits, Stealth Profits, Money Calendar Alert, Weekly Cash Clock, High Velocity Profits, and Zenith Trading Circle. Almost all of them had a 30-90 day trial period, and I managed to get a 100% refund within this period of time. I had no questions or issues getting a refund or canceling. Each of their services had a different feel and the main thing is to figure out what your goals are in using this or that service. Do not fall in despair if you fail to do something. The customer service will be of great help to you."

"My experience with this company was friendly. I used to communicate directly with my expert via telephone and email. He helped me with account management and my subscriptions. I received a lot of money due to From Money Map Press. I have been a member of the company since early May 2017, and I have had 22 winnings and two losses. I have had great success in Zenith Trading Circle run by Shah Gilani. The service allowed me to earn money from my investment. I was impressed with their great services."

"Working with Money MapPress I feel relaxed. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, but generally I am happy with my experience. I try not to be upset with my faults or short comings. You need to take any emotion out of your trades. Emotions won't help you make money. This is good business. I am pleased with pleasant atmosphere. I have been here for seven months and I plan to continue working with this company."

My Final Summary

Money Map Press has a great number of advantages. They lead a completely transparent business with clearly set goals and structure. Managers are all experienced, no one sits without any business. To my mind, they can be trusted completely. Growth and ideas are encouraged in this company, which is why you can see a constant stream of employees. There are many positive users' reviews about Money Map Press. Most people are satisfied with high level of the customer service. In case of any issue you will be immediately assisted and encouraged. There are many examples when the company helped customers to achieve investing success.

It is up to you to decide which strategy to choose when investing - to long for rapid growth or opt for more measured growth and less risk. You may have little capital or millions of dollars at your disposal. Whatever your goals, deciding where to spend your money depends on a combination of specific factors you have set yourself. The positive thing is that Money Map Press has delivered recommendations for many years, and has helped many investors to succeed financially. Taking into account all pros and cons, I do recommend Money Map Press.

Money Map Press Pricing and Rates

There are no prices listed on the official company's website. It is known that the Energy Inner Circle program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can reach Money Map Press's customer service department by calling at 888-384-8339 or