Monster Jammer Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Monster Jammer Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Monster Jammer

The Monster Jammer is a new kind of night light specially designed to help children sleep better. This night light is actually created for parents by parents to improve the sleep of their children through the night without any fears. It sends out green and red lights to show kids that their room is free from ghosts, monsters, and zombies. The device will help them to get a good night's sleep. It can be said that Monster Jammer is a tool meant to make children feel safe and secure and scan the room for ghosts and monsters. The device does not require installation and is claimed to make children feel safe almost immediately. The device also features dim light that doesn't disturb the children's sleep and a Blaster Night Light to allow the child to ensure that there are no monsters in the room.

Monster Jammer can be hung or stuck to the wall or simply kept on a nightstand. The kid will need to enter a four digit secret code on its keypad and wait until its Red 3-D Jamming Technology penetrates in the closet and under the bed. The Green Thermal Scanners on the device guarantee to have a calming effect and provide a protective shield to make the little ones feel safe at night. The device also claims to have a dim green night light that turns on every fifteen seconds to inform the kid that they are safe in case if they wake up in the middle of the night. Monster Jammer has a Blaster Night Light that lights up the room for fifteen seconds to provide your child with the feel of safety. But what is the manufacturer of the product? As a matter of fact, little is known about the company behind Monster Jammer. It is probably based somewhere in the USA. The official website is very primitive and dedicated to this device only.

Customer Reviews - Does Monster Jammer Really Work?

Many modern kids believe that there is a monster under their bed or some creature in the closet. Fears of this kind disturb their sleep a lot and keep them sleepy all day. Monster Jammer is a product that promises to make your kids feel safe and to help them get a good sleep. The device convinces that kids will sleep well at night, thus, Monster Jammer comes to help for parents who suffer from lack of sleep at night because of their sleepless kids. Children do not rush to their parents' room or switch on lights to check whether there are any ghosts or monsters in the room. As it was already mentioned, the device features special lights to show little users that their entire bedroom is free from undesired creatures. The scanning process begins after the child enters their secret code. The next part of the scanning process involves the 3D jammers used to lighten hard-to-reach spots in the child's room such as in the closet, under the bed, and even outside the window. The creator of these jammers is sure that they can make it easy for a child to fall sleep after they have scanned the whole bedroom.

The green LED scanners are specially designed to make sure that the room is free from ghosts and monsters. This kind of scanner will show a protective light on the Monster Jammer. When the child has fully scanned their bedroom they can sleep safely without any fears. The device offers Soft Glowing Light that can be used after the full scanning of the room. It actually a large light that glows at night while your child is falling asleep. In this period you can comfort your child saying that they are safe and there are no monsters in the room. This is calming light so it can be left turned on all night. The light provides relaxing feeling for your child to drift into sleep. The Monster Jammer is designed to fit into any bedroom's interior. The manufacturer promises that it will last for many years but, unfortunately, some users of the device cannot say the same about its quality. The product may get broken within a few weeks only.

The product can be useful for some children with behavior problems. But if a child has a good night's sleep, their behavior may get much better during the day. This night light is meant to improve the quality of child's sleep. The child's behavior is going to improve if they feel calmer at night. And if a child is happy, their parents are happy too, as well as teachers! Stress is an important factor in why children sleep bad at night. Monster Jammer is designed to decrease stress associated with child's fears. When your child has no stress or anxieties at night, they will sleep well. They may feel safe after checking their room for monsters or any other imaginary creatures. It is very nice time when a child sleeps, isn't it? If a kid in your house doesn't sleep, no one does. And when your child does not sleep, it means that something is wrong. You need to help your little one to cope with their fears. But can Monster Jammer really be helpful in this situation? Let's check by taking a look at what real users are thinking about their experience of using the device. Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews about the product on Amazon. But some other third-party sites do contain some testimonials.

"I ordered MonsterJammer almost a month ago but I never received my order. I emailed the company but haven't got any response. There is even no phone number on the official website to call. I think it is a scam. I do not recommend anyone dealing with this company. I don't want their product anymore."

"Monster Jammer is a stupid thing. Instead of calming my child it makes him cry, especially when it is red. I would never recommend this product to people with children. It is really scaring. Besides, its quality leaves much to be desired. It should cost twice cheaper!"

"I just got Monster jammer out of the box, installed the antennas and then connected the device to power. My daughter got frightened when we turned off the major light in the room. I don't think that she will get used to it. It scares her seriously. This product is probably designed for children who have no fears at all."

My Final Summary

If you are looking for a product that will calm your child down and relax them before going to bed, I think Monster Jammer is not the best option for you. Based on many real customers' reviews, I can say that this device is suitable not for everyone. Some children get frightened when their parents turn on the unit. The colors it offers are red and green. They are quite dim, which scares children who already have their own fears. Some users call the device useless and stupid. The company behind Monster Jammer does not seem to be reliable. Their products often have poor quality. If you want to create a peaceful and quiet space around your child, you should look for some other product on the market. It should be easy to use, compact, functional and reliable.

Where To Buy Monster Jammer In Stores?

The product can be ordered directly from the official website. You can get one Monster Jamme, as well as Built in Night Light and Monster Glow in the dark bracelet for $19.95 + $7.95 shipping. Thus, a total price will be $25.9. Official website of the product is You can also order the device from some major retail stores online.