Morning Save Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Morning Save

MorningSave is a flash sale website that offers great deals on top-selling things available for a limited period of time. The site is run by an ecommerce concept innovator called Mediocre. To use the site you will need to buy a membership for a very symbolic price. Your membership will provide you with free shipping and an opportunity to buy items at great discounts. However, the company tends to limit the number of items you can buy in order to ensure that a greater number of customers can get them. This also reduces the chance that another store buys these items to resell them and get profit. At present, they collect sales tax for residents of Tennessee, California, Texas, Illinois, New York, Georgia, Missouri, and Washington. Most of their products ship via the US Postal Service. The estimated delivery date can be seen on your orders page, or in your confirmation email that is expected to get to your email box immediately after ordering. Usually an order arrives in two to three weeks. Your order number will actually be not a number, but three random words. You will find it in your order confirmation email. You can track delivery of your order through an email.

You can cancel your order within an hour after it was placed. To do this, you will need to visit your order and click "Cancel" and confirm it by clicking "Really?" If one hour has already passed, you can use the support form to make a cancellation request. The company has a good return policy. If your purchase has arrived defective, damaged, or DOA, you can replace it or get a full refund within 21 calendar days of receiving the item. Use a support form provided on the official site to get an RMA number for your purchase. Items returned without this number won't be replaced or refunded. Since their items are very discounted for a limited time only, they don't accept buyer's change-of-mind returns. Cosmetics, intimate apparel and beauty supplies are not eligible for return due to hygiene or health protection reasons. Purchases are covered by a manufacturer's warranty or by a MorningSave warranty. Details can be found with the product's specifications. If the item is covered by a manufacturer's warranty, contact the manufacturer if you have any warranty issues. If the item is covered by a MorningSave warranty, fill in their support form in case of any issues. The official website of the company is If you have any questions or concerns, you can freely contact the company by sending your message to or writing to the postal address 4717 Plano Pkwy STE 130; 75010; Carrollton; United States. The company has an account on Facebook and Twitter too. It is a wise idea to take a look at the MorningSave's customer reputation to find out whether it works really well.

Customer Reviews - Does Morning Save Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about MorningSave on third-party websites with the majority of them being highly positive. The customers are pleased with the low prices of items, a wide choice of things to choose from, perfect customer service and ease of shopping. Some people may be negatively surprised with the absence of a shopping cart on the site. The company explains this very easily. Putting items into a shopping cart does not guarantee that you will be able to buy them. This can lead to selling them out before you check your cart. Instead you can reserve the items, which prevents other potential customers from buying them while you are still deciding. The store has got limited quantities of things, so they want to make sure you get what you need before it is sold out. Once you purchase your first item, you will get free shipping for the next hour on anything else you purchase. Another thing potential customers may not like is that the company doesn't offer international shipping, at least at present.

Many pleased customer claim that MorningSave is an amazing online store with nice customer service. They offer great stuff, fast shipping and good prices. One woman reports that her first order with the store resulted in some damaged packaging. She was going to use her purchase as a gift for her son, which is why she was so concerned. The customer wrote MorningSave a quick email and asked them whether she could have the packaging replaced. As a result, they replaced the entire gift, not just the packaging! They simply exceeded her expectations! The woman was pleased with such excellent customer service and promises to continue ordering from the store again. Another customer is a middle-aged man who was completely happy with the MorningSave's customer service department. He had dealt with the company several times and they did everything to help him no matter how vital his concerns were. Once he even missed shipment, and they responded respectfully and quickly. The man intends to keep shopping with the store.

One female customer describes in her testimonial that she ordered a blender from the store and even received confirmation that is was delivered. The problem was that she did not receive her purchase, so she sent an email to the customer service department explaining the problem. They got right back to the customer, told her to check with post office and wait for a few days to see whether the order shows up. The woman could not believe how professional the customer service was. They kept in touch with her and told her they would send her another blender in either case. She never expected that, especially taking into account the fact that the shipping showed her parcel was delivered. The woman went to the post office and was lucky to find her purchase there. Nevertheless, she was highly impressed with the work of MorningSave customer service. It is high time to read some more testimonials from other customers of this miraculous store.

"I bought a product from MorningSave which was too large for me, so I wrote to them asking about exchanging it for a smaller one. However, the item was no longer available. The customers service rep offered me a code to return my large-sized product. The postage back was so expensive that I changed my mind and decided to donate the item. I informed MorningSave about my intentions; however, they still sent me a code for a credit I can use for my future purchases. I was pleasantly surprised with this news and I will definitely buy something from them again."

"MorningSave is a wonderful place to shop for any item imaginable from the comfort of your home or from anywhere you wish. I have ordered so many products from this store at discounted price. I am going to use them as gifts for my loved ones and friends. It is always great pleasure for me to deal with the company's customer service. They are fast and will make things right for you even if you have any problems with a purchase. The membership fee is miserable when compared to saving on shipping every month. I highly recommend this store to everyone who prefers to shop from home."

"MorningSave goes above and beyond to satisfy each customer's needs. I purchased a striiv Bio2 from them; however, it broke while under warranty. Unfortunately, Striiv did not honor the warranty despite the fact I called them many times. Then I called MorningSave to inform them about Striiv. This company contacted Striiv and told them about the issue. Now they are going to replace my purchase. I have bought many items through MorningSave and every time I have been satisfied with their products and customer service."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learned about MorningSave, this online store turns out to be a worthy destination for anyone who is fond of shopping from the comfort of their home. All of their items are of high quality and value, which is why the majority of customers are happy with their shopping experience. They are also pleased with the customer service department, saying that the reps of the company are very understanding and intend to meet the needs of each customer. Even if you face any issues, be sure that you will be responded within a few hours maximum. The staff are helpful, polite and efficient. The monthly membership is said to be very low when compared to the amount of money you can save while shopping on the site. The prices themselves are very low too. With all these advantages and disadvantages, I can definitely recommend MorningSave.

Morning Save Pricing and Rates

The membership costs $4.99 per month and includes unlimited free shipping. To become the member of the company you will need to to to their membership page or do this during your next purchase. Your membership can be canceled at any time from the same page. MorningSave website offers a wide choice of different items, so we will take a look at its current Best Sellers and their prices. Currently you can buy InPods Touch Controlled True Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 for only $29 instead of $110 (save 74%). Airbuds Chrome True Wireless Earbuds cost $19 instead of $129 (discount 85%). iPulse 12-Channel TENS + EMS Stimulation Unit with 10 Pads are priced at $29 with the initial price of $499 (save 94%). You’ll need to pay $29 instead of $130 for Airbuds Mini True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case. Touch-free Motion Activated Soap Dispenser costs $19 (initial price $45, discount 58%). 10-Piece Smart Phone Lens, Tripod and Selfie Bundle is priced at $19 instead of $110 (save 83%). The price of Michael Kors Ciara Tote is only $149 (initial price $398, discount 63%). Smart Watch with Multi-Function is priced at $39 instead of $150 (save 74%). You will have to pay $59 (initial price $149, discount 60%) for Zmodo Pivot Cloud Rotating Smart WiFi Camera. ProCabello Luxury 5500 Soft Touch Brush Straightener will cost you $19 instead of $150 (discount 87%). Nespresso Espresso Maker by KitchenAid is priced at $129 (initial price $400, discount 68%). PurseN LittBag LED-Lit Nylon Crossbody costs $29 instead of $79 (save 63%).