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Motif Investing

Unfortunately, investing is often created by big companies that might not meet your individual needs and involve limited tools. However, the online broker we are going to discuss in this review puts the interests of its customers as the major priority. Motif Investing offers a collection of up to 30 stocks or ETFs that focus on a definite theme or idea (shale oil, used cars, Obamacare, or anything else). This can include a trading strategy, hot trend, investment style, or anything you encountered on your own. This company claims they offer more than 150 professionally built motifs in six categories: Income Strategies, Asset Allocation Sectors, Trading Strategies, Values-based, and Global Opportunities, which have averaged 16.3% annualized returns. Each customer will have access to more than 180,000 motifs that have been customized or created by the Motif community. You can customize them even more in just one click. In addition, Motif will regularly inform you of what you own and what its value is, while trading in dollars, not shares.

Even if you lack knowledge about trading stocks and ETFs, Motif Investing offers a unique trading platform seems that provides you with an ideal and simple way of investing money. As it was already mentioned, each motif is a collection of ETFs, 30 stocks, and/or ADRs listed on major U.S. exchanges, such as NYSE or NASDAQ. These are based on a specific idea (insight), which can involve a definite value, theme, strategy, or any other concept. For instance if you have a motif around new housing construction in America and you see that the market is slipping a lot in the Southern California region, you may increase your exposure in an area with more housing starts. Besides, you can build your own motif by choosing from categories such as Top Performers, 30 Day Winners/Losers, Highest Dividend Yield, and Most Purchased. You can also browse your own motif. Customize your motif by changing a stock's weighting, buy your motif. All trades at Motif Investing are executed during market hours. You can build up to 250 motifs. Clicking on a motif, you will see detailed information about its performance history, the ETFs and stocks it contains, and more.

Customer Reviews - Does Motif Investing Really Work?

There is plenty of customer reviews about this online broker. Most users seem to be satisfied with the offered services and opportunities. It allows creating your own motifs and customizing the existing ones. You will also have the ability to add definite motifs to a watchlist, monitor their performance and get trading alerts that inform you when any of your motifs reaches a specific value. All these features make Motif Investing a highly reputable company in the USA. Initially, it was founded in 2010 by a former General Manager and Director of Corporate named Hardeep Walia. He is good at Development and Strategy at Microsoft, that is why he decided to use the field for investments and acquisitions. Before this, Hardeep received his MBA from the Wharton School of Business and his BS in Economics and Engineering from Yale University. Today he serves on FINRA's Small Firm Advisory Board and Technology Advisory Committee. The company is supported by financial industry giants, including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

According to numerous users' reviews, Motif Investing is good for people who want to buy fractional shares of ETFs or stocks, for those who want to invest in IPOs, thematic or impact investors and ETF investors. After signing up for an account, you are expected to get access to Motif's social network that contains a lot of ideas from other investors. You can also share your own. For instance, you might start a discussion about why it is better to leave the Southern California opinions. You can invite your Facebook friends, or communicate with other Motif users. It's no surprise that Motif Investing has gained excellent reviews from industry professionals. For example, InvestorJunkie found their platform to be cost-efficient, unique, and a good way to diversify your portfolio. They say that the service works reasonably well, even though a bit difficult when it comes to customizing. They also mentioned that a new Motif Premium service has become available. Both FrugalRules and CashCowCouple gave Motif Investing 5 stars due to the company's innovative ideas and absence of any hidden fees. FrugalRules noted that the broker can be a good option for secondary investing and beginners, due to their low entry costs. Motif Investing has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau, with only six closed complaints. Let's take a look at what real users of the service think about it.

"Motif Investing Motif is the best option for stock pickers. I have been waiting for them for many years, and I discovered them finally. I am a good stock picker, and I deal with multiple stocks in a single event for a single fee of just $10. That is wonderful. It allows me to save money on fees and at the same time provides flexibility. There are some disadvantages on the official website, but you can use a different charting platform (TOS) to select stocks. Overall, I give Motif five stars."

"MotifInvesting is the easiest way to invest. I have been their customer for more than a year and I can do everything with my brokerage accounts I want for less money. I do enjoy the opportunity of building my own funds and dealing with them. I liked my "community" experience too. I haven't seen better customer service, so I highly recommended this broker to everyone!"

"Motifinvesting is a great concept. I created a motif and I like managing it a lot. I can monitor its performance before investing and choose actions. I am pleased with the ease of using the official website and the company's customer service. I can give five stars to this broker and recommend it to all of my friends."

My Final Summary

Motif Investing is an online broker that meets the needs of different types of investors. It is suitable for those who want to trade ETFs and individual stocks. The broker offers access to all U.S.-listed securities. Customers can trade stocks in dollar amounts rather than by the share. It means that the service can be used by small-dollar investors. There are motifs that allow users to build their own small-scale funds out of 30 stocks or ETFs. You will have access to the catalog of pre-built options, customize an existing motif or create one from scratch. Those who want to buy a pre-built model can use different tools, such as filters.

Motifs are the foundation of Motif Investing and make the company really stand out. You can use either of two categories: professional motifs or community motifs. There are about 45 professional motifs and 5,000 community motifs, as well as a list of individual stocks. The motifs are sorted by performance for you to make your choice easier. Building your own motif is not difficult. The company is associated with a great number of positive testimonials. Taking into account all pros and cons, I can recommend Motif Investing to usage.

Motif Investing Pricing and Rates

Signing up for an account is completely free, and there are no hidden costs or fees. You will need to pay a $9.95 total commission for up to 30 stocks, $9.95 to rebalance, and $4.95 to buy or sell stock. To invest in a motif, you will need at least $250. There are no account minimums, but you will need to have at least $2,000 to trade on margin.