Mott & Bow Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Mott & Bow

Mott & Bow is a brand offering premium, handmade denim at reasonable prices. The quality of the clothing is high, while the cost is about half lower than that of other designer brands. The brand was founded by Alejandro Chahin who developed a denim factory in Honduras. Alejandro used all his experience he received in the factory to business school at NYU. He also studied consumer demand and understood that there was a gap in the marketplace. This was the major reason why the guy stayed in the business and decided to spend his life producing denim. At that period of time, there were no brands providing premium denim at a reasonable price. Alejandro realized that one of the reasons why premium denim was so expensive was that that the brands had started at the time when there was no online shopping. The product had to go through different distribution channels before it reached its buyer. If the product goes directly to the customer, it will be much cheaper.

Alejandro Chahin started creating jeans in the factory of his family. Mott & Bow was able to decrease the cost giving their customers an opportunity to save money. The high quality of their jeans is based on the usage of the raw materials. They source denim from the most respected denim mills on our planet: Candiani in Italy and Orta in Turkey. According to the brand, this higher-quality cloth looks better and performs longer, unlike cheap denim. Once the raw fabric arrives at the factory in Honduras, it is thoroughly checked to ensure that the wash, cut, design, and finish are perfect. As a result, the company has become very popular among its customers. Today the brand is known for its style, comfort, and affordable price. But what do real wearers think about this denim? Let us take a look at some of their reviews further.

Customer Reviews - Does Mott & Bow Really Work?

The customers like the fact that the company offers great Men's Denim Styles made from composition fabrics that is easy to stretch. In fact, this fabric has been used for women's jeans for many years. It is often called "stretch denim" due to its ability to stretch. Such jeans are more comfortable and pleasant to the skin. Actually, Mott & Bow is the only of few brands offering jeans made from such fabrics. Their jeans range from $96 to $128 per one pair. These are made from a high-quality blend of cotton, elastane, and polyester (up to 35% stretch denim). All jeans are cut from the cloth of varying degrees of stretch. The company offers about ten colors of denim for men, including the indigo Moscow, the jet-black Morton and casual Ludlow. Different shades are created through special processes of applying resin and washes, as well as razoring and scuffing up the edges of hems and pockets for a worn-in look. Exact measurements are provided for each different fit (slim, skinny, or straight).

The customers are pleased with Women's Denim Styles too. In fact, the company at first offered only men's denim but recently they have expanded to women's. Female denim is available in six washes, including subtle grey-black named Orchard, jet black Bond and a pretty. The prices range from $96 to $128. Waist ranges from 24" to a max of 32". Each product has detailed information on the official website, the details of the fit, the wash, and a number of customer reviews. Some customers find it difficult to find ideally fitting denim online. In order to find your perfect size you are recommended to check their home try-on program. It allows ordering two pairs of jeans - one of your own size and a second pair, either a size below or a size above. This program increases your chances of getting your perfect size. Besides, you can keep only the one that fits you better and send the second pair back. The service is free. Sometimes, you may be denied to get two sizes of new styles that are in high demand.

The majority of customer reviews of Mott & Bow appear to be very positive. People are pleased with the jeans they receive, their colors, quality and durability. The company has an amazing team the representatives of which will gladly answer your questions. Reviewers at Paul Evans, The Style Guide, and even Business Insider claim that the jeans of this brand are the most comfortable ever made. This is due to the blended comfort fabrics that provide perfect compression and stretch. Let's see what real customers think about the brand.

"My new Mott & Bow jeans are as comfortable as my yoga pants! I just my pair in the mail yesterday and tried them on immediately. I was glad to receive the second size as it was more suitable for me. I love how they feel to the skin. To my mind, the jeans run true to size. I usually wear a 26 but I ordered a 25 to have them tighter to my legs. Fortunately, they sent a 26. It fitted just perfect. I am really impressed with my jeans and I am going to order another pair of jeans, this time with holes!"

"I love my new MottBow jeans. I wish I had sized down my additional pair of jeans instead of up. I did keep my 27s, I just wanted to get a bit tighter pair. They still keep their shape, so I decided not to send them back. They feature enough stretch and do get smaller after washing. So that's great! If you are going to get a pair from this brand, make sure you go a size down. I am happy with the jeans and plan to get more in the nearest future. The quality is just wonderful!"

"Mott&Bow jeans are super comfortable. I ordered my first pair and it fitted me just fine. They are stretchy and pleasant to the touch. I am accustomed to wearing jeans with high elastane content and these jeans are the best. They are so soft to the touch and comfortable. By the way, they fit around my waist well too. I do recommend this brand to everyone!"

My Final Summary

One pair of Mott & Bow denim jeans costs around $100. It is certainly more expensive than competition like Target or Macy's but it is worth the money. Based on what we learned during our research, you are going to receive a piece made from high-quality fabric, featuring fashionable designs, and offering an exact fit. If you want to switch things up from your standard jeans brand, this company can be a wonderful option for you. Mott & Bow will undoubtedly deliver what you need but only if you are not on a tight budget.

The majority of customer reviews of the brand are equally glowing, with men claiming extreme softness of the denim and women remarking the great high-rise style. The only negative opinion referenced the women's slim boyfriend style, which wasn't a true boyfriend fit, according to one reviewer. The wash does not change the shape of jeans. It is recommended to order one size lower than that you usually wear. These jeans are both high-quality and good-looking. They can be worn on a day to day basis at the office or on the street. I do recommend Mott & Bow jeans to people who wish to look great and feel comfortable at a reasonable price.

Mott & Bow Pricing and Rates

Both men and women's denim cost from $96 to $128 per pair. The shipping is paid separately and depends on your location. If you order two or more pairs the shipping will be free. The company makes returns easier within 30 days from the date of buying. Returns are free because of a prepaid return label.