Muzo Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Muzo Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Muzo is a smart acoustic device that generates realistic and dynamic sounds, while cancelling vibration and outside noise. It can easily attach to any smooth surface and works due to the Billion Sound Technology (BST). The device can turn almost anything into a clear acoustic environment, including walls, windows, and desks and other furniture; protect your speech privacy and improve the quality of your sleep. According to the manufacturer, it claims to do all of this over a few steps. First, you will need to place Muzo toward the noise and gently press the large button on the surface to choose your ambient noise. You may also use the noise-canceling technology. To adjust soundtrack volume, just rotate the button. The company promises that its noise-blocking technology forms a "personal zone creator" that can serve as an effective sleep aid and a sound machine. Is this device really worth money? Let's try to answer this question by learning available information during our research.

Muzo works due to its Anti-Vibration Technology. The majority of loudspeakers use a magnet, a coil conducting electricity, and thin plastic, fabric, or paper cone (a diaphragm), to convert mechanical vibrations into sound. This is the diaphragm that physically converts vibrations into sounds. The exciter technology used in Muzo essentially performs the same function without the diaphragm. The device sends vibrations to what it is attached to, whether a wall, a desk, or a window. Thus, the sound generates from all particles of the surface and deliver perfect sound simulation of high quality. The "reverse speaker" concept allows the anti-vibration technology to prevent incoming energy created by vehicles and speech. With this in mind, let us take a look at the other details of the device and what users think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Muzo Really Work?

There are many customer reviews on different websites online. The majority of testimonials carry a positive character. People like the fact that the Muzo device is portable and compact. It features a built-in Li-ion battery operating for up to 20 hours. When it is time to recharge the battery, an indicator light will blink and you can use the included micro-USB cable. In addition, the device uses an environmentally friendly TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) for you to easily stick the device on any surface you like. The material is absolutely non-toxic. You can manually change modes and adjust volume by the main exterior button. Even though Muzo has a very compact size, it is jam-packed with a number of premium technologies. For instance, it uses a powerful processor and a complicated algorithm to compute a lot of signal data. There are also a vibration sensor and a circuit board assembly to balance the feedback of the NEO magnet system.

Muzo features two built-in speakers and the Billionsound Technology (BST) that can generate about 1,000 realistic sound scenes able to improve your privacy and remove intrusive noises. This can be done through different modes. For instance, Serenity Mode uses anti-vibration. Sleep Mode helps you to fall asleep. When it is time to wake up, it will start generating sound waves. Secret Mode use sound masking feature to provide you with better privacy. This will ensure that your conversation isn't overheard by other people. There is Inside the Muzo app that connects to the device via Bluetooth LE. It will allow you to choose between these modes, monitor noise, adjust sound levels, choose from twelve realistic soundscapes and even mix them if you wish, set auto-off timers, analyze your sleep, and adjust the protection range for Secret Mode. The company was going to include RGB LEDs to provide mood lighting and fill your room with colors, but we failed to find any images of these lights. The majority of customer comments are very positive. People are pleased with excellent service, low prices, and friendly staff. Let us take a look at some of the real users' reviews left online.

"Muzo is a great device for people who prefer silence in their homes and lives in general. I highly appreciate this system. Whenever I wish I can turn it to secret mode so nobody will hear my conversation with another person. I would recommend this device to everyone who doesn't lie to be interrupted and simply wants to be by themselves. This is a great innovative technology! This is a really useful invention."

"Muzo offers so many different soothing sounds, that it is very easy to fall asleep with it. I don't need to download any other apps that provide nature sounds or anything. I can reduce unnecessary vibrations and noise for a restful night and good day. This device creates a wonderful environment for all our family members! I do recommend it to everyone who wants to have a peaceful life."

"Muzo is an absolutely new technological invention that proves to be very useful in everyday usage. If I have any questions about its use or the shipping policies, I can always contact the company’s customer service. The personnel are very kind and responsive. You can also send them a message on their Facebook profile. It is very convenient."

My Final Summary

Muzo comes with a great number of advantages. It features a Vibration Monitoring System that allows decreasing unnecessary vibrations and noise. There is a specially designed Anti-Vibration Technology and Billionsound Technology that will keep your life more peaceful. You can also benefit from Personalized Acoustic Sleep Therapy that will help you to fall asleep and have a calm rest all through the night. The Secret Mode (Muzo Sound Masking) allows you to improve your privacy even more. The device comes with the Muzo's Companion App.

Even though Muzo launched in 2016, it has a great number of positive customer reviews. The users highly appreciate the device and opportunities it offers. They praise it for its ability to improve the privacy of their talks, sleep and decrease of unnecessary noise. The units are usually delivered very fast without any delays. If you have any issues or problems you can contact the company's customer service any time. Any of your problems will be immediately resolved. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Muzo, I do recommend buying this device.

Muzo Pricing and Rates

A few pledge offers can still be found on Muzo's Kickstarter page. The shipping was estimated in spring of 2017. Super Early Adopter costs $119, Early Adopter is worth $139, Advance Owner costs $159, Early Majority is worth $189 Deluxe (including the case) costs $249, Friends (two units at the introductory price) is worth $249, Family set of five units costs $499. After you place your order, you will be sent a link where you can choose the preferred color and see your shipping details. All U.S. orders come with $10 shipping and $15 for the rest of the world. There are no refund or warranty details on the official website of the company, so you should contact the company for more information.