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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

My Computer Career

MyComputerCareer is a computer training school with many locations across the United States of America. The staff claims to do everything to help their students succeed in their career in I.T. They offer special programs linked to sought-after certifications recognized by the biggest names in technology. Their Career Services team promises to provide each student with lifelong services and resources to help them land their IT job! Even though the field of information technology is extremely broad, individual I.T. certifications give you an opportunity to stand out as a specialist in the sphere and prove your potential employers that you have all the necessary skills and abilities. At MyComputerCareer, the folowing certifications can be earned: Systems Administration, Network Administration, Certified Ethical Hacking, Help Desk Support and many others. It is up to you to decide which I.T. certifications you need but MyComputerCareer can give you a valuable piece of advice. The school cooperates with thousands of IT hiring managers and employers to discover which certifications are currently in-demand. Their certifications are specifically tailored for students who are new to IT; therefore, you can count on MyComputerCareer to provide you with the skills and opportunities you will need to build a successful career.

Your potential employers will be impressed that you have the right professional IT certifications from the famous brands in information technology such as CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, EC-Council and Linux. If you are an I.T. beginner, their programs will give you all the vital skills you need. Yes, you've caught it right - even a tech beginner can create a rewarding career in I.T. Many of students come to the school with limited experience and knowledge in technology, but that's okay. There is no need to worry about your work experience, age and computer know-how. MyComputerCareer will become your first step to creating a successful career. Their in-depth programs come with hands-on applications and detailed instructions. Address of the school is: 5511 Capital Center Dr #500, Raleigh, NC 27606, United States. If you have any questions, you may call them at the phone: +1 866-606-6922. The average annual cost for students getting federal aid is 31,529 USD. You can also submit your questions on the official site

Customer Reviews - Does My Computer Career Really Work?

MyComputerCareer is associated with a great number of testimonials left online by people who have been the students at that school. Most of them are highly positive. What these people really appreciate is that the school offers flexible class hours, provides perfect career preparation and helpful career services. The environment at school is very positive as all of the teachers are kind and pleasant to deal with. Mentors and teachers are highly-informed and educated. According to one student, the hardest part about the program is that there is little time for you to learn the material. You need to focus on the most important aspects of training, be able to make right sacrifices. Be ready to put in your extra time to study and be sure it will pay off. Most students find it to be a worthwhile learning environment but some students wish to take the exams directly, especially if they already know most of the material. However, the number of really knowledgeable students is very small. The teaching staff are all great advisers. The school offers hands-on training, which is appealing to the majority of students. It is a good place for anyone who wants to make a career change, no matter which sort of education they have, how old they are or anything. All you need is money and desire to study. MyComputerCareer has an individual approach to each student.

The material that is presented to students is broken down well to make the process of studying easier and more convenient. But a person who is not familiar with IT may find it somewhat difficult. In this case, they may consult their teachers who are ready to help any student. It is important to fully grasp the previous section before learning the next one. Most students are ready to recommend the school to anyone looking to improve their career in information technology and to increase their income. Let us take a look at what actual former students are saying about MyComputerCareer. One man graduated from this IT school and now works as a Network Administrator. His current salary is $85,000. Earlier, he was a homeless veteran changing his jobs frequently. He was in his car when he heard the advertisement for MyComputerCareer on the radio. An idea struck his head that he needed to change his life. So, he got there to find out what MyCC was all about. Attending the school has allowed him to not only increase his knowledge, but it also gave him an opportunity to network with other people from all walks of life. He found many true friends.

Another student of MyComputerCareer used to be an Uber/Lyft Driver but after graduating from the school he became the career of a Network Administrator with the salary of $89,002. He says, the program at this IT school is incredible and really fast. In just seven months the man became an I.T. Professional. In a few years he is planning to be earning at least $100,000. This educational investment has changed his entire life not only in terms of income but also in terms of his life values. People working at MyComputerCareer are very passionate about teaching each of their students. One more former student of the school reports that she is now a Senior Access Analyst with the salary of $104,000. earlier she was a stay at home mom but since she divorced a military spouse she needed a job. Her experience with career services has been fantastic, and since graduation from MyComputerCareer, she feels she has got endless opportunities. The school is certainly worth the money. Here are some more testimonials from current or former students of this educational establishment.

"I am happy that I study at MyComputerCareer. They have flexible class hours and beneficial career services. I like all of the teachers who are always helpful and understanding. The environment is pleasant to study at. They offer great career preparation and I am sure I will find a high-paying job after graduation. By the way, the studying is rather affordable when compared to other IT schools of the kind. By the way, I came into the IT field with very limited knowledge of IT. Since I have been studying here I have learned so much. The staff go above and beyond to make sure I get everything I need to get my certifications."

"MyComputerCareer is a great school with great teachers. This is the right combination of hands-on and classroom training, just what I was looking for. I learned as the following coursework: CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Server+, MTA Networking Fundamentals, MTA Operating System Fundamentals, MTA Mobility & Devices Fundamentals, Windows 10 Client Installation, MTA Security Fundamentals, and Configuration. Overall, I am pleased with the school, even though it is a bit expensive."

"I am a Sr. Analyst and my salary at present is $50,000. Before entering MyComputerCareer I worked in a retail store but I was ambitious about my future, which is why I decided to study IT. Within only two weeks of graduating from the school I found a job with HCL. Now I can apply my I.T. experience and earn so much more money. I have a consistent schedule, weekends and I can spend time with my family."

My Final Summary

MyComputerCareer is an IT school that has a number of locations across the USA but also offers classes online. The school allows to train in 16 qualifications, the most reviewed ones of which include MTA, CompTIA A+, and CompTIA Network+. Education time ranges from seven weeks to one year depending on the qualification you have chosen. MyComputerCareer has a great number of advantages. They prepare their students for a wide variety of certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, Linux, and EC-Council to Cisco and many others. Their Career Services team will provide you with lifelong support services, allowing you to build a perfect career. You don't need any I.T. experience to study at this school. They start with the basics. MyComputerCareer is a perfect choice for busy people as you will have access to all programs available LIVE online. Their programs are meant to help you earn the desired I.T. certifications in just four months to enable you earn the income you want. The certifications and skills you gain at this school can prepare you for a number of I.T. career paths, including hands-on troubleshooting and security engineering. This is a nationally accredited school by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. MyComputerCareer is recognized by the US Department of Education. You can be sure in receiving high-quality of education. Whether you learn via live online programs or on campus, you will get education from knowledgeable instructors. Based on the customer feedback, the students are pleased with flexible class hours, nice teachers, pleasant environment and affordable prices. Other commonly reported benefits included helpful career services and hands-on training. The school has got an average rating of 4.63 stars out of 5. About 89% of reviewers are ready to recommend this educational establishment to their friends. With all this in mind, we can also recommend MyComputerCareer.

My Computer Career Pricing and Rates

The cost of studying at MyComputerCareer ranges from $21,000 to $32,000 depending on the qualification you have chosen. The average cost is $31,529. For more information you can contact the school customer service bu calling at (866) 606-6922 or writing to 1701 East Lamar Boulevard #250 Arlington, TX 76006. Most reviewers reported they paid for the training themselves.