My Pillow Premium Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

My Pillow Premium

The My Pillow Company has become very popular lately due to its high-rate products. The company was founded by an entrepreneur who was tired of sleeping on uncomfortable flat pillows and wanted to create a worthy product. At that period of time, the sleep industry was a great place to start business due to the lack of innovative sleep products. The company's founder, Mike Lindell, managed to effectively market a patented pillow fill that was used for the production of the MyPillow construction design. Today, the company manufacturing the product is very profitable and has many ties to charitable groups, including pillow donations to areas affected by natural disaster as well as support for overseas troops.

The company has entered the sleep industry producing sheets, mattresses, and different pillows. One of them is the My Pillow Premium. It is the latest design that upgrades the original Classic version that can be bought in brick and mortar stores. It includes a gusseted sidewall for dryable and washable durabilities, easier fill manipulation, and a guarantee that your pillow will never go flat with consistent plumping and proper care. There is shredded foam filling that provides malleability, and a cotton casing that promotes proper air flow to give you a cooler night's sleep. When ordering the product, you can take benefit from their color-coded system and online customer service to determine which size of a pillow is the most suitable for you.

Customer Reviews - Does My Pillow Premium Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about My Pillow Premium on third-party websites. Most of them are positive in character. What people like is the custom-fit comfort guide they are provided, as well as comfortable design of the product. It is also said to contour well, wash and dry without breaking down. Buying the product has never been easier. After ordering your pillow online you will get a shipping notification within 48 hours. The product will be on your doorstep within a week in a nondescript box. Upon unpacking, you will see a tightly rolled pillow. Its marker indicates comfort level it features. Opening it you are recommended to plump it in the dryer for fifteen minutes before use. It should be mentioned that the Classic is not sold online anymore. It can only be purchased from stores that carry the brand. The overall quality of the product is very high and usually matches personal preferences of the buyers.

My Pillow Premium comes in two sizes: a king that measures 16.5 x 32 inches, and a standard/queen that measures 16.6 x 26 inches. These are four inches smaller than the industry average measurements, but few customers ever pay much attention to this difference. The way the casing is made provides enough room for the filling's spreading, making it look slightly larger than it is. Each item features three-piece Interlocking Shredded Polyurethane Foam Filling, which is a great news for fans of shredded memory foam filling. The users like how it conforms and takes the shape of their body. Polyfoam is less dense than memory foam, so it provides perfect contouring and underlying support. If you compare a Bamboo shredded memory foam pillow to this one, you will immediately notice that the My Pillow is much lighter in weight. The three-piece interlocking bit means that there are three different sizes of foam interlocked together under compression. In this way, the smaller foam pieces are located in the spaces between the large pieces offering a firmer feather and down combination feel.

People appreciate the fact that the MyPillow company has created a varying series of comfort levels to meet the needs of their customers. For this reason, they have created an interactive chart and a custom fit sizing guide that takes into account the user’s age, their t-shirt size, their sleep positions, and whether the individual used to sleep on a down or feather pillow. The manufacturer suggests four colors classifying comfort levels from the yellow (the softest) to blue (the firmest). The 100% cotton cover is another advantage of the product. It is stamped with the brand name, is well-constructed and features double stitched seams. Cotton is the best fabric choice for pillows as it promotes proper airflow, and wicks away moisture from your skin to let you sleep more comfortably and cooler.

Let us take a look at some consumer reviews about My Pillow Premium available online. One buyer writes that he was happy when the flat pillow from the box came out looking fat and soft after fifteen minutes spent in the dryer. Even though the shredded foam could be felt within the pillow, it was not an issue when you add your own pillowcase. It did not become lumpy after a few months of usage. However, the guy began to notice that his pillow was flattening out with time. All he had to do was plumping it and the pillow was like new again. The pillow can be used by stomach sleepers, as it is made softer and thinner under the weight of the body. The pillow does not poof up around the individual's face when they lay on their stomach and put their head on it. The yellow pillow is softer, while the white pillow is a little bit harder. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews found on third-party websites.

"I have continued to suffer from a sore neck from sleeping on different pillows until I decided to try My Pillow Premium. I have had this pillow for about a month and I have been lucky to wake up without a sore neck ever since. My only disappointment was that I received only one pillow instead of two pillows, as advertised on the official website. I probably missed some important details."

"My Pillow Premium has immediately improved the quality of my sleep. I have never been happier with this product. Before that, I used to have a hard time sleeping at night even with an expensive brand new mattress. I was waking up several times per night and got up tired every day. I had poor mood, focus and concentration at work. After I got My Pillow Premium, my neck pain has decreased significantly and I stopped waking up at night. My sleep has also improved a lot. This pillow is great!"

"I am pleased with My Pillow Premium. It works as expected. I have been using my pillow for two months and the pain in my neck has already gone. It is a real miracle for me. Whatever technology is used, it is astonishing. I have suffered from neck pain for many years and now I am finally free. I have also ordered another pillow for my wife. It is worth the money it costs. I do recommend this pillow to everyone with neck pain."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about My Pillow Premium, the product appears to be worth your attention. It is made from high-quality materials, and offers great comfort to the users. Although the pillow arrives seriously flat, it plumps up very quickly. It provides soft and cool feeling at night. The product is machine washable and dryable. Based on the real customers' reviews it is also extremely durable. The manufacturer offers ten-year warranty, 60-day money back guarantee. If you are looking for a new pillow, this product will undoubtedly match your needs. It is associated with a great number of positive personal reviews from people who have tried this pillow in their own life. The My Pillow Premium is a plush, supportive choice for different sleep needs, whether for your head, hips, or knees. Shredded foam is supportive enough to provide proper contouring where it is really needed. It can be continually plumped to keep its best shape for many years to come. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the product, I do recommend My Pillow Premium to buying.

My Pillow Premium Pricing and Rates

This kind of product can be bought from the official website of the manufacturer, brand stores or retail stores online. My Pillow Premium is available on Amazon in the size of Standard/Queen at the price of $79.95 plus Free shipping with Amazon Prime.