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My Snoring Solution Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY My Snoring Solution Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

My Snoring Solution is a lightweight, comfortable, and effective anti-snoring solution that was invented by Stephen Matthews after an episode when he almost died from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The product is claimed to provide immediate results. To do this, the device supports the lower jaw during sleep, keeping airway unrestricted and open. As a result, this can reduce the vibrations at your throat back, the main reason of snoring. According to the product's official website, you are going to experience higher oxygen levels and better REM sleep, as well as lower blood pressure and decreased daytime fatigue.

The manufacturer claims using My Snoring Solution will still allow you to drink, talk, and breathe easily. In addition, the device is machine washable if you need to clean it. According to statistics, about 18 million of Americans suffer from sleep apnea. As a result, they wake up feeling tired and groggy. The manufacturer of My Snoring Solution promises that you will feel reinvigorated and refreshed in the morning. But is this product as effective as claimed by the site? Isn't it overpriced? Let's answer these questions by looking at what kind of experience real users have.

Customer Reviews - Does My Snoring Solution Really Work?

My Snoring Solution

As SnoreNet claims, chin straps (also known as "jaw supporters") are some of the oldest anti-snoring devices. They work by keeping your jaw in place while you sleep and are used in My Snoring Solution. As a result, the muscles in your throat will not be able to relax and create a snoring sound. Another bad news about the device is that there isn't any clinical evidence to prove the effectiveness and safety of the product. However, anti-snoring chinstraps have existed for a long period of time. It should be noted that, according to the official website, My Snoring Solution has been featured on the American Medical Review television series. Unfortunately, there are no references to the program online. This type of jaw supporters may not be suitable for individuals who move around a lot while sleeping, as this may cause the device change its position. As a result, its effectiveness will be decreased or completely reduced to zero. Anti-snoring chin straps are available in a wide variety of designs for you to select the most suitable one in terms of performance and comfort. Special attention should be paid to the shape of your face and your preferences.

My Snoring Solution appears to have a mixed online customer reputation. There are more than 660 reviews about the anti-snoring chin strap on Amazon. The average rating is 2.4 stars. The most common compliment referenced reduced snoring, but the number of complaints is much higher. The most common ones referenced uncomfortable fit, failure to work, and too high price. A few reviewers reported that My Snoring Solution stretched out a lot after just several uses. Pissed Consumer contains 52 complaints for the product, most of which reference difficulties processing refunds, failure to work, unhelpful customer service, and the steep 25% "environmental waste disposal fee". The company behind the product is based out of Lillian, AL. It has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are 32 closed complaints, the most common of which reference poor customer service, long shipping times, and steep return fees. Let us take a look at the real users' reviews.

"My Snoring Solution is nothing more than a marketing scam. Its actual cost is no more than $1.50, but they charge more than $100. They even use US Postal to make money. It costs $19.99 to ship a 2 oz item. That's too much! It should cost under $4.00. For me it doesn't even matter if it works or not, it is not worth buying. Even if you return your purchase, they get a profit of 25% of the cost. And what you will do is throw out that stuff! I don't recommend this product"

"My snoring solution is way overpriced and getting my money back was really a trouble. The reason why I decided to give it a try was because of the "money back guarantee." But now I now that it is not working as claimed by the company. They are dishonest in their advertising. I never saw a refund despite my returning this product. The customer service is poor and the device is very expensive. I am now looking for another anti-snore device"

"I tried MySnoringSolution several years ago for less than $119 but now this is extremely expensive. It looked just like those in this presentation. When I was using it, I still snored, as my wife said. If it was made out of more substantial material or was not so flimsy, it may have worked. I went back to my CPAP and it works! I am sure you will find a better device"

Where To Buy My Snoring Solution?

You can buy the product from the official website of the company and from a number of retail stores online - Amazon, GNC or Walmart. Two My Snoring Solution devices are priced at $120 plus $10 shipping. Jaw supporters come in three sizes: Small (up to 120 pounds of user's weight), Medium (120-250 pounds of user's weight) and Large (more than 250 pounds of weight). You may find an offering of one of the jaw supporters for $80 plus $10 shipping. You are expected to get two free bonuses: The 7 Steps to Sleep Success pamphlet and American Medical Review DVD. Each order comes with a 90-day refund policy and a 25% "environmental waste disposal fee." To ask your question or request a refund, contact the customer service.

My Final Summary

If you snore through your mouth, you could try My Snoring Solution. In other cases, it will be not helpful at all. In our research we were trying to find out what meaningfully differentiates this device from the others but all we found was that anti-snoring chin straps are no longer considered effective. They are considered to be the oldest anti-snoring systems. Another drawback of My Snoring Solution is its high price. You may decide to try it because of the company's 90-day return policy, but, according to numerous customers' reviews, it does not work as claimed. Besides, you will need to pay the 25% "environmental waste disposal fee."

People who have tried the product recommend avoiding it saying that it is waste of money. The device is overpriced; in reality this strip of cloth costs a few dollars. Besides, it does not work well. It is better to use a cheap elastic tensor band. Many customers are disappointed with their purchase, its performance, low quality and dishonest marketing policy of the company. I am sure you can find a more comfortable and effective anti-snoring solution available on the market. I cannot recommend you My Snoring Solution.