My Spy Birdhouse Reviews - What Is It?

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My Spy Birdhouse

My Spy Birdhouse is a specially designed window feeder that promises to allow you observe the life of birds, how they build their nest, hatch their eggs, and feed their baby birds. You can see them but they cannot see you. This marvelous birdhouse is constructed of plastic and uses all-weather suction cups that can easily attach to any type of glass and stay in place all year round. One side of the house features a "crystal clear" acrylic window with a 2-way film, so that you can watch them live and raise their children. At the same time, they won't be disturbed.

In this way, My Spy Birdhouse is made not only to provide birds with their own house but to keep birdwatchers entertained, season after season. The only problem may be that birds won't agree to start living in a less-than-ideal location. It means that you will need to attach this birdhouse in a quiet place that is not too sunny or hot. It should match their instinctive nesting patterns. To do everything correctly you will need to follow the product's FAQ and directions described in the instruction manual. The manufacturer recommends avoiding placing the birdhouse in an area with heavy human activity or near a busy street.

Customer Reviews - Does My Spy Birdhouse Really Work?

Since writing this review, I saw forty-three customer reviews from HighYa readers. They have provided their feedback about My Spy Birdhouse in order to share their experience of using this product. In general, the users of this website have given the product an average rating of three stars. Common compliments referred to the environmental benefits of the birdhouse and the ability to observe birds’ life. There were a few complaints too. They mostly referenced poor quality and cheap materials of the product. I can comment these complaints by saying that the price of the product should be also taken into is not as expensive as to be made of gold or anything. The main thing here is the comfort provided to the birds.

Amazon contains much more user feedback of the product. There were 239 reviews on the product on this website at the time of my research. The average rating was four stars. Many customers claimed that birds nested in the birdhouse quite quickly, and that My Spy Birdhouse was easy to set up and use. Common complaints appeared to be very similar to those noted on HighYa. It is important to note that many of the negative user reviews were sent from accounts where this was their only review. Some of these reviews appeared to come from accounts where all reviews were posted on the same day. Usually, these are common signs of fake testimonials.

Generally, My Spy Birdhouse is manufactured by the company called Product Trend, LLC (a division of Hampton Direct, Inc.). This company held a B rating with the Better Business Bureau. They offer a great number of other products that are usually highly appreciated by users. Specking about My Spy Birdhouse, it is necessary to note that following all the manufacturer's instructions is vital for proper nesting of birds in the birdhouse. Let us take a look at the real users' testimonials left online.

"I placed my order of My SpyBirdhouse on Feb 12. After that I read some of the users' reviews and I got frustrated. But I did not have choice and the next day I received confirmation of my order. Within three weeks, I received my purchase. No extra charges on my credit card or annoying phone calls. The product turned out to be just great. The suction cups were completely secure and we installed the house fast and easily. It also came with double sided tape to use instead of the suction cups. In any way, you will succeed. My children were so excited to place the birdhouse up and start observing. It is like an adventure into the natural habitat of birds. We continue observing their nesting at present and we are very happy with such a nice purchase."

"I bought MySpy Birdhouse a few months ago. What can I say? Bird life is fun; we have baby birds in our house already. Children wake up in the morning and run to them to check out what is going on. They don't spend so much time playing computer games, so I am a happy mother. I like the fact that the house is made of plastic for a few reasons. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and won't deteriorate or rot. I did not use the mirror because it might scare the birds away. I just taped the cardboard screen on the inside of the window. I don't regret buying this thing. I recommend this to all of my friends who have kids."

"I usually don't order off the TV commercials because I am afraid of buying low-quality or damaged goods. However, I was too weak to resist my children's begging to buy My Spy Birdhouse when they saw this online. I bought our birdhouse at CVS for $15. We received in in just a week and were satisfied with this birdhouse. As soon as it arrived our father attached it to the window. It turned out to be a very decent product. The instructions were easy to follow. We had no problems putting it together. It is important to clean the window before sticking the suction cups on it. It is sticking fine."

My Final Summary

Summing up, I am certain to say that My Spy Birdhouse is a good product, especially for families with children. It can be ordered in two ways - online or at the market. The product is generally associated with many positive reviews. The users are happy with the performance and quality of this birdhouse. They are positively impressed with the life of birds. The price of My Spy Birdhouse is quite reasonable, so it can be afforded by almost anyone. The suction cups appear to hold tight and reliable. Some people write having used their spy birdhouse for two years with no problems at all. It can be taken down for the winter and placed back in spring.

The best thing about this birdhouse if that the birds can't see you and aren't disturbed in any way. Even when you put the light on, they can't see you. Children usually love it very much! Placing the birdhouse, take into account a few factors, such as the time of year, where you place it, the noise and light it is exposed to. According to numerous online reviews for this window feeder, My Spy Birdhouse is a worthy product. I do recommend purchasing it on the official website or from a local retailer. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can process a return. I am sure you will have a fun experience!

Where To Buy My Spy Birdhouse In Stores?

My Spy Birdhouse costs $9.99 plus $7.99 shipping, as well as a $1 "web processing fee." You are going to receive My Spy Birdhouse with clear acrylic window, Indoor hanging privacy curtain card, 2-way mirror film, Perch, and Free birdseed pack. You can also get a bonus up-close bird feeder for additional $6.99 shipping. My Spy Birdhouse comes with a 30-day refund policy. This means that you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with the product. To do this, you will need to contact customer service at 888-406-1765.