My Tuggles Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY My Tuggles Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

My Tuggles

My Tuggles is a toy in the form of a stuffed animal with a leash. This allows children to walk with the animal. When you pull the leash the animal's legs start moving. This creates the illusion that the animal is walking. This provides the child with the experience of walking a real cat or dog. However, there are other more unusual animals such as a unicorn. All of these toys are soft so they can be used by kids when sleeping. The animals are made with high quality plush, according to the manufacturer. This makes them comfortable to pet. It is also good for children who adore snuggling with their stuffed toys. Each My Tuggles animal comes with a string that can be used as a leash. It is long enough to be grasped by a child who can them walk with it. Each leash comes in three breakable pieces for more convenient adjustment. Each toy features movable legs and tail. When you pull the leash, the toy's legs and tail start moving back and forth. The speed with which the legs and tail move depends on how a child is pulling on the leash.

Each animal comes with a Flipazoo, a tiny stuffed toy that when flipped inside out turns into a different toy. My Tuggles can be bought from a number of retail stores. Unfortunately, there is no information about the manufacturer of this product. This is the first red flag. It can be supposed that the company behind these funny little toys is based somewhere in the USA. The official website does not provide the postal address too. Most retail stores selling the product offer a 30-day refund policy. So, if you have received a toy that is broken or faulty you can request your money back. To better understand whether these toys are worth buying let us take a look at the real customers' reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does My Tuggles Really Work?

Well, the product is associated with many positive aspects. It requires no batteries for functioning. The legs and tail move of My Tuggles move when the leash is pulled. These toys never need battery replacement, and also can operate for a long period of time until your child is tired of pulling on the leash. The toys are adorable and cute, since they are made with wide eyes and large legs. However, some customers have confessed that their legs look too enlarged. My Snuggles are also versatile in usage. They can be used as a toy to snuggle with, a toy during playtime, and even a pillow during bedtime. This animal encourages physical activity because it requires children to walk to make the legs and tail to move. Be sure that your kid will be moving when playing. Exercising is beneficial or children’s wellbeing and health. It improves metabolism and health of joints. Another advantage of My Tuggles is the portability. Due to the small size of the toy, it can be taken wherever you go. It moves quickly following your children. The toy works well for children of all ages, since it can be used an imaginary pet or as a portable stuffed animal.

We have encountered a great number of customer reviews about the product and not all of them are as positive. There are some complaints, namely fragility of the leash. Some customers have reported that the leash will break off if it is pulled too fast in order to make the toy keep up with the kid. Other buyers say that the leash will break very often making it impossible for the animal to walk. There are some concerns about the walking motion. A lot of users have confessed that the walking motion does not look like walking at all. It looks like the toy is being dragged across the ground. According to the manufacturer, the leash attached to the toy's body needs to be pulled, and the string shifts one leg forward to propel the toy into a walking motion. The tail moves back and forth when the leash is pulled too. This mechanism appears to be not perfect on practice. Many actual customers agree that it is a nice soft toy but it does not walk. You need to pull a stuffed animal on a string but it does not look as if walking. I purchased this for my two-year old daughter so I will keep it because she doesn't care much how it moves. But I would not recommend this toy for older children. It does not perform its functions. Another customer reports in his testimonial that he was trying to order the Tuggles buy they weren't in stock for more than a month. When he finally ordered it, he was waiting for his order for three long weeks. Then the man called the customer service and they said it would ship in 2-3 more weeks! The person he was talking to was very rude. So, the man just cancelled his order. Let us take a look at some other customers' reviews available online.

"I ordered My tuggles from website after I saw an advertisement on TV. I waited 5 weeks and never received my order. I called them several times, the hold call was close to an hour and then I gave up. When I finally reached the rep, I was told that it would be a few more weeks before it shipped. It was on back order, which I was never told. I cancelled the order, went to the closest Walmart store and got the same toy for less money. I am glad that I didn't pay more because my son put the animal in the toy bin after a few uses. Don't waste your money."

"I ordered MyTuggles this for my daughter on Sept 24th. It was processed and shipped on Oct 27th. Now I have to wait two more weeks to get the toy! If you want it by Christmas, order it two months in advance. I called them after two weeks of waiting asking where the heck it was. I was told again that it would be here in about a week. In two more weeks I finally received it! Very poor customer service!"

"My Tuggles features false advertising. This staffed animal does not walk like advertised. It drags across the floor. My daughter feels disappointed. It is certainly not worth even $10 not $20. I would not recommend buying this stupid toy to anyone. I am not a happy customer! Don't waste your money."

My Final Summary

Summing up, it is necessary to say that My Tuggles is a quite new brand of stuffed animals. The manufacturer of these toys is badly known and is not reputable in the country. The official website provides very little information about the product itself. There is a video about how the toy needs to be used; however, following all the instructions does not always allow children to make their toy's legs move to mimic a walking motion. Many customers feel disappointed with their purchases and are not ready to recommend the product to others. There are many problems with the leash that often snaps off or even breaks. The modern market offers a wide variety of alternatives, such as Peppy Pups (walking dog toys), My Cute Puppy (electronic dog toy that walks around and barks), and Furreal Friends (electronic dog toy). My Tuggles does not require batteries for operating, which is an advantage. These plush toys can be used by kids for sleeping with. Taking into account all pros and cons, I cannot recommend My Tuggles to buying.

Where To Buy My Tuggles In Stores?

You can buy these toys from different retail stores such as Walmart and Amazon. The cost of one My Tuggles animal on the official website of the company is $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping. Thus, the total price will be $28.98.