MyPoints Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


MyPoints is a panel that was established in 1996. Its rewards program site allows members to collect reward Points by purchasing different items from certain retailers online, as well as to watch videos, take surveys, and so much more. This site also offers other ways of collecting incentives for wonderful gifts. The company's headquarters is based at 100 N. Sepulveda Blvd., 8th Floor El Segundo, CA 90245 US. If you have any question, you can call at 310-294-9599 or send your email to MyPoints allows you to earn rewards for doing what you do online for free. This online panel has existed for a long period of time, which means that they are doing right things appreciated by other people. Anyone in the USA and Canada can get membership with MyPoints for free. Even if you do not live in the US, you can sign up for an account, but you should remember that not all prizes are available to you. Doing so you can immediately start earning points, which differentiates MyPoints from other reward panels in the market. It offers a great number of ways which allow you to muster up points. The latter will be turned into airline miles, gift cards, or cash.

Here are some of the options that allow you to earn points. Surveys are where you can share your opinion. Shopping online is easy since MyPoints offers a list of more than 2,000 popular retailers. If you want to buy something through any of these, it is better to do it through the MyPoints site to be able to redeem points. The number of points may depend on your purchases. Read emails will reward you with points for clicking. You will regularly receive BonusMail after signing up for MyPoints. You can also earn points through LivingSocial goods, Groupon, and voucher purchase. Searching the web will give you the chance to win points randomly. You are recommended use the MyPoints Yahoo. Watch videos with the playlists that will reward you with a certain number of points every day. You can watch videos through your smartphone, laptop or desktop. Printing coupons and buying with them at your local store will allow you to redeem points. Referring friends as new members to MyPoints will give you 10% of their qualifying points. Besides, you have a chance to send as many invitations as you wish. Playing games can also add you points. Once you have eat least 480 points ($3), you can redeem them. It means you can exchange them for gift cards that include over seventy top retail and restaurant brands. You can redeem your points to travel miles or make a direct deposit to your PayPal account or Visa prepaid card. MyPoints also offers an option known as Shop In-Store. It allows you to redeem your points for purchases by uploading the receipt to your account on the site.

Customer Reviews - Does MyPoints Really Work?

There is a great number of testimonials from people using MyPoints and most of them are happy with the website and what it offers. First of all, they are pleased with the fast and easy registration. All you need to do is just click the "join now" button and fill in the fields with some general information about yourself. For convenience, you can download the mobile application available for iPhone. Don't forget to collect 100 Points when downloading your MyPoints balance for the first time. You will further accumulate points by playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, etc. The customers like the opportunity to enjoy rewards. They may redeem their points for the following products and services. You can get a Gift Cards for at least 700 Points ($5) such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, JC Penny, and others. You can redeem your points for cash by depositing them directly into your PayPal account. You can add travel miles to your United MileagePlus account. We have already discussed different ways of building up points including Online Surveys, Refer-a-Friend, Games, Printing coupons, Watching Videos, Reading Emails, and Local Deals. Additional way to earn points is through Browser Extension by getting alerts and coupons for MyPoints.

Another reason why the clients of MyPoints like it so much is an opportunity to get paid with real cash almost immediately. When signing up for a member account, you will need to introduce yourself and give some personal information. This will allow the company to check whether you meet certain criteria and send you surveys for you to gain some points. You will be able to gain points for every ten questions. As with the other paid survey websites, you will not be told whether you match the correct criteria until you are answering the questions. It means there is a possibility to be screened out before you finish the survey. MyPoints will give you one point if you don't qualify in the sum of five points. You will learn if that survey isn't a good fit within a second or two, so you won't waste your time. The amount of money you can earn for a survey depends on the survey's length, but each survey is not more than $10. It is amazing that MyPoints survey points can be used immediately, in comparison to other paid survey sites where you may need to wait up to twelve weeks before seeing your balance updated.

One man writes in his testimonial online that this is his favorite website to earn additional money and he belongs to about thirty different survey websites. The man likes that he can earn points for using their search bar, using coupons, reading "bonus mail", doing surveys, signing up for paid offers (Netflix), signing up for free offers (newsletters), playing games, shopping online, and a lot more. The user earned about $50.00 every four months last year but with the holiday shopping he earned $125.00 within one month only. He did not make large purchases. Another customer says this is an awesome company except for one issue - they constantly send out OTX surveys in which the man cannot qualify. But still it is totally worth to be a member when just making purchases online. There is a chance to make points by doing offers, looking at e-mail ads, and through online purchases. The man has got a gift card for his points. Here are some more customer reviews.

"MyPoints is a wonderful rewards website that gives me an opportunity to accumulate points through many various ways. Then I just exchange them for prizes. I truly like the videos teaching me new things as well as the entertainment itself. I have been with MyPoints for a few years already, I get paid to video pols, surveys, and so much more. I recommend this chance of earning money to everyone."

"I have used MyPoints for twelve years and I have to confess it has become harder to get points. But I can still receive points with this site by just clicking surveys, freebies, etc. The surveys and other activities are really fun. I often play games on Facebook to earn extra points. This is a secure website. Personally I have redeemed thousands of points already. This website doesn't take long to redeem points. There are many options for cashing out too."

"I like MyPoints for many reasons. I have earned several gift cards from my points. I shop online frequently, so it is a great option for me. I get quite a few points when I use their merchants. The surveys give me ten points even if I don't qualify. I also earn points for visiting the merchants website and reading emails. I also sign up for emails I am interested in. I have got some good deals from their merchants, for instance, I bought Canon Pixma Printer for only $39 plus free shipping."

My Final Summary

MyPoints is associated with a great number of advantages. It has a functional app that can be downloaded for iOS or Android. Installing the app on your device immediately brings you 100 points. MyPoints offers Score, an internet browser bar that proves to be useful when making an online purchase. Many people forget to make a purchase through the site in order to get extra points and then be able to redeem them. This bar offers new deals and coupons to keep you well informed about promotions. MyPoints offers many ways of adding up points and exchanging them for real money. It is not only through online shopping; watching videos and playing video games can also bring you many points. However, coupons may take up to 90 days before before you see your points in your account balance. At the same time, survey payments are charged to your points immediately, giving you an opportunity to get a gift card within a few minutes. Finally, you can earn points only by using a web browser (up to 100 points for 41 searches). MyPoints only works for people who live in the USA or in Canada. To transfer your money to PayPal, you need at least $25 worth in points. Summing up, it is necessary to say that MyPoints is a nice platform that allows you to earn points by making online purchases, filling out surveys, watching videos, browsing the internet and playing games. Many users get travel miles and gift cards. This is a free platform that can be used by anyone. Taking into consideration all of these advantages and disadvantages, we recommend MyPoints.

MyPoints Pricing and Rates

MyPoints offers many shopping opportunities to its users as well as a bonus to new members. You can receive a $10 balance in your account (1,750 Points) by spending over $20. This offer applies only within the first thirty days of membership only. Check out the numerous services and products listed on the official website of MyPoints. They have a wide variety of goods, local deals (Groupon), and a travel section. The good news is that each purchase you make will bring you a definite number of Points.