Naked Wines Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Naked Wines is a ten-year-old company that cooperates with independent winemakers to provide its consumers with unique, high-quality wine at low prices. It can be used as a traditional wine store for buying a bottle or a few per month. Another option for you to consider is becoming an "Angel" member of the company and invest $40 per month into a wine bank account and get 40-60% off listed prices. Your wine bank account is always available for you to spend. is not a subscription, it is just another image of the wine industry meant to support indie winemakers on our planet. Everyone who has shopped from this store stayed impressed by the quality of the wines that are easy to drink and come with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Besides, you have an opportunity ti receive a $100 voucher by taking a 30-second quiz. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the company's customer service department by calling at 01603 281800 or writing an email to The official headquarters of Naked Wines are based at Norvic House, 29-33 Chapel Field Road; NR2 1RP; Norwich; United Kingdom. But the store also operates in the USA.

Customer Reviews - Does Naked Wines Really Work?

Buying high-quality wines at low prices and having them delivered to your threshold sounds appealing, but does really offer a beneficial way of getting unique wines? To answer this question let us figure out why the company itself is interested in selling wine at such tremendous discounts. Well, what actually happens looks like this. Winemakers propose a wine, and Naked gives them an advance to sell their wine to customers. The company has the finances to operate this way due to more than 100,000 voluntary "Angel" members who perform the roles of investors. Once having entered the program, Angel members have to invest $40 into their Naked piggy bank on a monthly basis. This money helps the company to invest in its winemakers. In addition, the $40 in the piggy bank can be used on customers' individual wine orders any moment. It is like a wine bank account that proves to be beneficial for the consumers, the company, and the winemakers. Carmen Stevens is one of them, a black woman from South Africa to first graduate in wine-making. She was funded by 2,000 Angels in just five hours. If you are not an Angel member you can just buy wine directly from the website. Angel members enjoy special perks, though. They save 40-60% on each orders; get free samples of other wines; get a gift bottle of Angel-funded wine worth over $20 each month when they order a case of wine; receive invitations to Angel-only wine tastings to see the winemakers of their favorite wines; get access to Angel-only wines and to an Angel-only priority hotline for support. Mike Paterson is an indie winemaker who is supported via "Angel" investment. The members of Naked Wines voted on his two wines. Paterson was grateful for such an opportunity.

There are numerous customer reviews about the company on third-party websites. People are mostly happy with the site and everything it offers. New customers receive a $100 voucher that can be used to get anything you want. For instance, one guy got the Discovery Case which had twelve bottles of various wines from the site. This $100 voucher also allows to take a 30-second quiz on the site and the case of wine for only $79.99, instead of its sale price of $179.99. The customers say the wines are really good. Most of them are satisfied and even surprised by the quality of wine. The affordable bottles are "easy drinking" wines, not bold or revelatory, but nice to drink casually. Shipping on the Naked Wines website is not expensive. For orders under $100, you will be charged $10 shipping. Orders over $100 come with free delivery except for HI, NJ, and AK. Wines are usually delivered in 2-6 business days during regular working hours. Only a person over 21 years old can sign for the package. In case if you have any issues with your shipment or you don't like the wine, just contact The customers report that are often impressed by the reps' willingness to make sure that their customers had a positive experience. They will refund you if you really don't like the wine. The website has a no questions asked 100% guarantee.

One blogger shows her Diamond Merlot saying that it is a rich wine with plummy mulberry fruit. It tastes great with herb crumbed pork schnitzel or vegetable lasagna. One thing that makes Naked Wines even more in demand is that it is also very social. Members of the company interact with winemakers on a level when customers can ask them questions. Besides, members can rate wines and recommend them to each other creating a whirlpool of self-improvement and discovery. If you don't like a wine, you can freely give it a thumbs down in your account. From that moment you will be steered away from wines that have a similar taste. This helps to determine which winemakers are doing the job better than others. Overall, most customers of Naked Wines agree that they offers good wine at an accessible price. It is easy to cancel your order right in your account. The website is said to be incredibly user friendly. The delivery is fast too. The customers are pleased with the opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines available on the site. Some customers even recommend taking the Naked Wines Quiz, since it is simply interesting.

One satisfied customer is happy that Naked Wines offers really outstanding products. He has been an "Angel" member for many years and can recommend them. His experience has been positive in most cases. He received high-quality wine at reasonable prices. According to the man, all the negative reviews he can read on online about misleading advertising is the exact opposite of every order he has made. The delivery is pretty quick. Most of the $10 bottles the customer has bought have been tasty. He has received many free bottles for Christmas. The man recommends potential customers to ignore negative reviews. Another customer claims that Naked Wines is the best wine club he has found. The other clubs either cheated him on shipping or sent him $6-10 wine bottles for $12-20. This club appeals the customer for many reasons. It offers excellent vintners, has low prices and free shipping with the minimum of $100 order. His wife also loves wines from this company. The wines for the most part are well-priced and high-quality. Here are some more customers' testimonials about the company and its services on third-party websites.

"It is always pleasant to open a lovely bottle of wine with your family or friends. And it is much more pleasnt to drink some of your favourites such as the Sacchetto Col de L'Utia Frizzante. I can easily order any wine I like from Naked Wines at lower prices. This website is very easy to use. The delivery is reliable and fast. Both husband and I have Angel membership with the company, so we just take turns ordering the wine we like! I have just stocked us up for Christmas."

"Naked Wines offers the best selection of different wines, all of which have been carefully picked up from around the world. There are wines from dedicated winemakers in a limited edition that are not available in the shops. I am ready to give five stars to the company for customer service and nice individual interaction. Every day there is a stunning choice of fine wines. The company offers a full refund in case if the wine does not appeal to you. I often buy their cases of wine as gifts to my beloved ones."

"I am super impressed with Naked Wines! We have picked some of the wines on the site and when they arrived we were blown away at the superior quality of each bottle. We have enough wine to share with friends and family during holidays. I am sure we will enjoy the wine and our time spent together. I also appreciated that the case came to my door promptly. Thank you very much."

My Final Summary

Naked Wines is an experienced company that offers different sorts of wines to their customers at reasonable prices. The wines come from reputable winemakers who supports communication with their customers. The Angel membership allows the customer to save up to 40-60% on each order. The website is easy to use and navigate. The delivery is free on purchases over $100. The website contains a unique selection of high-end wines, so you are guaranteed to find something that will satisfy your taste. Those who have ordered wine from are mostly satisfied customers. They received their orders as promised on a timely manner and stayed pleased with each bottle. The web is full of heart-warming stories from people who enjoyed their experience with the company. They confessed it was easy to make an order and pay monthly membership fee. The company also has a wonderful customer service. With all this in mind, we would recommend Naked Wines.

Naked Wines Pricing and Rates

You can buy Naked Wines directly from the company's official website The prices vary a lot from wine to wine. Anyone can buy wine at Market Prices, but only Angel members can purchase high-end wine at much lower priced. Thus, for example, Montaria Lente 2018 can be bought for $9.99 (Market Price $13.99). Derek Rohlffs Wiley Vineyard Anderson Valley Pinot Noir 2018 costs $24.99 (Market Price $77.99). Benjamin Darnault Cetes du Rhene Plus 2018 can be ordered for $11.99 (Market Price $25.99). The price of Mr Glover Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019 is $12.99 (Market Price $20.99). David Akiyoshi Reserve Ink 2017 can be purchased for $12.99 (Market Price $16.99). F. Stephen Millier Angels Reserve California Sweet Symphony 2018 is priced at $9.99 (Market Price $16.99). Rick Boyer Zaca Mesa Vineyard Syrah 2018 costs $19.99 (Market Price $43.99). Market Price of Sin Fronteras Los Primos 2018 is $20.99 but its Angel Price is only $10.99. You can buy Derek Rohlffs Sonoma Mountain Zinfandel 2017 for $13.99, while its Market Price is $38.99. Chris Baker Dundee Hills Pinot Noir 2018 can be purchased for $19.99 (Market Price $68.99). Matt Parish Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 costs only $34.99, while its Market Price is $104.99. Scott Peterson Rumpus Tempranillo 2018 can be bought for $10.99 (Market Price $24.99). Scott Peterson Rumpus Syrah 2018 is priced at $10.99 with Market Price $19.99. You can order F. Stephen Millier Angels Reserve Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 for $9.99 (Market Price $15.99). Ken Deis Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 is priced at $34.99 (Market Price $104.99). F. Stephen Millier Black Label California Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 costs $12.99 on (Market Price $21.99).