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National Life Group

The National Life Group is also known as National Life Insurance Company which was established on November 13, 1848. This mutual life insurance company was created on sharing the profits with its policyholders unlike shareholders. One of the company's originators was Dr. Julius Yemans Dewey, a physician from Vermont. As it can be seen from its name, the company's organizers intend to sell policies throughout the country. The company sold the first policy on February 1, 1850. Dr. Julius Yemans Dewey became a general agent and then a president of National Life Group. He actually delivered the company's first claim on July 26, 1850. Over 1,000 people are currently employed at the company that can boast having over $30 billion in assets under management. The National Life Group has rather high ratings from A.M. Best (Excellent), Moody's (Good) and Standard & Poor's (Strong). The company has delivered on its promises to numerous clients with their vision of providing peace of mind for more than 165 years. The company has several missions including keeping their promises, bringing peace of mind to everyone they touch.

Life Insurance Group offers a wide variety of products. In fact, life insurance rates are based on the kind of life policy bought, the size of the death benefit, and the underwriting process. The latter helps to analyze risk factors like current health, age, and health history. The company has a great array of life insurance policies including Whole life insurance, Term life insurance, Universal life insurance, Indexed universal life insurance and Variable universal life insurance. Being able to choose from these options, you are certain to find the right kind of insurance policy that would meet your insurance coverage needs and your budget. The official website of the company provides basic information about all policy types, for potential customers to see the benefits and drawbacks of each one. It is not difficult to get any of the policies. For example, if you are looking for a term life policy, you can just apply for it online without any issues. Let us take a look at every type of insurance as well as the real clients' testimonials found online.

Customer Reviews - Does National Life Group Really Work?

Term life policy from National Life Group does not require any medical examination, so the whole process is usually efficient and quick. You can choose term lengths of 10, 15, 20 and 30 years. This type of policy has level premiums to simplify budgeting for policyholders. The next type of policy is Whole life insurance. It is a permanent policy that provides insurance coverage for the entire life time of the insured person. There are also level premiums. This type of policy has a set death benefit and increases cash value over time. National Life Group boasts having several kinds of universal life policies. Universal life policy provides more flexibility with premium payments and death benefit amounts. This allows policyholders to adjust premium and coverage payments to achieve financial goals. The major difference between various universal life insurance policies is the way how the cash value is invested. Variable universal life insurance policies are invested in bonds, stocks, and money market sub-accounts depending on your preferences. It is a market index fund for investing indexed universal life insurance policies.

There is a great number of customer reviews about National Life Group on third-party websites. The clients of the company appreciate many aspects of the company, for example, the fact that it offers life insurance policies not only for adults but also for children. It means that the company is able to meet life insurance needs of any age group. Their insurance services are available in most states of the country, but people who are interested in them should check with the company to find out if life insurance policies are available in their area. Based on the actual data, most people are able to benefit from National Life Group's products. The clients of the company also love the fact that it has been in business for a long period of time - more than 150 years. The history of National Life Group starts from 1848, so the company has a strong reputation for stability. It is not the largest life insurance company in the country but it has a great experience in the field. Although National Life Group may have a wide selection of life insurance riders compared to other insurance companies, some of its life insurance policies come with living benefits. These benefits allow the policyholder to get the death benefit then they need to cover expenses from a long-term care or terminal illness. This can be very beneficial in various situation, so it is great to have this option.

Most customers of National Life Group are pleased with the incredible customer service of the company. For instance, one woman reports that she is happy with the agent she has. This is a patient, humble, and informative worker who did all her best to make sure that the life insurance really suited the customer's situation. The agent's name is Theresa S., so you can ask to work with her if you wish. The only desire of the customer is for the company to expand their offices and staff. Another client says in his online review that he has called National Life Group customer service several times and every time he liked his experience. The reps of the company have answered all of his questions and let him know in detail what he needed to do. The company's staff gets back to their customers once they email them. Another customer does not remember her agent's name but she praises her very much. She feels grateful that the agent helped her to register her own policy and the policies of other family members online. The agent was helpful, knowledgeable and walked the customer through each step of the process. The woman adds that the company has the best Indexed Universal Life product, since if offers big savings and great three living benefits. Here are some more customers' testimonials found online.

"National Life Group is a nice insurance company. I purchased an IUL product from them and I am really happy about their terms. An insured person may be up to 120 years old. I have never seen anything of the kind with any other insurance company. They also offer Annual Income, which is highly beneficial for me. Their customer service is awesome. I recommend this insurance company to my friends."

"National Life Group provides comprehensive coverage in living benefits. You don't need to die to use them, which is a "must" in the modern aging society. Another thing I like about this company is that they have a very low monthly policy fee. They allow using the cash value as a supplement retirement income. So, there is no need to worry that the insured individual lives too long. Such beneficial features are not typical for all insurance companies."

"At present, I am absolutely pleased with the National Life Group, especially with my representative. He is so helpful any time I address him. I always feel as if we are friends, since he is always ready to help and answer my questions. I am sure I will be taken care of if something bad happens. Contacting a real person is so much better than a robot. It was easy to understand the website when I was navigating new policies and income changes."

My Final Summary

Summing up, National Life Group is a reputable insurance company associated with a great number of positive features. First of all, it has been in business for more than 150 years. The company has high financial rating, as well as high customer reputation. There are so many life insurance products for you to choose from that you are certain to opt for the one than meets your needs. There are insurance policies for both adults and children. The company also offers living benefits, which is a significant bonus for its customers. It is necessary to emphasize that National Life Group has got some of the highest financial strength ratings in the field. These ratings demonstrate its ability to pay the death benefit to beneficiaries once they file an insurance. The company has strong financial stability and has enough information online. The only negative fact about the National Life Group is that it is currently undergoing a class action lawsuit for being involved in a pyramid scheme. No decision has been made; however, you are advised to research the case. Most of the customers are happy cooperating with this insurance company. They like the customer service and terms of life insurances. The official website of the company is easy to use and navigate. Since the company offers a wide array of insurance policies for different categories of customers, we can recommend National Life Group.

National Life Group Pricing and Rates

Here are some National Life Group monthly rates for a male who is insured with a term life policy (20-year term, $250,000): age 30 - $18.70; age 40 - $25.52; age 50 - $59.62; age 60 - $154.44. These are the monthly rates for a woman getting a term life policy (20-year term, $250,000): age 30 - $15.84; age 40 - $21.56; age 50 - $44.44; age 60 - $103.62.