Neater Feeder Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Neater Feeder

The Neater Feeder is the company that promises to solve the problem of pet food mess and to protect your floors from spills. It is designed with protective walls that prevents spills and splashes from an inadvertent kick of an active pet. The product features a revolutionary system that is responsible for holding spilled food in an upper reservoir. Spilled water flows down a mild slope via a special filtering system. The water drains into another reservoir that can contain more than a bowl of spilled water, which helps to keep it off the floor. Whenever you have time to get rid of it you can do so. The spilled food is kept in the upper reservoir, which keeps it clean for reuse and off the floor. This also will save your time and money.

The biggest advantage of the product is that it separates spilled food from spilled water. It keeps both substances off your floor protecting it from mold, stains, and damage. As a result, the product provides a healthier eating environment for your dog and keeps pests away from getting to your dog's water or food. Elevated design is meant to improve digestion and comfort of your pet as well as helps to reduce joint and neck strain. All of the bowls are attractive due to their colors and stylish design that will fit well in any home's interior. Capacity is determined by total volume of the container. There are three sizes: large, medium and small. You are recommended to choose the capacity of a bowl based on the size and breed of your pet. Will Neater Feeder bowl really prevent overfilling and spills? To answer this and more questions let us take a look at the real users' reviews available online.

Customer Reviews - Does Neater Feeder Really Work?

There are numerous customer reviews about this kind of pet bowls on third-party websites. Most of the users are very pleased with their purchases for many reasons. They are satisfied with the quality of the Neater Feeder bowl, its functionality and reasonable price. Let us take a look at what these people are saying about their experience of buying and using these products. One woman says that it is hard for her cat to eat out of a regular bowl because she has a too short mouth and nose. Neater feeder bowls are shallow; thus they are perfect for her cat who also often makes a mess around her traditional bowl. Despite her cat's flat face, the bowl catches and separates the mess, which significantly simplifies a cleanup process. The woman also has a seven-month-old kitten who makes messes out of everything. The woman bought a small neater feeder for him as well. This item makes cleanup fast and easy, so there is no food left on the floor around it. Her kitten also likes to play with his bowls and due to the antiskid bottom of his bowl he simply cannot do so. This pet owner recommends the same bowl to others.

Other customers are also happy with their purchase saying that the bowl really keeps the mess in one place. They are also pleased with an opportunity to choose the size of a bowl that best fits their pet. One guy says that he had similar feeders for his two cats. He purchased them several years ago when they just entered the market. He also bought two feeders for his dogs who are a little higher than the. Recently the guy got a new addition to the family in the form of a dog that he bought for his daughter for Christmas. So they needed an additional bowl. So, he gave the Neater Feeder bowl a try. The man claims that these feeders are much better than the bowl he already had for his pets. Any water or food goes into the bottom and never makes the floor wet or messy. It is extremely easy to clean too. Another male customer tells in his online testimonial that this is his second purchase of this feeder. He has two cats, one of which is a neat nick, while the other one a slob, who likes splashing water everywhere while drinking from his paw. As a result, water spills onto the large rubber mat beneath his bowl and then gets onto the wooden floor. The man noticed that wet environment started damaging the floor, so he decided to try Neater Feeder bowls, based on the advertisement. He was very surprised when he realized that the "Splasher" has become a neat-nick too. There are no more puddles on or under the rubber mat on the floor. A 13-year old cat has changed his habits with the help of this bowl. It does work as described.

One woman reports that she purchased this product because her kitty enjoys playing with water. This habit gets water all over the floor. Thankfully, the Neater Feeder has solved this problem. It functions perfectly and does keep the water dripped or splashed in the feeder. In general, the woman has four cats of small to large size. All of them like to drink from these bowls. The customer mentions in her testimonial that one of the feeders was accidentally kicked by a human but still all the water remained in it. The woman just wants there were more color options to choose from. Many other users support the opinion that these bowls help to keep pets' water and food relatively contained. One happy customer says that she can finally stop washing the floors and walls after her each dog's meal. The bowl stops the spilling and splashing well, as well as looks very harmonic in the kitchen! None of pet owners reported facing the problem of pet's accepting their new bowls. Even little kitties love these bowls and feel comfortable with them. Let us take a look at the actual user reviews available online.

"My kitties eat inaccurately, so that their food stays on the floor. They never finish their meals leaving some food in the feeder. The water is another problem. The kittens are fond of playing with the water by dipping their paws into it. As a result, the floor is covered with water afterwards. Due to the Neater Feeder bowls I forgot about these problems. I don't have to use a piddle pad under the water bowl anymore. I am not afraid of making multiple animal household anymore."

"I ordered two Neater Feeders bowls for my two cats as they are slobs with their water and food. I was tired of cleaning up all around their dishes two times a day. These dishes are really fantastic. They do work perfectly by keeping the food off the floor! I highly recommend this product to all pet owners wo are sick and tired of messy eaters."

"We have four cats, so you can imagine how messy their feeding area is. But it is in the past since we have bought Neater Feeder bowls. I bought the proper-sized bowls for my cats and I have to say that they do work perfectly. The product is made to catch water and food spills. I have noticed less waste because the water and food that falls from the bowl is caught by the plastic tray. It doesn't fall to the floor. I am also happy that my cats don't have to eat food from the floor anymore. No more stepping on cat kibble too!"

My Final Summary

Summing everything up about the Neater Feeder, this pet bowl appears to be a worthy product. The major benefit of the item is that helps to prevent a mess around the pet's bowl and you don't have to clean up every time after your friend's meal. A lower reservoir of the stainless steel bowl is meant to catch water spills, while an upper reservoir catches the food that falls off the bowl. In this way, the bowl prevents any water or food from spilling out onto your floor. Food remains contained within the unit separately from spilled water, which also allows your pet to eat what has fallen off. It means that your messy cat or dog won't leave behind a lot of food and water spills on the floor for you to clean up. Each item is sturdy and strong to withstand being pushed around from humans or larger breeds. The product prevents hardwood floors from being damaged by water. Tile grout won't get stained and the walls won't get splashed. Forget about stepping in water with your socks or slipping on wet floors when having bare feet. Each bowl features non-skid feet so your pet won't push their bowl across the floor. The item is dishwasher safe and is easy to wipe clean by hand. It comes in three sizes, which makes it suitable for a pet of any size. Taking into account all advantages of Neater Feeder I do recommended this product to using.

Neater Feeder Pricing and Rates

Neater Feeder Elevated Dog Bowls are available on the official website and some other retail stores. A large dog bowl is priced at $52.48 plus 1-2 day shipping. A medium-sized bowl costs $33.99 plus 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49. A small bowl can be bought for $34.99 plus 1-2 day shipping or purchases $49.