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Nectar Mattress

Nectar is a name of the company that has made a name for itself due to high-quality products it makes. Nectar Mattress is one of such innovations. It offers 11" of memory foam and has already attracted attention of thousands of sleepers all over the country. In fact, it has a special construction. Let us have a look at the layers of this marvelous mattress. The Nectar mattress is features a quilted cover and three foam layers. Top cover offers 1" of gel memory foam that is designed to provide high-rate comfort and a pleasant cooling effect to the sleeper. Gel works by pulling heat away from the individual, while the memory foam has a pressure-relieving property and features a soft top layer. Its density is 4.0 PCF (pounds per cubic foot).

The second layer is represented by 3" of memory foam that offers both the contour and support for the user. Once the individual sinks through the top layer, he or she will interact with this layer so that it will conform to his or her body and support the body all through the night. This layer is also designed to provide maximum comfort to the sleeper. Its density is 3.5 PCF. The third layer is 1.75" of memory foam. Due to the location of another layer of memory foam near the mattress bottom, sleepers can enjoy better support and pressure relief. Finally, the Bottom layer is represented by 5.25" of high-density support foam that performs the role of the foundational base for the whole mattress. This is the reason why the creators of this mattress placed high-density foam on its bottom. It provides perfect deep compression support for users. This layer has a density of 2.2 PCF.

Customer Reviews - Does Nectar Mattress Really Work?

It is true to say that the Internet is full of customer reviews on this product, however, not all of them are positive tastes differ and the same unit can be estimated differently. But let's focus on positive features of the mattress in this review. The sleepers are happy with the product in general, but they are especially pleased with the cover of the Nectar mattress. It is really nice, as it is manufactured from a blend of Tencel and cotton. Due to such a construction, the cover is both highly breathable and soft. Tencel is a fabric that derives from the Eucalyptus tree. It is very breathable. There is also a layer of gel memory foam quilted within the cover. It has a cooling effect, is extremely soft and creates a pleasant feel in general. Nectar team of specialists have done a great job of combining these materials together in such a way as to create a cool and comfortable cover at the same time.

The mattress has a nice aesthetic look too. The cover has a white top layer and gray side panels. There is also a thin blue trim between the gray and the white. In this way, the cover an attractive transition between colors. The top white surface has a checkered pattern. There is a Nectar's logo at the foot of the mattress. It is embossed into the gray fabric that gives a bold finishing touch to the cover. The latter can be fully unzipped and spot cleaned. If you need to clean the cover thoroughly, you are free to contact the Nectar company and ask to do the job or to a new cover. They will send you a new cover, free of charge. This service makes the company unique. Isn't it a nice extra service?

Speaking about the softness and firmness of the Nectar mattress, it is important to say that it carries a medium feel. In fact, it gets 5.5-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This firmness level meets the needs of most sleepers - back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers. Mattresses made from the higher density foams are known for greater longevity, as well as more pronounced contour and hug. It means that your body will gently sink into the foams that will shape your body. The response of the Nectar mattress is slow. It takes a few seconds for the unit to mold into the shape. This is a great advantage for people who sleep with a partner. They simply won't wake their partner by moving or changing positions. Thus, you are not going to feel "stuck" in the mattress. The support is quite good. Most users confess that they like feeling equally well supported and hugged by the mattress. They are pleased with the low level of bounce, which makes the process of making love more enjoyable. They say that they get up in the morning fresh. Let us have a look at what real users are writing about their experience of using the mattress.

"At first, I doubted whether I needed to buy Nectar Mattress but when I learnt that the company offered Forever Warranty, Free Shipping and 100% money back guarantee, I immediately ordered the unit. And I was not disappointed. I purchased the Queen mattress. At the period of time, the promotion also included two free pillows. So, I was a lucky buyer. My parcel was delivered in about a week. The lady contacted me to ask whether I was satisfied with the delivery service and the purchase in general. I answered I was. That was really kind. Thanks so much!"

"I had been looking for a new mattress quite a while. I decided to order the Nectar Mattress because it was reasonably priced. What I like about this product is that it has a nice construction that completely meets my needs. I don't like too soft mattresses. I also liked the quilt on top. It holds me much better than my previous mattress. It does not give the feel of too much sinking or being stuck. I was really pleased with the 365 night trial and Forever Warranty."

"I mostly sleep on my side on a quite hard surface. The NectarMattress Nectar feels great for my shoulders and hips. Once I lay there, the foam reacts for a few seconds and I sink in a bit, the mattress conforms well to my body shape. Generally I can sleep in all three positions on my new mattress. I can recommend this unit to all people who are looking for medium-firm mattress. I used to call their customer service and each time they consulted me politely and kindly."

My Final Summary

All things considered, I can really recommend buying the Nectar mattress. This is one of the most traditional memory foam mattresses available on the market today. It is important to ensure that you will enjoy the classic feel of this mattress before buying it. The Nectar mattress will be suitable to sleepers who wish a medium feel of firmness, who are looking for a memory foam and supportive mattress. Memory foam is known for a slower response, good pressure relief, sharper hug and contour, low motion transfer, and low levels of bounce. The company behind the Nectar mattress offers a longer trial period - 365 nights. You have a year to see whether this mattress is right fit for you.

The Nectar mattress is good for couples, as it has minimal motion transfer and minimal amount of "bounce". The product is associated with many positive users' reviews. It comes with "Forever" warranty, Free Shipping and Returns. You may get extra pillows within the promotion period. Most customers are happy with the customer support. The product may have some off gassing smell in the first 24 hours. One of the drawbacks on the product is that it may take a few weeks for your mattress to arrive. There may be some delays in shipping. Consult the company's website ( for more information. I think you will like the Nectar mattress.

Where To Buy Nectar Mattress In Stores?

The price of this kind of mattress depends on its size and model. you can find size details of each of the mattresses on the official website of the product. Twin costs $500, Twin XL can be bought for $550, Full is worth $700, Queen costs $795, King can be purchased for $900, California King is worth $900.