NetCredit Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE NetCredit Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


When looking for a proper loan, it is recommended to shop around for the most suitable deal based on such important factors as interest rate, dollar amount, and length of repayment. It is almost impossible to change these factors after getting an approval. However, NetCredit claims to offer personalized loans where it is up to you to decide which terms are better for you. This company provides a simple and transparent service and allows you to check your eligibility in just a few minutes, whether you need $1K or $10K. Loan procedure works in three steps. First, you will need to complete a short online form that will not affect your credit score and instantly check your eligibility. Second, you will customize your repayment terms. You are expected to get approved the same day, after which your money will be deposited into your bank account. Try to pay off on time to create a positive credit history.

What differentiates NetCredit from other lenders is that it offers personal loans on your terms. A personal loan is usually used for other personal reasons, including refurbishing your kitchen, buying a car or a home, consolidating debt, getting the RV, or a hundred other uses. Personal loans are unsecured, that is they are not backed by collateral, such as a home or car. This is the reason why banks have to cover this big risk with higher interest rates. In this way, personal loans have higher interest rates than auto and home loans; however, they are more flexible. If you are looking for a small loan (up to $2,500), NetCredit might be a great option. Those with a low credit score will need to pay much higher interest rates.

Customer Reviews - Does NetCredit Really Work?

There are many customer reviews on NetCredit online. Most users seem to be happy with the programs this lender offers. The company provides its clients with five tools and programs. The first program is called My ScoreSaver and it gives you an opportunity to check your loan eligibility. You'll need to click the "Check Your Eligibility" button on the official website, create your personal account and give some basic information about yourself, including your income and its source. If NetCredit determines that you are eligible, you will receive an individualized personal loan offer. Remember that once you decide to proceed with your loan, the company will submit a hard inquiry that will affect your credit score. The second program is called My RightFit Tool that can be applied after you have been approved for a personal loan. It presupposes the opportunity to adjust the loan amount and payment terms. To do this you will need to log into your account and press button "Modify Loan Details". This will help you to control your budget by reducing your total interest and paying off your loan faster.

The third program offered by NetCredit is called ClearCost for Me. It promises to charge no application fees, end payment fees, hidden origination fees, or late or NSF fees. However, you will need to pay daily simply interest. In this way, the company claims to provide a straightforward and upfront experience on every step of your loan process. The fourth program carries the name My CreditBuilder. Every time you pay off your loan, this information will be reported to the two major credit bureaus; Experian and TransUnion. These responsible payments will increase your credit score significantly. My Choice Guarantee is the fifth program that gives you an opportunity to return your loan, without penalty until 5p.m. CT on the business day after funding.

NetCredit seems to have a positive customer reputation online. For example, and CreditKarma customers gave it an average rating of about 3.5 stars. The customers are generally satisfied with their interest rates and fast approval processes. The only thing they don't like is the requests for additional information. The company has higher ratings on such websites as and TrustPilot, where most customers are extremely pleased with their fast approval process, ease of use, ability to improve credit score, and professional customer service. This lender received an A+ Better Business Bureau rating despite 33 complaints. Most of these referenced high interest rates. Remember that if you take out a loan in IN, FL, KS, LA, KY, MI, WA, MT, MS, NE, it will be through Republic Bank and Trust Company. If you take a loan in CA, AL, DE, ID, GA, MO, NM, ND, SC, UT, SD, VA, or WI, you will be funded through NC Financial Solutions of California. Let us take a look at the real users' reviews online.

"NetCredit provided me with highly professional and customer-oriented service. Every time I called them, they responded in a timely and polite manner to my questions and issues I had. All of the staff were friendly and the funds came into my account in 48 hrs. I liked that the application process was simple. I would highly recommend this company if you need fast money, don't have excellent credit or spend too much time deal with a loan approval process."

"For me it was very easy to do business with Net Credit. I easily followed online application and I am grateful for the comments that came from other customers of the company. Customer service was thoughtful, sincere, and clear while providing me with recommendations and instructions. It was easy to follow online instructions too. I will certainly recommend this company to anyone who needs money without any problems."

"Netcredit is a wonderful company that offers good loan terms with excellent options. The bi-weekly payment option helped me to pay the account back faster! What I liked most of all was that the staff tried to meet all of my personal needs. I felt their care constantly. This company is safe and reliable and I would recommend them!"

My Final Summary

Our team of professionals has reviewed a lot of popular personal lenders within the last ten years, and we often find that there are no principal differences between them. But when it comes to NetCredit, it should be noted that they have a no-fee structure and flexible repayment terms. So they have undoubtedly distinguished themselves from others. Even though many customers think that the company binds them to extraordinarily high interest rates, this is worth it, because you receive a loan from a trustworthy lender that can be trusted. They will not let you down and will take proper care of each client.

NetCredit is not a common lender; it offers a team of financial experts who can be consulted any time. They will give you some recommendations on how to avoid high-interests. You will be offered lower interest credit cards. In general, the customer service is very friendly and is highly appreciated by the clients. The company has a positive overall customer online reputation. Taking into account all pros and cons of NetCredit I can certainly recommend this lender.

NetCredit Pricing and Rates

This lender may provide loans ranging between $1K and $10K with repayment terms between 6 and 60 months. Interest rates range between 34% and 155%. It should be noted that NetCredit loans are not available in AZ, AK, AR, CT, CO, DE, IL, HI, IA, MA, ME, MD, NV, MN, NH, NY, NC, OH, OR, OK, PA, WV, RI, TX, TN, VT, or WY.