Ninja Mega Kitchen System Reviews - What Is It?

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Ninja Mega Kitchen System is manufactured by Euro-Pro Operating LLC and based out of Newton, MA. The product uses a proprietary Ninja blade technology and a series of attachments that are responsible for juicing, blending, processing, and mixing your food. According to the company, the system helps the entire family to live a healthy life. Euro-Pro Operating LLC offers a few other products, and holds a high average rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are just a few consumer complaints within the past several years. Most of the user reviews are positive.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System features a 1500 watt/2hp motor, which powers two sets of cyclonic blades inside the 72oz pitcher. The latter are known for creating great blending power. This power is a characteristic feature of single serve blending cups too, even though they have smaller sizes. The 8-cup processor bowl has a four-stack blade system. There is a dough blade that makes dough fast and easily due to its high performance. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System differs from other systems of the kind with its ability to process whole fruits and vegetables. What you will get is a delicious and healthy drink. This will undoubtedly help you to stay in good shape. Each Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with a number of beneficial accessories.

Customer Reviews - Does Ninja Mega Kitchen System Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, there is a great number of user reviews on different websites. Most of them are of a positive nature. People write that as soon as they received their box with the new Ninja Mega Kitchen System, they inspected all of its parts. The sets usually come complete. To check what comes with the product, consult the manual for guidance added to your purchase. Be very careful when checking the sharp blades to avoid cutting your fingers. The blender base is compact enough to be conveniently placed into our kitchen countertop. It also looks very elegant and professionally designed, so that it will perfectly fit into any interior. It is not a minimalistic design, though. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is so powerful that it works well for crushing ice. If you carefully follow all the instructions, you will see that ice has turned into "snow" within several seconds only. But be ready that this machine works quite loudly. It is about crushing ice, not bananas! So, if you have a little baby sleeping in your house, postpone using this machine to the later time.

Looking at the testimonials of people who have tried the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, it is necessary to say that most of the users are happy with their purchase. It can be used for creating different dishes. One woman writes that she was really impressed with the first thing she made with the blender. It was Hummus of a perfectly creamy consistency! There are many similar blenders in this price range, but they do an awful job on cooking hummus. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System works just flawlessly. The hummus made in this device is very thick and deliciously creamy. It has to be mentioned that this system doesn't only act as a food processor, but it can also be used as a smoothie maker or a blender. Just change the attachments and use it however you wish. To make drinks, use a "smoothie" attachment. Prepare all the ingredients beforehand and just blend them. You can add some ice cubes and serve the drinks. One recipe of a healthy drink contains the following ingredients: a bunch of spinach, chia seeds, half sliced apple, flax seeds and some almond milk. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is powerful enough to perfectly blend all ingredients into a smooth consistency in the least of your time. Making the job faster leads to spending less energy, as a result you have smaller energy expenses. Let us have a look at what real users are writing about the device.

"I couldn't be happier with the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. I bought it before Christmas and my purchase arrived the next day. I was very happy because I bought the system as a gift for myself. It works great in making cookie dough. It does it literally in a few seconds. I have used the device to make different smoothies, some with fruit and others with leafy greens and dairy. My smoothies have always been very smooth. My son makes smoothies with almond milk, peanut butter, bananas, and oatmeal! He loves the result! My system comes with the meal prep kit that proves to be very beneficial."

"I received my Ninja MegaKitchen System three days ago but I just opened it today. I cleaned it up with soap and water and started testing the device. I decided to blend some fruit and I made a great smoothie. It worked wonderfully and had a very smooth consistency, even though I only blended it for thirty seconds. My two year old son loved it so much! Then I made some deviled ham and my kid also loved it. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you."

"I had been dreaming about the NinjaMega Kitchen System for a long time and finally I bought it. I must say, I am not disappointed with my new appliance. It works just fine. Now, I have got rid of my Kitchenaid food processor and blender! The Ninja replaces these two devices perfectly, in fact, it works much better and faster. It has more power and performs more tasks than these appliances. I love that this system is easy to clean. The blade is removable, so it can be cleaned quicker. The pitcher locks onto the base smoother and removes easier. The lids lock securely."

My Final Summary

The Ninja Mega Kitchen system is both a powerful blender and an effective food processor. It is suitable for creating sauces, creamy dips, hummus, and delicious green smoothies. You will only need to change the attachments and use it as a blender or a food processor. The product comes with a book with the best recipes, so you will be able to test your new kitchen appliance in different ways. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System also includes an information guide that will provide you with the necessary instruction on how to use and maintain the machine. You can also benefit from various accessories available. Try to pick the accessories that you need. You can buy a unit with the accessories, or buy them separately.

The product comes with a standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty. This warranty can be prolonged if you get the unit on Amazon. The Ninja Mega Kitchen system is associated with numerous positive user reviews. Most people claim that this blender is awesome! It has a powerful motor and does a great job. You can buy single serving containers for making shakes and smooth smoothies. The machine has a quite large container, which means that it can be suitable for large families. The blades are sharp enough to cope with ice. But be careful not to get injured. Another thing that will make you smile is the price of the product. It is reasonably priced when compared to other devices of the kind. Summing up, it is necessary to say that the Ninja Mega Kitchen system is a worthy product and I can recommend it to usage.

Where To Buy Ninja Mega Kitchen System In Stores?

For a price of the Ninja Mega Kitchen system is $179.80. Each package includes two Single-Serve Drinking Cups, one 64oz bowl, one 72oz pitcher, one Dough Blade Attachment, a Healthy Living Guide, Grating, Crinkle Cut, Shredder Attachments, French FrySlicer, One Silicone Freezer Tray, a Storage Box and two Ice Pop Molds and 20 Popsicle Sticks. The product comes with four Push Pop Molds and a 5-Year VIP Service Agreement.