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Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

According to the manufacturer Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega is a multifunctional supplement which can be effective for decreasing cholesterol level, help to overcome stress and reduce the lipid level in pro athletes. The producer claims to make all these effects possible thanks to fish oils. The target audience of Ultimate Omega is active people who need to: get rid of joint pain and reduce inflammation, having control over their cholesterol and wishing to strengthen the immune system.

What do we know about Omega 3? It is considered to be a great addition to your diet. But how safe is this formula? We are here to find out whether the producer only claims to offer all these benefits or the product is really efficient. Let's see what Nordic Naturals Inc. can offer its users.

This company is known as the self- proclaimed fish oil selling brand in the USA.

Ingredients of Ultimate Omega - How Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The aim of our review is to provide you with as much information about the supplement as it is available. We are not intending to influence your choice but to give the awareness which will help you to compare it with other products and to choose the right one for you. Here you can get acquainted with the list of ingredients of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega

Purified deep fish sea oil: The producer claims to have it sourced from sardines and anchovies. They should include Omega 3's.

Natural Lemon Flavor: Oils are being extracted from lemon peel and then they are being added to mask the taste profile.

D-Alpha Tocopherol: is a form of vitamin E.

Natural Rosemary Extract: for mental improvement.

Gelatin: bones and organs of animals which have been mashed up.

Glycerin: Sugar alcohol.

As you can see the formula doesn't contain any new revolutionary ingredients' list which can be really works successfully in this combination. Some of them might be slightly efficient but the main issue of this supplement is that according to the producer it is multi-faceted product. It is better when a supplement is oriented only to sever one definite purpose like being a brain booster, for instance. One product can't be effective for all health problems. If so, then it can be only slightly useful for each health issue and can't provide you with the long-lasting effect treating some serious health problems.

The product has been studied in laboratory conditions and the results were not very good as they showed that it included levels of mercury. Fish oils contain mercury that may dissuade users to buy it because of some safety concerns.

There is one more problem to pay attention to. There is a risk of fish burps. Some people have reported feeling uncomfortable and as a result some customers reported gaining gross. Moreover, not all people find it appetizing thing.

If you are an allergic person then you shouldn't even try this product. Be careful to have any negative side effects and report about them to your doctor immediately in case you notice any.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects

After looking what is inside the bottle let's talk about the potential side effects. Some users have reported that they faced unwanted side effects some of which were really dangerous for health. There is a long list of possible negative impact after taking Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega: Upset stomach, indigestion, decreased blood clotting, bad breathe, decreased immune system, rash, frequent bathroom trips, nausea, and nosebleeds.

To avoid having even one of them you'd better consult your healthcare specialist before buying this supplement. If you have tried it and noticed one of the mentioned side effect you should immediately stop taking it and tell your doctor.

"I have used NordicNaturals Ultimate Omega to improve my memory and focus. I haven't received any positive results after using it for 3 weeks and asked for my money back. However, it was very problematic to return money. I don't recommend you this senseless supplement!"

"Nordic Naturals UltimateOmega is just another scam from the company which wants to pay attention of users with their bright advertising campaign. However, the reality has showed that Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega can't serve its purpose and fulfill a lot of functions successfully"

"After some period of time I noticed having severe allergic reaction together with some other negative side effects which have prevented me from taking this supplement. Don't buy Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega until your pharmacist approves your choice not to gain bad side effects which can influence your healthy organs"

Where To Buy Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega?

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega can be purchased at the producer's official website where it costs about $28. It can found at some online stores - Amazon, GNC, Walmart. That's why before buying it you have the possibility to compare prices for this product.

My Final Summary

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega is not a very interesting product that can be worth of your time and money. We can have such opinion in connection with a lot of negative reviews of dissatisfied people who have expected good results and instead of benefits got some unwanted side effects. According to some studies it is possibly unsafe. There is also no evidence that it is as effective as the manufacturer claims it to be.

It is always better to get a consultation of your doctor before you purchase such a product. It isn't made from organic compounds being able to harm your health, especially if taken in high doses. Moreover, even if it can be helpful for some users, it is really difficult to notice its result. The only advantage that has been mentioned by some customers, who don't like how fish smells that this supplement doesn't have the murky smell in comparison with other fish oil pills.