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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Nutra Thrive

Not only people need dietary supplements, but pets may need them too. A good supplement will provide your pet with minerals and essential vitamins that are necessary for their nutritional requirements every day. Your cat and dog processed foods may contain some of these nutrients, but they are often insufficient because of adverse factors that may influence the quality of food when it is being processed. Dog foods has to undergo a complicated cooking process that may kill essential nutrients necessary for your pet. When your pet is on the raw food diet, they may also need additional nutrients depending on their age, weight, breed, and medical condition. Older dogs especially need dietary supplements as they are eating less food than they used to when they were younger. In this way, they may be lacking some nutrients. But what type of vitamins should a good pet supplement contain? We are going to answer this question further. Today we are going to discuss the supplement that promises to provide your pet with all of the vital nutrients and to support your pets' health in general.

What Is Nutra Thrive and How The Product Called Nutra Thrive Can Help?

Nutra Thrive from Ultimate Pet Nutrition is a natural pet supplement designed to be added to your dog's food. According to the company, the product promotes healthy digestion and provides a proper balance between good and bad bacteria. The official website of the manufacturer claims that the product has positive impact on your dog's health, which, helps your dog to live a happy and active life. The supplement was created by one of the most renowned holistic veterinarians in America, Dr. Gary Richter. The company behind the product is called Ultimate Pet Nutrition. Nutra Thrive is the only product of the company. Richter is also the author of a book devoted to the pet health. This guide has a very high customer reputation. The supplement we are going to discuss in this review seems to have all the nutrients you would want to give to your dog. However, it is necessary to take a deep analysis to find out how the product works, what it contains in its formula and what real customers are saying about this supplement. We'll also discuss the product's pricing and make a conclusion based on its pros and cons.

Ingredients of Nutra Thrive - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Nutra Thrive has three groups of ingredients called the Super Canine Blend, Superfoods Blend, and their Probiotic and Enzyme Blend. The company's site provides a photo of the product's label, which allows you to know which ingredients are found in the supplement. We have found the following ingredients in each blend. Super Canine Blend includes Beef liver and Glutathione inactive yeast. Probiotic and Enzyme Blend contains Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus casei. Superfoods Blend includes Reishi, Spirulina, Carrot, maitake and shitake mushrooms, Chlorella Methyl-sulfonylmethane. Vitamin and Mineral Blend includes Folic acid, Biotin, Kelp, Riboflavin. We have found details on each of the ingredients in these blends.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), mushrooms are a good product for dogs; however, they should be plain and not contain oils or spices. This is what is found in Nutra Thrive. Glutathione is an antioxidant with many other health benefits. This antioxidant contains three amino acids that can be easily digested within the dog's body. Probiotics are important not only for humans but for pets, too. Probiotics are vital for your dog's gastrointestinal tract, especially if it is prone to having diarrhea when they are stressed or nervous. Probiotics have anti-diarrheal properties. The final group of Nutra Thrive ingredients is the mineral and vitamin blend that is highly beneficial for your dog's health. Biotin is known for its ability to create a shiny and soft coat. It also strengthens ligaments and tendons. Giving your dog biotin will help to make their coat and skin healthy. This ingredient also supports connective tissue within your dog's body. Biotin is naturally found in meats. According to several sources, riboflavin can improve your dog's coat, too. Folic acid is also highly important for your dog's health and well-being.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Nutra Thrive is a completely natural dietary supplement specially created to meet your dog's daily requirements. Speaking about side effects, it should be noted that we didn't find any potential dangers associated with the intake of the ingredients found in the product. If your dog is allergic to any foods, start with the small amounts of food to check their reaction.

Nutra Thrive has a great number of customer reviews on third-party websites online and almost all of them are positive. The customers are happy with the quality of the supplement, its effects and absence of adverse reactions. One dog owner reports that the supplement is good for his dog but the latter doesn't like the taste. The man is not surprised, though, as is dog has always been picky. He is on a raw diet and the customer decided to give him the supplement to ensure that his dog was getting everything he needs. The man breaks the scoop down into two feedings. Four out of seven days he manages to give him a regular dose. One bottle seems to last forever.

One female dog owner reports that she feeds Nutra Thrive to her two Springer Spaniels: Asticou, a 11-year-old male, and Belle, a 5-year-old female. She bought the supplement primarily for Asticou. Earlier she had seven Springer Spaniels but some of them tragically died before they got old. The woman had read many promotional materials indicating that dogs commonly lived over 16 years. So, she decided to try the supplement to see if Asticou would live longer than her other spaniels. The woman says her dog sleeps deeper, has more energy and is generally health, except for Addison's Disease. He is in good shape after taking the supplement for three weeks. His breath is better too. Nutra Thrive was the only change the woman has made. Here are some more customer reviews we found online.

"I have a 12-year-old Mutt who is a very sweet dog; however, lately I have noticed that she's become slower. I fed her with Cosequin, but did not see any results. Then I bought Nutra Thrive for her and after a month, I have noticed certain changes. Earlier, I was skeptic about ordering such things but now I recommend this supplement to my friends who also have dogs. My pet now feels much better and wiggling again when I come home. I am going to continue giving the product to her for another month."

"I started adding 1/2 scoop of Nutra Thrive to my dog's meals twice a day. He is a beautiful and smart male Welsh-Pembroke Corgi who has just turned 8 years old, named Brody. I decided to give this supplement to him because he was showing signs of slowing down and achiness when he would get up and going up the stairs. After two weeks, his state has significantly improved. We am going to keep Brody on this product and he loves it too."

"I have purchased Nutra Thrive for my 12-year-old German Shepherd who has some senior health problems like folate deficiency and pancreatitis. Before using the supplement, I consulted her vet who said she has no restrictions using it. She has been taking the product for over a month and now she walks for longer periods of time and even tries to run. When she is asleep, she often runs in her dreams. LOL. As a pet owner I am very pleased with this supplement."

Why Should You Choose It?

Even if your pet has no health issues you can try adding Nutra Thrive to their diet and you will see how vitality fills your dog. Besides, this supplement will protect your pet from mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Your dog will live a longer and a happier life.


Nutra Thrive is an absolutely natural supplement that offers all the needed vitamins and minerals for your pet. The product works in such a way that your pet gets nothing more but benefits from its formula. There is no need to worry about possible side effects or allergic reactions. The supplement is recommended by many veterinarians in the country.

How to Use Nutra Thrive?

This product comes in a powdered form and should be used at every meal. It has a bacon flavor and includes a wide variety of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and digestive enzymes. You will just need to add a definite dosage of the supplement to your dog's bowl of food, add a small amount of water and mix the food and the powder around. If you still can see some Nutra Thrive in the bowl, you may add more water. Here's a breakdown of the dosage suggestions for dogs of different weight categories:
50+ lbs.: 2 scoops per meal
30-50 lbs.: 1 1/2 scoop per meal
0-30 lbs.: 1 scoop per meal

My Final Summary

After making a deep analysis of Nutra Thrive and reading through numerous customer review, we believe that this pet supplement has more strengths than weaknesses. The product contains ingredients that can be very helpful for your dog. For instance, Lactobacillus casei is a probiotic that will improve your dog's digestion and fight such issues as diarrhea. Biotin will make your dog's coat softer and shinier, as well as moisturize their dry skin. Glutathione will strengthen your dog's health in general. This dog supplement is unlikely to cause any side effects. It is 100% natural and has been thoroughly researched before being presented to the market. The studies have shown successful results in the form of a more active behavior, a shinier coat, improved digestion, and better cognitive function. With these pros in mind, I do recommend Nutra Thrive.

Where To Buy Nutra Thrive?

One 114-gram jar of Nutra Thrive costs $69.99 on the official website of the manufacturer. Three jars are priced at $188.97, while six jars can be ordered for $356.95. The cost already includes shipping. The website also offers a new-customer promotion with prices of $49.99, $134.85 and $254.70, respectively. There are 30 scoops in each jar, which means that it will be enough for a dog of 0-30 pounds for one month. One jar will last for 20 days for dogs with body weight of 31-50 pounds, while dogs weighing over 50 pounds will enjoy the product for 15 days.