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NutriBullet Lean

If you are looking for an easy and fast way to cook fresh healthy meals and to lose excess fat, you may benefit from the NutriBullet Lean a lot. This is the fourth variant of the nutrient extractor in the company's line of food processors that also includes the original Nutribullet, the NutriBullet Rx, and the NutriBullet Pro. The NutriBullet Lean uses a proprietary technology that is able to turn ordinary foods into superfoods. This device goes a step forward from the prior models of the line by offering additional power that is expected to help you cook healthy foods to promote weight loss. Thus, you will lose pounds and inches more effectively and faster than ever. The company behind NutriBullet Lean says that they were inspired to create this product by their numerous customers who intended to prepare meals with the NutriBullet system in order to shed pounds. The company has employed specialist who will consult you on how to make losing weight easier.

This comprehensive weight loss system focuses on creating 60-second drinkable meals known as "MacroBlasts." It is very easy to make a macroblast meal by selecting a combination of fruits, vegetables, greens, and a scoop of LEAN Boost, the latter is a specially created NutriBullet Lean blend of fiber and plant protein. By combining these macronutrients you will build a weight loss code that will make the process of losing weight much more effective. After adding all of the ingredients you will need to switch on the food processor with a single touch. As a result, processing blades unlock the weight loss code creating a specific blend for your beautiful shape. You can reach the necessary consistency within just 60 seconds. What you get is a macroblast meal rich in flavor. The appliance comes with a great number of weight loss code recipes that are easy-to-follow.

Customer Reviews - Does NutriBullet Lean Really Work?

There is a number of testimonials about the device online which were left by real users of the NutriBullet Lean. These people are hghly pleased with the appliance and with the weight loss effect they managed to get when cooking meals with this food processor. Due to the recipe program, the customers have an opportunity to contact nutrition and wellness advisors who are always ready to consult you on certain nutritional and weight loss questions. In addition, the customers are happy to receive Lean Boost, a plant fiber and protein blend that is added to macroblast meals to keep you feel full but at the same time to lose weight. The customers also receive NutriBullet Weight Loss recipes which are created in such a way as to help you lose extra pounds while eating delicious food. The weight loss plan starts with the 7-Day Transformation Plan which also comes with your purchase. The Transformation Plan aims to teach you how to cook tasty Portion Perfect Meals and MacroBlasts. After that you will be able to branch out into various recipes. The official NutriBullet Lean website contains only nine of such recipes, including Crimson Cup MacroBlast; Very Berry MacroBlast; Grilled chicken with quinoa and salad; Mediterranean asparagus, chicken, and brown rice salad; Hearty Party MacroBlast; Hummus and vegetables; One-pot turkey chili; Black bean burger patty and Berry Good Morning MacroBlast. Fortunately, the company will provide you with much more recipes to diversify your meal plans. Many of them focus on the juicing aspect of the device.

According to the manufacturer of the NutriBullet Lean, their device works on the basis of an assertion that food is information, and different effects can be reached by combining different foods. It means that you can write a "weight loss code" to "tell your body to stop storing fat". That is why macronutrients contained in foods play an important role for the health of each individual. The idea of a weight loss code is not new. It presupposes the use of proper nutrition combinations that maximally complement each other not in taste but in effect. For example, spinach can be well combined with avocados. Spinach contains a lot of vitamin A and lutein, which are important for your eyes. Avocado includes the fats that help your body to soak up these nutrients. Let us take a look at what real owners of the NutriBullet Len think about it.

"I decided to buy NutriBullet Lean in order to become slender and more attractive because I have suffered from extra weight since I remember myself. I have only used this device for two months but I can already see positive results. Most of all I like to make wheatgrass juice. It is tasty and useful for my health as far as I am concerned with my shape. The device works great! I just add a little of water and spin!"

"I bought Nutri Bullet Lean several weeks ago and I enjoy using it one a daily basis. My kale smoothies are very smooth and less chunky than with the 900 watts model I used to have. I started eating healthier and even succeeded in losing some weight. I absolutely love my new blender. My energy levels have also increased. I always eat something made with the processor for breakfast. It is very useful for my digest tract. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I am very happy with it."

"What I like about my Nutribullet Lean is that it is very easy to use. Even though it is inexpensive but it provides everything I need to stay fit and healthy. It makes smoothies of a perfect consistency. The natural protein powder is awesome! The recipes are well organized and the eating plan is extremely easy to follow. I especially appreciate the portion plate that proves to be very helpful for choosing healthy proportions of dishes. Actually, I like the total package!"

My Final Summary

NutriBullet Lean is a nice food processor for people who want to maintain their shape or to lose existing excess weight. It can be used for cooking healthy yet delicious foods every day. It offers a number of advantages. The product comes with fifteen additional items which are meant to help you become healthier. The device features a powerful 1000watt engine, a secure suction cup base that holds onto the countertop perfectly. The blade has been significantly improved. The blades stand out from the base to make a perfect thick smoothie that looks almost like ice cream. The big cup has a rubber grip. The containers are sturdy.

NutriBullet Lean is so easy to use that breakfast and lunch preparation will take you just a few minutes. If you thoroughly follow the provided diet plan and add the protein powder to your smoothies on a daily manner, you are expected to lose several pounds of your weight a week. Proteins will keep you satisfied and you won't have any sugar cravings. It is easy to clean up the device too. NutriBullet Lean comes with a 30-day refund policy and a 1-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. If you have any questions or issues contact the customer service department at (800) 500-0675. Taking into account everything said higher, I strongly recommend the Nutribullet Lean.

Where To Buy NutriBullet Lean In Stores?

This food processor comes with everything you need to start your weight loss program, including one seven-day transformation plan with the necessary instructions on how to make different meals and MacroBlasts, one NutriBullet power base (1200 watts of power), one-month supply of Lean Boost, one Measured short cup, two Measured 32oz MacroBlast cups, one Reusable plate divider for measuring proper portions, one Boost measuring spoon, one Healthy fats measuring spoon, one Extractor blade. Each set also comes with a flip top, a comfort lip ring, and two stay-fresh lids. This 15-piece system is available on the official website of the company for $119.94. You can buy it by paying the total outright, or by paying $19.99 six times. Shipping is free.