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NutriBullet is a company that manufactures different blender with many functions. They have offered a great number of variations in the last several years which can make it confusing as the appliances look very similar. However, all Nutribullet blenders are quite different. They have recently provided the new Nutribullet Prime 1000w system. Today we are going to take a look at one of the most popular products of the company - NutriBullet Prime. We will try to find out how it compares to the other blender models and what featers are the most appreciated by the users. The base of this blender feels and looks the same as the Nutribullet 600 and 900 Pro with its compact and simple design. There are no controls but the motor provides plenty of power (1000 watt) for the 32oz jar and can blend fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds without any difficulties. It was initially created as a smoothie maker and is not designed to do other kitchen tasks like food prep and making nut butters. But in most cases, the device exceeds your expectations.

Other NutriBullet models come with small cups (18oz) for grinding, milling, and making small batches, but the Prime has a 32oz cup, which is the most popular size of a cup designed for making smoothies. The latter can be full-size meal replacement. The whole system comes with a 1000 watt base, two 32oz Colossal cups (one comes has a handle), one 28oz stainless steel insulated cup (to keep drinks cold for several hours), two flip top lids, one extractor blade, two screw on lip rings, and a recipe and user guide book. The NutriBullet PRO is designed to optimize your nutrition for you to look and feel better. The product is made from stainless steel and one-year Warranty. Another model, the NutriBullet Rx is made to break down the foods in a quick way. It demonstrates slightly better results and is convenient to use. This machine can blend and drink out of one vessel to save your precious time. Let's find out what real users think about NutriBullet by looking at their reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does NutriBullet Really Work?

There is a number of customer reviews about NutriBullet on the internet. The majority of users are satisfied with the device they have used. They have found a lot of positive moments about the NutriBullet Prime. For example, it is perfect for making nice smoothies as it offers proper cup size and great power. It works as advertised if you don't overfill it with ingredients and use the proper amount of liquid. It features a simple on/off twist design and adds an auto-off timed feature that allows you to leave the device for a moment. The only complaint about the Prime is leaking but usually it was the user's fault. It may occur when the blade base is not tightened enough. Most users stayed very pleased with great power of the blender (1000 watt). The model received such strong reviews due to its magnificent features differentiating it from its popular 900 model. It takes a solid position on the "meal replacement" smoothie market of blenders with two 32oz size cups, more power, and a well-insulated container for smoothies which can be taken with you wherever you go.

The 900 model has been widely tested and that is why it usually a top pick of customers. It was thoroughly tested for performance and was proven really easy to use. The Prime is very much the same blender but it provides more power and is able to meet most users' needs. It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a simple personal smoothie maker. Another thing the users report in their reviews about is the reasonable price of the product. In fact, it appears to be cheaper than the competition despite additional accessories and power. You can find the best price on the Prime 1000w System at Amazon. Some users of the device write that the NutriBullet has changed their lives because it guarantees the consumption of a great amount of vitamins from fruit and vegetables. It can also be used for blending drinks and sauces for pasta. According to numerous users' reviews, it blends well even ice even though it becomes very shaky. The device is perfect for blending protein powders and different kinds of supplements. Some people said that it was a bit loud. Let's see how actual customers are satisfied with the machine's blending ability by looking at their reviews.

"I wasn't sure whether we needed another appliance in our kitchen but my wife insisted on buying NutriBullet Prime. She had seen a lot of videos about this device and just fell in love with it. So, I was convinced. Now we are happy every time we use it and we do it every morning. It can quickly turn the ingredients into smoothies, drinks or just a light breakfast. We like making a delicious and natural mayonnaise with this appliance."

"We have had the Nutri Bullet Prime model for a few months already. I mainly use it for making smoothies and different vitamin drinks, so this model meets my expectations completely. I even tried to throw a few cubes of ice into it, the effect was unexpectedly positive. Remember to keep the machine clean, otherwise it may be difficult to clean. I think this machine is a must have in every kitchen."

"I bought NutriBullet prime six months ago and it still works like new despite my using it very often. I use it every day, sometimes several times a day and I am very happy with this machine. It can coo anything from smoothies to tomato sauces and soups. I have a baby who recently started consuming solids. The device is just fantastic for pureeing foods. I highly recommend it to new mothers."

My Final Summary

NutriBullet is a well-known manufacturer of blenders in the country. It offers a lot of different models and NutriBullet Prime is probably one of the worthiest of them. It can be used for blending almost anything to make smoothies, sauces and drinks. You can drink out of the same container you have made this beverage. It is also very easy to clean. There are many positive customer reviews about the product on the internet. People praise good consistency of the dishes, especially after using the Pulse option which manages to blend the ingredients well together.

The device is very sturdy and offers a function when you can leave it alone and coo for you on its own. The only disadvantage of the NutriBullet Prime is that it creates noise when blending the ingredients, especially ice. Some people use frozen fruit for making smoothies, as well as fresh vegetables for making tomato and pesto sauces. Believe it or not but this appliance can even make almond flour! It can mix solid foods and liquids well together too! Taking into account all this information I highly recommend this product to everyone. You are going to be impressed with it.

Where To Buy NutriBullet In Stores?

As there are different models from NutriBullet, their prices may differ from model to model. Thus, you can currently buy NutriBullet LEAN for just $40! You can choose to make five payments of $ 14 .99. Amazon sells NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender for $69.99.