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NuvoH2O is a water-softening system that promises to "harness the power of citrus" to prevent the accumulation of scale in the water-based appliances and plumbing system. It effectively renews the performance of the plumbing system and even helps you save a lot of money each year. The company behind the product is based out of Kaysville, UT, and can boast fat-growing popularity all over the country. This "As Seen on TV" product holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are only five closed complaints within the last several years. "Hard" water is the water that contains high amount of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. According to the official NuvoH2O website, the mineral contained in such water can be deposited on the surface they come in contact with. This build up forms scales, which can lead to such problems as corrosion and clogging of your plumbing system. NuvoH2O systems were specially created to combat this.

The system uses a food-based chelant called Citryne. It makes these "hard" minerals soluble and does not allow them to deposit onto the inside of the plumbing system. The compound used in the system is FDA approved. This technology is absolutely eco-friendly and was developed as a result of 30 years of research and testing in the water treatment was found out that this system can add up to 30% to the durability of your water-based appliances. Another advantage of NuvoH2O over the other water softening systems is that it prevents the buildup of scale in the future. It also has a compact (6" X 24") size due to which is uses up to four times less water than other systems of the kind, requires no electricity, and won't change the taste of your water.

Customer Reviews - Does NuvoH2O Really Work?

Regarding the company's products, the average rating is four starts. It means that the customers are quite satisfied with what is manufactured by the company. However, not all users are as happy with their purchases. Thus, common complaints included that their water-softening systems are not a perfect solution in all areas of the country, as well as high price. Speaking about the NuvoH2O system, it is necessary to say that it has mostly positive online reputation. People are happy with the functionality and performance of the system. However, some complaints concern that the system doesn't soften water but only prevents buildup and reduces its pH. However, these complaints have no scientific background.

The NuvoH2O system is available in three models for you to choose from depending on the size of your home. Homes under 1,000sqft will benefit from Nuvo Studio System. Nuvo Home System will perfectly fit into homes between 1,000 and 2,000sqft. While homes over 2,000sqft require Nuvo Manor System. According to the information on the product's official website, installation of any of the systems will take as little as one hour, though professional installation is required in case of pipe rerouting. If you need professional help, contact the company's customer service at 877-688-6420 to get installer recommendations in your area.

As it was already mentioned, the NuvoH2O system is citrus-based (not salt-based). It means that you will just need to change your cartridge two times a year for the Home and Manor systems, or four times a year for the Studio system. By the way, the company offers several models of cartridges depending on the hardness level of your water. Replacing the cartridge will only take you 60 seconds or so. In order to understand how the system works and what benefits it provides in reality let us take a look at some of the real users' reviews available online.

"Nuvo h2o is a great water softener. Our handyman found it very easy to install. The device hangs from a bracket on the wall, screwed into studs. Part of the bracket was missing, so we called the customer service, and they over-nighted the part, by 10:30 AM that day. Thank you for fast reacting. This works in such a way that the hard water particles cannot attach themselves to the inside of pipes, washed clothes, your hair, etc. No need to buy salt or worry about high blood pressure. The first day we used the water we noticed positive changes in our skin and the dishwasher spots were gone. In three days, hard water spots on the glass shower door and walls disappeared. We have very hard water here in Arizona, and we are very happy with this unit."

"My house is 15 years old and it had a lot of hard water build up in the pipes. Sometimes I saw white chunks come out of hot water. I had to clean out the faucet strainers and to drain my hot water heater to remove the broken up build up out of the system. After buying NuvoH2O the situation got much better as the build up simply dissolved. I have had the system for almost a year and there are no problems with mineral build up any more. My shower head isn't clogged up. This product has solved my clogging problems. Thank you very much."

"We had our Nuvo H2O system installed more than a year ago, so I had enough time to evaluate the system's performance. The product works as claimed by the manufacturer. I have forgotten about the problems of build up in the pipes of my bathroom and dishwasher. My silverware and glassware are always sparkling clear. No rinsing or wiping is required. My wife is just happy because of this. The system has been an excellent investment for our family."

My Final Summary

With all this information in mind, my bottom line is that NuvoH2O is a worthy product. It seems to have a mainly positive online reputation with most compliments referencing the quality and performance of the product. High levels of customer satisfaction is a great advantages for any product. The NuvoH2O softening system is an "As Seen on TV" product, which is another reason to consider buying it. Even though the system is quite expensive, it is worth each dollar you pay for it. The system effectively reduces pH, removes existing buildup and prevents its further formation. As a result, your water is soft and healthier for your skin and hair.

The active ingredient in NuvoH2O system - Citryne - is food-based and FDA-approved. Citryne is a patented brand, that is why you don't have to worry about any harm caused by this chemical. It doesn't change the taste of your water. The system works by dissolving and removing minerals present in the hard water of your plumbing system. A cartridge that hangs inside the system has to be replaced every six months to a year. It depends on how much water you use. People living in the areas with hard water (for instance, Arizona) are very happy with this unit. Taking into account all pros and cons of this water softening system, I can recommend NuvoH2O to purchasing.

Where To Buy NuvoH2O In Stores?

NuvoH2O costs 50-80% less than their competitors, which makes it a great choice for an average family of four. You will get an opportunity to save about $2,000 per year. The following pricing already includes free shipping. There are two options you can choose from when buying a system. The first one presupposes initial processing fee of $29.95. After 30 days, you will be billed three installments each month of $166.33, totaling $528.94. The second option presupposes single payment of $474.