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NuWave Pic

The NuWave PIC (Precision Induction Cooktop) is a versatile 12-inch countertop cooking device of a big size that uses induction for heating food. It also claims to prevent burned food and spillovers. Another advantage of this system is that it remains cool when you are using it. it means that even if a spillover occurs, your food won't stick tightly to the surfaces and you won't have to clean it up for a long period of time. Besides, the NuWave PIC uses 40% to 50% less energy than ordinary methods of cooking. This can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

The induction cooking method used in NuWave PIC reduces the amount of trans fatty acids up to 10 times more than electric or gas cooking, and offers up to 195% less cholesterol and up to 145% less saturated fat. This makes NuWave PIC an awesome device. The manufacturer sent us a complimentary cooktop for us to test its functions and performance. This helped us to create a more informed opinion about the product, along with some online research. So, let us have a look at the strengths and weaknesses of NuWave PIC to understand whether this system is as useful as claimed on the official website. We are going to take a look at what real users of the product think about it too.

Customer Reviews - Does NuWave Pic Really Work?

There are numerous users' reviews online. And, thankfully, most of them are positive. The customers like how the system works. As it was already mentioned, the NuWave PIC uses the method of magnetic induction. Special coils are made to warm steel-based and iron cookware; as a result, your food is heated from its container. According to the manufacturer, about 90% of the heat created by the device goes toward cooking your food, while traditional electric or gas cooktops direct only 50% of the heat for cooking. This is the reason why NuWave PIC is able to decrease your cooking time in half, regardless of whether you're simmering, boiling, deep-frying, melting, sauteing, stir-frying, steaming, slow cooking, searing, barbecuing, or grilling. The system features six precise temperature control settings from 100 to 575 degrees. There is also a digital display giving information on the temperature used for cooking at the moment. There are no open flames or hot coils, which is why its cooktop is cool all the time. In this way, you won't have to worry about the safety of your children or pets.

Another thing people like about the device is its size and weight. The NuWave PIC is so compact that you can take it with you wherever you go. The only thing you will need is the access to a standard U.S. electrical outlet. It will allow you to cook and warm food anywhere. The cooktop is highly portable and can be useful in different circumstances. Another benefit of the product is that it is like having a chef in your kitchen. Why? Because NuWave PIC gives you an opportunity to cook many different dishes in a unique way. If you lack cooking knowledge, the company will provide you a big recipe book for you to enjoy cooking every day. Thus, the NuWave PIC is a more beneficial device than as traditional cooktop. Many people are happy with a slim design and light construction of the system. The product is easy to operate. Just plug it in, set the necessary temperature, and press start.

Another thing people like about the NuWave PIC is an easy-to-use timer that can be automatically set to shut the device off at your desired time. Remember about having good ventilation when using the NuWave PIC. Of course, if you are going to use the device for boiling eggs and cooking basic foods only, ventilation may not be as important as if you are making large dinners or frying sausages. In general, the NuWave PIC has an average rating of 4,5 stars. Some customers seemed to complain about excessive shipping fees and long shipping times. Some people had negative experience with customer service. Some consumers were not satisfied with how the buttons worked. But generally, the users are pleased with the product's quality, performance as well as customer service. In order to understand what kind of experience real users had, let us have a look at the actual testimonials they left online.

"I love my NuWave Pic very much. I had one for more than five years, and it is still worked well. I have cooked hundreds of different dishes with this machine and each time my family was happy with the foods it cooked. Food has never burnt and stuck to the cooktop, even cheese, eggs, and chocolate. I like the automatic shutoff feature, as it often helps me when I am busy. The device works very quietly, so that I can use it when my baby is sleeping. I have no complaints about this product at all."

"Nuwave Pic is a great product! I have had my induction cooktop for three years now and it functions perfectly. I use it every day and I am always happy with the foods cooked in this system. It has worked flawlessly and quickly. It also has a really large cooking surface. The only weakness I found is that the membrane control surface has started to crack, but I think this because of the frequent use. I am pleased with the fact that the device produces no waste heat, so it is good in the summertime. I highly recommend it to other people."

"I purchased my Nu Wave Pic at Walmart and I fell in love with it the first day I started using it. My new appliance works great for different dishes including soups and meat. It boils water fast and works as claimed in the book. It's very easy to use and to clean. However, it is better to use magnetic pans and pots. I am planning to get another unit for my elderly mother who lives far from me."

My Final Summary

NuWave PIC is a worthy product due to the number of advantages it offers. The first one is instant adjustment. It means that you can instantly set the system to the exact temperature you wish. You may forget about wasted heat when using this kitchen appliance. All the heat goes directly to the pots and pans. The next advantage is the safety that is guaranteed by this induction cooktop. It remains cool, which decreases the risk of fire or of burning yourself. You will like the portability of the NuWave PIC. You can still cook when camping or travelling.

There are many positive testimonials left by people who bought this device for themselves. They claim that they are satisfied with the performance of the product. It is not as noisy as you may think. If it is a completely new invention for you, don't worry because the manufacturer will provide you with a big recipe book. But the greatest advantage of the NuWave PIC is that it will help you cook healthier food for the whole family. It doesn't take too much time to cook, as this machine uses high temperatures for preparing food. Taking into account that this product has more pros than cons, I can certainly recommend the NuWave PIC to usage.

Where To Buy NuWave Pic In Stores?

The NuWave PIC is priced at three payments of $33.33 plus $29.95 (shipping), bringing the total to $129.94. You are going to receive two NuWave PICs, An 18/10 stainless steel, 2.5-quart pot; Duralon two non-stick ceramic cookware, including 10.5-inch and 9-inch frying pans; 9-piece fondue set, Steamer basket, and Premium vented lid.