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One Two Lash Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY One Two Lash Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

One Two Lash is a brand for new magnetic lashes which are claimed to be made from high-quality synthetic fibers and with the use of a patent micro-magnetic technology. The product is claimed to be a completely new invention that can provide its wearer with long beautiful eyelashes. These artificial lashes can be applied in seconds, with no need to use any glue, making a mess or an expensive appointment. According to the manufacturer, one pair of these eyelashes will cost you less than a single salon session. All you will have to do is to place one section of these eyelashes above your natural lashes and another one below. Contact them together to let the magnets click into place. The procedure is expected to take a few seconds. The official website of the company indicates that One Two Lash will offer you great volume, length, and luxuriousness. In the end of the day you can just slide the magnets apart to remove the lashes. Are these claims real? Let's try to answer this question but at first let us take a look at the manufacturer information available online.

The company behind the product is called One Two Cosmetics. Their call center is open Monday-Friday, 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. PST, and Saturday-Sunday, 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST. You can also mail the company to 9610 De Soto Ave.; Chatsworth, CA 91311. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can get a refund on the product returned within 30 days of buying date. You can return your lashes to the following address: One Two Cosmetics 9361 Canoga Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311. As soon as the company receives your lashes, they will refund your order and send out a confirmation email. Will One Two Lash create the eye-popping effect you have been looking for? What downsides does the product have? Is there any more affordable and effective solution available on the market? What considerations should you keep in mind when choosing a product of this kind? Let us answer these questions by taking a look at what we have learned during our research.

Customer Reviews - Does One Two Lash Really Work?

One Two Lash

According to the official website, One Two Lash has undergone some internal testing. Princeton Consumer Research studied the effects of magnetic lash use in women for a long period of time. They found no adverse reactions. It is clear, since the company will not disclose negative episodes. But based on customer reviews, the product is often uncomfortable to wear, thus, it may cause some eye irritation. The product is not officially proven to be completely safe for everyday use. It is noted on the official website that any of your normal eye makeup can be used with these lashes, including eyeliner and eyeshadow. Remember, you should never apply mascara to these lashes. You can clean your eyelashes with a wet tissue. Talk to your doctor before applying the lashes if you have any pre-existing eye conditions. These can be harmful for you to use.

What are customers saying about One Two Lash? Well, one independent blogger reviewed a set of the product, claiming that it only took her forty minutes of trial and error to get these lashes in place. It is not the matter of a minute or several second, as promised by the manufacturer. Of course, the more you practice the faster you may learn to apply these eyelashes. Not all users are satisfied with the results. These artificial eyelashes didn't follow the users' natural lash lines, moving them smeared mascara after application and the lashes looked very cheap. Many other customers were underwhelmed due to the high cost of the product, saying that the eyelashes did not cost this money. These eyelashes received approval from some famous people but it is obvious that they were paid for such an action. From a company perspective, it was founded by Katy Stoka, a specialist who claims that she came up with the idea to improve her own look in her role as a Miami, FL real estate agent, while being a mom of two boys. By the way, the company had a B rating with the Better Business Bureau with six closed complaints, none of which came with additional detail.

One customer writes that she feels too uncoordinated using One Two Lash. She thought this would be a good solution for her short and thin eyelashes but it wasn't. She is almost sixty years old and is too uncoordinated to apply these magnetic lashes which are too stiff and straight to conform to the contour of her eyelids. Before she could line the top lash up with her eyelid, the magnet would connect with the top lash hanging off her lashes. The woman could not get the two eyelashes to line up against her lids, even after applying mascara to her natural lashes before the procedure. She tried to apply the lashes for the whole week and returned to wearing her false eyelashes that require glue. It is much better to stick artificial lashes with adhesive. One Two Lashes are flimsy. Their commercials show women who must have been practicing for many weeks. This task can be impossible to perform for some people. Don't waste your money. Let us take a look at what kind of experience other users had with the product.

"I am not pleased with OneTwo lash. Using these lashes for the first week I was unlucky to get them in place correctly. Then I somehow learnt to do tis but these eyelashes become tangled every time I remove them. The red dot faded, so it is difficult to say which the bottom lash is. Of course, these eyelashes look far less natural than eyelashes which need to be attached with glue. They also became stuck to each other which made them very unattractive. I had damaged my natural eyelashes many times while applying these ones"

"Do not purchase One TwoLash, unless you are prepared to wear a thick liner and heavy mascara under these lashes. I was looking for something that would help me to avoid heavy look. I found the set difficult to put on. False eyelashes can be easily seen. This is the worst investment I have ever done. The last time I tried to wear them, I threw them across the room after realizing that I would be very late for my first date with the guy I really like. I like using glue on lashes, as they are easy to apply and look much more attractive"

"One Two Lashes seem to be a great idea, but they are not suitable for wearing every day. The reason is that it takes much time to apply them. Even though I managed to apply them, their magnets are too large and noticeable to others. The lashes themselves are too long and sit strangely. The quality leaves much to be desired. This product is simply not worth the money. I returned my purchase to the company and I am waiting for a refund. Don't buy this staff"

Where To Buy One Two Lash?

The options available and the price of the product largely depend on where you order One Two Lash. Their website offers the following options of Bold magnetic lashes (big length and high volume). One case costs $70, two cases can be ordered for $138, while three cases are priced at $207. You can find the same eyelashes and prices on the main One Two Cosmetics URL. You will see some additional options. Original Lash pair for an everyday wear costs $70-207 (one-three cases), Accent Lash giving you a demure look with a great curl will cost you $60, Filler Lash meant for filling in any gaps is priced at $60. Each product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and free shipping. Ii is important to note that orders will ship within 8-10 weeks from order date.

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learned about One Two Lash, this product does not seem to be worthy. Many people who have tried these magnetic eyelashes have had bad experience. The scheme is the same. You get excited because of the attractive advertisement but as soon as you try these lashes on your own you get disappointed. The most frustrating thing is that they are difficult to put on correctly. You will need certain coordination to succeed. The whole process may take forty minutes. They look unnatural and are not curved like your natural eyelashes. These lashes may damage your natural eyelashes, which is very disappointing too! Taking into account all pros and cons of One Two Lash, this product cannot be recommended to usage.