Oonies Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Oonies Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Oonies is a unique set of pellets that need to be inflated with air into different-sized balls. According to the manufacturer, you won't have to deal with anything messy or sticky. No water or hot toys are involved. Children can inflate balls of air into any size they want. Besides, they can stick them together to create any figures or imaginative worlds to play with and just have fun. Believe it or not but you can even stick them against windows or mirrors and have no problem with left-overs. They stick to each other naturally. What children like about Oonies is that they come in many bright colors for them to make whatever colored animals, people, planets, plants or anything else. You can play with this kind of toy indoors with no need to worry about creating a mess. Your kids can imagine many different games since each set comes with 160 pieces. Challenges and games are included, so children can see how they stand up to the test. Some activities are also included so that kids can play alone or with their friends or siblings.

It is important to mention that every time you purchase Oonies you are making donations to Moose Foundation. This is an organization that helps those who are less fortunate. Philanthropic initiatives make kids happier when they donate toys and products. The manufacturer of Oonies is the company called Moose Toys. It is based in Australia and also manufactures many other toys for kids. They issue the voluntary customer recalls when anything is wrong, issuing replacements. Any toy may have something wrong, so it is pleasant to know that the manufacturer takes responsibility. Moose toys has been manufacturing and selling toys in more than 80 countries of the world. Their offices are located throughout Los Angeles, London, Melbourne, China, and Hong Kong. This company has won a lot of awards and is known for the design, development, and distribution of toys for children of all ages. But do they really make children happy with their well-designed and high-quality toys? Let's find out by taking a look at the real customers' reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does Oonies Really Work?

According to the manufacturer, this toy is easy to use. First, you will need to pick a pellet, place it over your inflator. The end that goes over the inflator stays in place. Watch it grow as you pump it up. It may be interesting to watch the tiny pellet inflate. Then you can stick Oonies together to make anything you want. Use the accessories to customize your creatures. These small balloons stick to each other easily, so you can create great designs without the use of any water or glue. These air-filled balls are reported not to work as advertised, though. Many users confess that they are not satisfied with their purchase. One woman reports that she bought Oonies for her grandchildren as a Christmas present because she believed that it was rated as a great toy. The kids were disappointed with their gift because half of the little things had holes in them. They wouldn't blow up as claimed and then when they did get some blown up, the balls didn't stick well and fell apart all the time. Two days later they started to shrivel up. To the buyer's opinion, these toys are not worth the money they cost.

Many other users reported in their reviews that Oonies did not inflate well or hold air. One man writes that they tried to inflate 75% of the balls and 10% worked, all the rest were duds. They tried to follow all of the provided directions. A lot of balloons used to deflate almost immediately. The best balls were gone within less than a minute, which was very frustrating for his daughter. The man asks not to buy this kind of toy. Some other customers confess that Oonies are quite tricky to use, are popping while you are trying to inflate them. As a result, children stay disappointed. What is left is an empty wallet. Most users advise to avoid this terrible-quality toy. It may seem so much fun but then it turns out to be a waste of money. It is so disappointing to see most of the ponies either pop before they could be used or didn't pop at all. One customer even suggested that it feels like it is the manufacturer's plan to make them that way, so that parents buy more Oonies for their children. Let us take a look at the real customers' reviews available online.

"We bought Oonies for our children but we didn't like our purchase at all. About 40-50 percent of the balls popped upon inflation or deflated almost immediately after being inflated. It was an adult who was carefully inflating the balls and followed all the directions. The balls were not even fully inflated when they burst on the side. It seems that the manufacturer ignores the problem of poor quality control. It makes no sense buying 36 oonies out of which only about 18 balls were able to be inflated. I do not recommend this toy to anyone."

"My son got oonies for Christmas, but he had no machine, so we bought it for him later. It was our mistake. The product is not worth buying. The machine is nothing more than just a hand pump with a needle. About 60% of the oonies failed to inflate. Many of them burst inside the shroud. It creates a lot of waste. We decorated the remaining oonies and stuck them together. Then in about an hour they all deflated. Too much trash! I can say that they were mildly sticky but they will undoubtedly gather all of your dog's hair on the floor. The texture of the oones is similar to those rubbery toys. They collect dust. Since they are not well made, I cannot recommend this product."

"My daughter was looking forward to getting Oonies but when she finally did she was very disappointed. Almost every ball was defective. I tried to inflate them on my own but it was too difficult. I was simply unable to inflate them. Maybe five in the entire package inflated. I do not recommend this product unless your children are crying for it. By the way, I ordered many packs but all of them had the same problem. They produced a lot of waste."

My Final Summary

Oonies may seem to be an interesting toy but it is associated with many negative points. First, it appears to have low quality. One drawback is that you will need more than one or two packs for playing with, since such item as arms, fins, hands, legs, tails, and other pieces are limited in number. So, your child will be limited in terms of the accessories they have at their disposal. These items are certainly not reusable. Most of them tend to deflate within an hour. It means that this toy can be very costly for you. There are age limitations. The toy is suitable for children above five years of age only. There are small parts linked to choking hazards. Many users emphasize in their reviews that this toy should be avoid by smaller children. Some of the decorative pieces need to be cut out with scissors. The inflator has a needle, which makes it unsafe for smaller children too. It is recommended to inflate the Oonies under the supervision of adults. The most common complaint is a great number of defective balloons. Another concern is the longevity of the product. Most balloons last for about an hour or two. Taking into account all of these advantages and disadvantages, I cannot recommend Oonies to buying.

Where To Buy Oonies In Stores?

You can order the product at the official website of the company, buyoonies.com. The cost of one set of Oonies is $19.99 plus $5.00 shipping. Thus, the total price will be $24.99. There was a period when the company has taken down the website and ceased selling Oonies. The product may be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay. Amazon offers one Oonies Starter Pack for $18.89 plus free shipping.