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Optima Tax Relief

If you owe more to the IRS than you are able to pay, you might like to hear about Optima Tax Relief. In fact, you might have seen one of their commercials on TV. The company has been in business since 2010 and focuses on resolving and decreasing IRS or state tax debt. This full service tax resolution firm offers a "revolutionary" 2-phase resolution program that is intended to reduce the overall amount of money you owe to the IRS, avoid levying of your bank account, prevent the loss of your home or other assets, as well as prevent wage garnishment. But what is even more important is that this firm will return you peace of mind again.

The whole process includes several steps. At first, you'll have to establish communication with the IRS and study your case summary options. This may take you up to 2-4 weeks. Next, you will need to resolve your issue by complying with the IRS in order to find the best resolution. It will take from 3 to 9 months. If you are involved in real problems with the IRS, this probably seems like salvation to you. But can Optima Tax Relief really solve your IRS problem, or will it disappoint you even more? Let's try to answer these questions by looking at what the company's customers are saying about their experience with the company.

Customer Reviews - Does Optima Tax Relief Really Work?

It is necessary to mention that Optima Tax Relief is based out of Santa Ana, CA. At the time of our research, the company had an A rating with the Better Business Bureau based. There were 84 closed complaints. Common complaints referenced high fees ($23K, according to one complainant), lack of communication with the staff about the case, and requests for more money. Website TrustPilot contains 119 customer reviews for the firm. The users gave it an 8.7-star average rating. Some of the most frequent compliments cited effective resolutions with the IRS and solid customer service. Most reviews are positive; however, there are some negative opinions too. Some reviewers claimed that Optima Tax Relief provided no resolution to their issues and that their fees were too high, as well as requests for more money.

Yelp contains about ten reviews on the company and gives it an average rating of 4.5 stars. The compliments and complaints seem to be the same as elsewhere online. According to their conclusion, Optima can be truly ranked the #1 Financial Services Company by Inc. However, there is no additional information about the topic, just like third-party verification. It is easy to notice that many company's customers mentioned the problem of fees. But we will discuss this topic a bit later in this review. It is high time to take a look at what real customers of Optima Tax Relief are saying about it. One man claims that the firm helped him with his tax problems, as well as to relieve his stress caused by his tax problems. The personnel were very experienced in tax laws and the man would definitely recommend them to his family and friends.

Another customer writes that he has used the company's services to resolve some unpaid tax issues with the IRS. Optima Tax Relief representatives accompanied him through the whole process and made it fast and simple. Their team was polite, professional and comprehensive, so that the man managed to understand this complicated process easily. Not only did they help him get control of his taxes, they also saved him thousands of dollars. The company's staff managed to successfully negotiate with the IRS and to consolidate in the best way possible. The customer was very satisfied with his experience with Optima Tax Relief and would highly recommend this firm to everyone who has similar issues. Let us take a look at the actual users' reviews now.

"Optima Tax Relief Optima really helped us in a very difficult time in our lives. The whole process was easy due to our expert who helped us on the way. We felt appreciated and cared for. They tried to meet our needs and we do not regret deciding to trust them with our tax problems. They helped us to save a lot of money, but I more appreciate the peace of mind they returned to us. Thank you very much!"

"We had an awesome experience with OptimaTax Relief. Any questions we had were immediately answered and all of our issues were resolved. If we left a message, representatives of the company called us back the same or the next day. They seemed to be very professional and our family are grateful for help tremendously."

"I am so satisfied with my work with Optima TaxRelief. I applied on their official website and they contacted me yesterday and discussed my issues with great care. We have just started our communication but I understood that they are a good company. I am sure they will make things right. I have good anticipation. I would recommend them to everyone."

My Final Summary

Before asking for help from Optima Tax Relief you are recommended to first consider how much you owe the IRS. If the sum is less than $10K, contact the IRS and request an installment agreement. You cannot be denied by law. You will be assessed a small interest and penalty, but owing such a small sum of money should not trigger big penalties. Tax relief company's fees may be much higher. You can even request an Offer in Compromise (OIC) to decrease the overall amount you owe. If you owe a big sum of money, Optima Tax Relief will certainly be of great help to you. It might save you a great deal of time and money but at first you will need to get a clear idea of what kind of resolution the IRS is can offer. The company is associated with a positive customer reputation online. It means that the firm really does something to help its clients.

Optima Tax Relief functions in all 50 states and is considered to be one of the largest tax relief companies in the country. It has CPAs, tax attorneys and enrolled agents on staff. They even actually provide names and photos of their team on their website. The company was launched in 2010, thus it has enough experience in the sphere. This makes it a reliable firm to consider. It does employ experienced tax attorneys who have courtroom experience and advanced post-graduate degrees in taxation. Taking into account all pros and cons of the company, I can recommend Optima Tax Relief.

Optima Tax Relief Pricing and Rates

The company provides all potential clients with a no-obligation consultation for free. After that, fees may vary. This means that your payments depend on some factors including the details of your individual case. The more you owe and the more difficult your case is, the higher your fees will be. Based on many users' reviews, you are expected to be charged an initial $995 fee. After you case is started, the fees may vary. All Optima's services come with a 15-day money back guarantee. You can request guarantee or ask your questions by contacting the company's customer service at 800-536-0734.