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OptumRx Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY OptumRx Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

OptumRx is a full-service prescription drug provider with a wide network of independent and retail chain pharmacies, a specialty pharmacy (Briova) and a mail service pharmacy through OptumRx Home Delivery. Being a pharmacy care services company, OptumRx claims to go beyond traditional pharmacy benefit management. They intend to impact overall health by leveraging the most frequent health care touch point - pharmacy - within complicated conditions. Remember that you will be required to pay more for your prescriptions if you don't select a network pharmacy. You may need to pay the applicable copayment as well as an additional 40% coinsurance. In order to estimate the cost of your drug you will have to visit site and click on the Drug Pricing Tool. Another way to do this is to call a customer service department at the phone number. It is not quite known whether OptumRx is a reputable company. To clear this question up, we will take a look at how the company works and what actual customers think about their experience of cooperating with it.

Customer Reviews - Does OptumRx Really Work? Is It A Scam?


OptumRx mail service work very simply. You will have an opportunity to order up to a 90-day supply of drugs you take in a regular basis. You can submit your order by online, mail, via phone, or through the OptumRx App. In addition, your physician can submit your prescription to OptumRx in an electronic form. The company fills your order and sends it to you within 10 days of ordering. You will be notified if there is a delay in the delivery. You can set up automatic refills for your mail service drugs. You will have an opportunity to enroll in HassleFree-Fill for eligible drugs. This program sends your chosen prescription drugs automatically when you have an active prescription, an address and form of payment indicated in your profile. Some drugs may not be eligible for the program. For more details, visit OptumRx / HealthSelectRx and choose Manage My Prescriptions. If you want to have your prescription drugs delivered to a different address, you will need to contact OptumRx by calling. You will be able to change the shipping address for a mail service drug. You can also visit the official site and choose Manage My Prescriptions. You can store many addresses in your profile, so you will be able to modify your shipping location by simply checking a box.

OptumRx claims to offer many advantages. Many participants find this Home Delivery Pharmacy mail service cost-effective, convenient, and safe, especially when they take their prescription drugs regularly. Drugs are delivered to your mailbox, so you won't have to visit the pharmacy on your own. You can receive up to a 90-day supply of drugs, which will save you money on copays. You can choose to get automatic medication and refill reminders. The company's pharmacists are available by phone 24 hours a day and seven days a week. So, if you have any questions call the customer service and ask them. There is a limited number of customer reviews about OptumRx online. While some customers are satisfied with the company's service, others have a number of complaints. Let us take a look at some of these testimonials. One woman writes that she has been trying to go online for a few weeks but it keeps telling "bad request." The woman just wants to learn the price of her prescription drug. She keeps on calling without any result. She never had problem with this company before, but now she is really in despair. The woman has to use them because her insurance tells her to do this. She doesn't know what to do. Another person also reports that the customer service is just terrible. They mailed his prescriptions too early and did not respond his requests to place refills manually, which cost the man $200 for a prescription his doctor had cancelled. The company promised to refund him but never did. Here are a few actual customers' reviews.

"OptumRx has the worst customer service I have ever faced in my life. Every time I call them I get a completely different response. Their representatives are very rude too. There is only one pharmacy I can go to but they too are terrible too. I am on many drugs for heart failure and cannot get anything I need. All of my drugs have gone way up since February. One medication I was on since 2008 was denied. I am in despair"

"Optumrx provides terrible customer service for doctors and patients. This company seems to use any means to delay and deny your prescriptions. I am trying to contact their CEO but provider "customer service" is not helpful. I have been on the phone for two hours trying to help a patient without any result. They won't let me talk with a physician or pharmacist to get help for my client. This is all very frustrating. If you have a choice, do not deal with this company"

"Optum Rx is a terrible company with the worst customer service ever. My phone calls to them are on hold for more than 20 minutes without any answers. They seem to be all overseas. When you want to leave your feedback, they put you on hold and do not return. The company is poorly run. I am embarrassed. Stay away from them"

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The company gives an opportunity to get more than a 30-day supply of a drug. You can find a list of network EDS pharmacies on their official website HealthSelectRx. You may need to pay more for your maintenance drugs you do not select an EDS pharmacy. New prescription orders usually arrive within ten business days from the date of placing your order. They are delivered by standard U.S. mail. To learn if your drug is covered with OptumRx, you will need to check your plan's PDL/formulary online at the company's site. You will be notified if your drug will no longer be covered; if your drug will be moving to a higher tier or will be subject to prior authorization. It's not available on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

OptumRx is a pharmacy benefit management company that manages prescription medication benefits of Medicare, commercial, and other governmental health plans in the USA. It operates a network of community pharmacies in the country, as well as mail service pharmacies in Kansas and California. The company deals with the clinical management, delivery, and affordability of prescription drugs and health products. It also offers clinical programs, specialty mail and pharmacy service, and related strategies and tools. Besides, it sells medical products online and offers medical supplies to Medicare advantage. Unfortunately, OptumRx is associated with a great number of complaints from actual customers. People are not satisfied with the service and regret choosing this company. With this in mind, OptumRx cannot be recommended to usage.