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Orb Molecules

Orb Molecules are a new toy that is designed for children to build and play. These are small "molecular" orbs of different colors used to create almost anything you could imagine by sticking them together. These tiny parts are made to resemble atoms and as you stick them together you create molecules. They don't lose their sticking properties even after multiple uses, so you can stick them together over and over again. This playing set is meant to provide kids with a creative way to show their imagination; however, it is not recommended for those under the age of five. The set contains a lot of tiny parts. Orb Molecules only stick to one another, so it is easy to clean up. The set also includes a Storage tray. Is this a good way to play? Let's find out further but at first it is vital to take a look at the manufacturer information available online.

Well, the company behind the product is called Orb, which is quickly growing at present. They offer fast shipping, high-quality trends, compounds, crafts, collectables, and breakthrough art materials. The company was started by Steven Kay almost thirty years ago with their first product, Celestial Orb, a transforming hand-held wire toy. Their two key brands include PlushCraft (2011), and Sticky Mosaics (2004) which remain bestsellers today. Recently, Steve started cooperating with Michael Bianco and rebranded The Orb Factory Ltd. as Orb. It focuses in tactile toys with such brands as ORBMolecules, Morph, Soft&Slo Squishies, and Bubbleezz. ORBMolecules is said to offer many play possibilities. Orb's products have won many awards. The postal address of the company is 225 Herring Cove Rd Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3P 1L3. There is Toll Free Tel: 1-800-741-0089, Phone number is 1-902-477-9570. Fax is 1-902-477-7273. The website is sales@orbtoys.com.

Customer Reviews - Does Orb Molecules Really Work?

Orb Molecules comes in a number of features, such as bright colors and different sizes. Each kit contains three different sizes, five different colors, and more than 10 000 molecules. The product is made in the United States of America. It is claimed to never dry out or lose its connectivity because it is made from a special plastic compound. It is meant to be reusable and only stick to itself. This makes this playing set very easy to clean up and avoid sticky messes or leftover. Phthalates are added to the product's material to increase its flexibility, durability, transparency, and longevity. But there is an opinion that this material can be harmful to human health. This product is gluten free so you don't need to worry about possible allergic reactions. According to the manufacturer, Orb Molecules are available in different kits that can be used to build various creations. There are six kits you can choose from or collect including the Caticorn, the Octobeast, the Dragasaur, the Bugeleon, the Merkitty, or the Pupperfly. The advantage of this toy is that you can show your creativity. You are not obliged to stick with building what is depicted on the box. Your children can let their imaginations run wild and create whatever they have in their minds. The reusability of the product makes it possible to create something, play with it for a while and change it into something else.

These are very promising claims made by the manufacturer on the official website but the reality may differ a lot. Taking a look at the real users' reviews allows us to see how the product works in practice. Thus, actual owners of this playing set have noticed a number of negative aspects. The first one is difficulty of using Orb Molecules. Generally speaking, the product is recommended for kids over five years of age. Younger children may have trouble creating the specific project. Most modern people nowadays prefer to shop online; however, Orb Molecules are available only at Micheals retail stores and are not available online. This may prevent some customers from purchasing this product.

Orb Molecules are associated with a number of warnings. There is a choking hazard, since these kits contain thousands of tiny balls. It is not recommended to play with these toys for children under five years of age. This product is not environmentally-friendly because there is high risk that these micro beads get into sewer systems and waterways. It is recommended to avoid flushing these orbs from drains and sewers. There are many complaints about the product's advertising on the official website. It shows children who create different sorts of objects. It is claimed that kids can engineer the Eiffel tower, but there are no kits for this object. This may lead to disappointment for many children. It is high time to take a look at the testimonials left by actual buyers of the product.

"I ordered a new set of Orb molecules from the store but it arrived with the broken seal was. Besides, the box was messed up and different colors were mixed together. There was white in purple and white in green, etc. It was obvious that each color should have its own section. I think someone had already used the product. I will never order anything from them again."

"Orb Molecules are just horrible because they are too dry and do not stick together well. My girls could hardly get them out of the box. My oldest daughter didn't like the molecules saying that they were weird. I wish they were stickier. They are difficult to play with. Total waste of money!"

"OrbMolecules is not worth the money it costs. All you got was some sticky foamy pebbles. I paid for them 26$. That's ridiculous! I regret having bought this set for my son. He found them very sticky, because they stick to his hands, not only to each other. This product is not worth my effort to return even. Do not buy it."

My Final Summary

Orb Molecules is associated with a great number of drawbacks. Based on customer reviews, the product does not work as advertised. While some people find these orbs too dry, others on the contrary say that they are too sticky. In this way, they may leave a mess after usage and are often impossible to construct from. Some buyers report that their orbs' colors were mixed in the box. It seemed that someone had already played with these small parts. These molecules are meant for children over five years of age, because there is a choking hazard. Even though they are gluten-free, it is a bad idea to ingest this product. For this reason, it is recommended to keep these orbs away from small children. Ingestion of Orb Molecules may be fatal in some cases. The manufacturer seems to give unreal claims. For example, the official video advertisement claims that you can build an Eiffel Tower; however, there is no such a set. The ingredients of the product are not listed on the official site, which is another red flag. It may be unsafe to use. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Orb Molecules, I would advise you to save money, since there are many other competitors available on the market. I cannot recommend Orb Molecules.

Where To Buy Orb Molecules In Stores?

The product is only available at Micheals retail stores. We failed to find these molecules anywhere else online including on Amazon. The price of one set is $14.99 plus $9.95 shipping. Thus, the total price will be $24.94.