Oura Ring Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Oura Ring

Oura Ring is a special device that can be worn on your finger to help you understand how your lifestyle and activity influence your sleep and how the quality of your sleep influences your performance during the day. The appliance claims to combine technology, science and insightful design. It is often called a "ring-sized wellness computer" because it works almost like a real computer despite its small size. According to the manufacturer, this ring fits on any finger and is able to measure the exact time between your heartbeats, your pulse waveform, and movement. It also calculates your respiration rate, heart rate, sleep, and some other vital parameters. Due to its ability to provide such a precise analysis, the device allows its iOS and Android app to send you messages that will be helpful for you in learning your health benefits. You will also get useful recommendations on how your sleep can be improved, as well as how your daily activity can be adjusted to enjoy better performance.

Oura Ring is not just a new wearable technology but it is a device that promises to deliver you a completely different experience. The exterior of this unit is manufactured from a waterproof and scratch-resistant ceramic compound known as Zirconia (ZrO2). The part of the device that touches your skin is made from a medical grade, nickel free, comfortable, non-allergenic, and non-metallic material. The appliance claims to run for three days before it needs recharge again. It will recharge in less than one hour. The Oura Ring has three little bumps inside. These are dynamic sensors that sit directly on the artery of your finger. This allows the ring to better perceive your pulse waveform providing the user with much more accurate results than compared to wrist-based trackers. In this way, the ring will monitor every your heart beat, along with the distance between them (inter-beat-interval (IBI)). The device also promises to measure your respiration rate, pulse amplitude, and body temperature. Its built-in accelerometer monitors your finger and hand movements.

Customer Reviews - Does Oura Ring Really Work?

The major advantage of the device is that it is able to track sleep restorativeness, readiness score and activity level. While you are awake, this appliance monitors the duration of your inactive time and your activities. While you are asleep, it determines your sleep stages by studying the state of your brain. Oura can also track other physiological signals, like efficiency of your sleep, total sleep time, latency (how long it takes you to doze off), disturbances during sleep, sleep timing, and lowest resting heart rate. The device is able to calculate a total Sleep Score and Readiness Score to help you make better lifestyle choices. As the manufacturer claims, this will help you to understand when it is better to relax and when to push your limits. All of this information is displayed via the app that uploads the data tracked by your Oura Ring's sensors. It works via your iOS or Android smartphone through Bluetooth LE and can be paired with only one device at a time. The data can be stored for up to three weeks without syncing. The Oura App provides a lot of important information including notifications, recommendations, scores (activity, sleep, readiness), and data tracking. According to the company, this app will send you as many personalized messages as more information it will collect about your activity and sleep habits. This guarantees getting accurate analysis and correct guidance. Unlike other fitness trackers, Oura Ring does not count your steps or the distance you travel. Instead, it transforms your calories burnt to a walking distance.

Despite its great popularity, there is not much customer feedback about Oura Ring online. However, there is enough professional feedback. Thus, for example, Alex Fergus, a well-known fitness trainer, provided a deep review supporting the fact that Oura tracked sleep and activity very accurately and that the device provided meaningful data. The only drawback he found about the ring was a short battery life. Alex also wished the device provided more raw information to be used for physical improvement. Fitness trainer, Ben Greenfield, said that the device is able to improve your physical performance and health in general. According to Tech Radar, the Oura Ring is a comfortable fitness device that looks more like an accessory on a finger. Its app is associated with 70 customer reviews with more positive feedback. The average rating on iTunes is 3.5 stars.

"I am amazed with the Oura Ring. The technology it uses allows such a small ring to perform so many functions - to measure heart wavelength, heart rate, body temperature, and motion. The device is incredibly accurate and performs better than a wrist monitor I used to have before. The ring has an app that works just fine. I would recommend this product to everyone!"

"I have OuraRing and I really love it. It is not the best activity tracker, but it does realize when I am sitting or walking. The device has a readiness indicator that shows my actual physical condition. I am also satisfied with its small size. It is convenient to take it with me wherever I go. It looks like a woman's ring, aesthetically attractive and stylish. It is certainly worth the money it costs."

"I have been using the Oura ring for a few months already and I found it to be very useful and reliable. It indicates that my deep sleep is quite poor whenever I sleep with my girlfriend. It also detected me in light sleep when I was using my phone late at night. It doesn't seem bulky when used for physical activity. I even swam with it, so it is completely waterproof."

My Final Summary

Oura was founded by the company known as COO Tommi Pyykkonen, and CTO and Head of Design Kari Kivela. CEO is Petteri Lahtela who has good experience writing algorithms for heart-rate monitor manufacturer Polar. Before founding the company the specialist worked as a business coach and as CEO for Rogua Group, while Tommi was involved in marketing and export sales. Kari was CTO of eGen Oy. Oura Ring received a number of compliments from its users. Most of them referenced useful information and perfect sleep tracking. It can provide good insights. The company responds quickly to any requests to help each customer in their issues.

There some drawbacks about the device as well. For instance, one user complained that his skin under the ring tends to "marinate" when wearing it for more than several hours. I wouldn't recommend using it as an activity monitor though. In general, the ring is associated with positive customer feedback and proves to meet the expectations of its users. If you are looking for a device that tracks activity and sleep, as well as provides useful recommendations, Oura Ring seems to be a good choice for you.

Where To Buy Oura Ring In Stores?

The device is available in US sizes 6-13. To get the right sizing you will be sent a special kit to determine your specific size. The Oura Ring's price may vary depending on the models. Mirror Black and Arctic White costs $299, while Stealth Black is priced at $499. This model requires special precision to manufacture. Each purchase includes a micro-USB cable, a charger, and a quick start guide. You can buy a separate charger for $59. Each Oura Ring comes with a 30-day refund policy. To request a refund, you will need to send your email to support@ouraring.com.