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Palm Beach Tan

Palm Beach Tan is a tanning salon that offer full service and has numerous locations throughout the USA. Hours of operation are based on the specific local establishment; however, most locations adhere to the next opening hours schedule: from 9:00 AM Monday through Friday, 10:00 on Saturday, and noon on Sunday till 7:00 PM Monday through Thursday, 8:00 on Friday, 6:00 on Saturday, and 7:00 PM on Sunday. Working hours of the locations are usually set by the franchise owner or location manager, and can also depend on seasonality and demand. Palm Beach and South Florida locations have longer hours in the winter than during the summertime. You can find all Palm Beach Tan Locations on the company website, They can be found in almost all fifty states, and are added quite often. In order to find the nearest location, you are recommended to look at the corporate website by entering your zip code first or sharing your location. Then the site will list a number of their locations near your place of living, or near the zip code you have provided in their online portal. In general, there are 440 U.S. locations. CEO of the company is Diane Lucas, a life-long tanner and a former Blockbuster executive. Their headquarters are located at 50 Dunn Dr; Stafford, Virginia. If you have any concerns, compliments or questions, you can call the company at +1 540-288-3993.

Customer Reviews - Does Palm Beach Tan Really Work?

Palm Beach Tan salon has a great number of testimonials from actual clients on the web. Most of them are highly pleased with the services provided at the locations across the country, the professionalism of the staff and a wide variety of options for memberships and beds. There are complaints about tanning experience; even though there are few other negative opinions. The staff are always friendly and attentive. They have good knowledge and skills in the sphere. Let's take a look at some customer reviews. One woman reported that as soon as she arrived she was immediately greeted by Brock, a very helpful rep. She had some questions and all of them were answered. The woman chose a package, paid for it, and within just ten minutes of arriving she was in the spray tanning room. She paid attention to the state of facility. Everything was fresh and clean. They provided her with a shower cap, hair ties, blending lotion, and some other items, which made the procedure easier and more pleasant. Now the woman has beautiful skin and she loves the way her tan looks on her. She does recommend this salon to every woman and lady, especially to first time tanners. The woman says she will definitely come back!

Another young lady shared her experience saying that she had a nice experience at one of Palm Beach Tan locations. She came in for the spray tan membership and was immediately greeted. The lady was nervous because she had never had a spray tan before, but the girl who was doing the procedure assured her that everything would be fine. She was kind and walked her through the whole process. Her colleague, a man with the blue eyes, was helpful too. The lady says her tan looks amazing. She was somewhat skeptical at first because she has fair skin but it looks natural. This place is definitely worth above five stars. Overall, the young lady had a great experience and is excited about going back.

One woman mentions that she was extremely disappointed with the Lakeridge locations and has boycotted them due to the horrible management. She was afraid of addressing other tanning salons but she risked to opt for Palm Beach Tan. So, the woman drove to Alexandria. Though it is quite inconvenient for her, she was absolutely satisfied. The staff is great there and makes it worth driving that far! The manager named Chris is always upbeat and happy. He goes out of his way to maximize the customer's package and get her the services she is looking for. The assistant manager named Taylor is also helpful and friendly. The woman feels grateful to both of them because they exceeded the customer service standards! The client recommends Alexandria location to other women too. Another client was amazed with the work of Brock and Gabby who are always kind and helpful. The last time she was using the Versa Pro but then it broke. Gabby explained everything to the woman, put her in the new Mystic spray booth, and made the procedure. In general, the woman says she always enjoys great staff and excellent customer service in this salon. Here are some more testimonials from the clients of Palm Beach Tan.

"I am a constant customer of Palm Beach Tan and I can say for sure that this salon has perfect staff, at least in my location. All of them are professional and accurate. Of course I have my favorites - Hannah, Brock, and Maggie! They are customer service oriented, so be sure they will not try to deceive you in order to provide you with the most expensive procedure. They are good human beings who will try to do their best to give you what your really need. Their facility is always inviting and clean too."

"It was my first spray tan in Palm Beach Tan within the last few years. We were leaving the town for my son's wedding and I thought it would be a great idea to get a spray tan for the occasion. Since the event was three days away, one of the salon's reps named Jennifer took the time to select the shade that would look the best in three days. She also used a primer and a scent. My tan really looked nice on wedding day! I liked my tanning experience even though it was my first time. Thank you for your help, Jennifer."

"What I truly appreciate is that the beds at Palm Beach Tan are always hot! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly! I agree that it is a little expensive but it is definitely worth the money it costs. When I arrived to sign up for my package, the rep explained all details to me. In fact, I heard a lot of new information despite the fact that I have been tanning since I was sixteen. Nobody has ever explained to me what she did! My tan looks great and now I use the right bed. I love my body color a lot."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about Palm Beach Tan, this tanning salon appears to be a nice place for those who want to improve the color of their body. The salon offers a wide variety of procedures for you to choose from based on your requirements and needs. The people working at different locations are professional and polite, knowledgeable and fast. They are never pushy about selling you the expensive stuff you don't need. They are always open to give you recommendations depending on your skin color and type. All of the locations across the country are clean, which makes them some of the best tanning salons. The services are not as expensive as those at similar salons. According to the customer reviews online, Palm Beach Tan offers effective ways to tan your skin for durable results. The majority of the clients have got their favorite staff members at different locations throughout the USA. They are always ready to explain features and peculiarities of diverse tanning procedures. In general, the customer service is professional and helpful. With all these great advantages in mind, I would recommend Palm Beach Tan.

Palm Beach Tan Pricing and Rates

Palm Beach Tan prices are rather reasonable when compared to the similar salons in the country. They are competitive with a Palm Beach Tan membership; however, non-members can also use the services of the salon. The prices may be slightly higher. Spray tan and tanning beds are the most commonly user services, while you can also buy different creams and lotions at any of the locations. At the moment, the price for membership is $14.95 per month, which includes either one spray tan per month or unlimited tanning bed use. Before getting the membership you will need to pay a $20 initiation fee. Palm Beach Tan coupons can be received by searching the official website of Palm Beach Tan and entering your desired location. You can look up coupons that your location offers. At present, Palm Beach Tan Coupons include the $14.95 monthly membership for one spray tan per month and a discounted three-pack.

Palm Beach Sunbed Tanning prices may vary depending on the desired effect. Bronze/Silver Foundation Building will cost you from $30.00. The procedure of Gold Color Enhancing will take your tan to the next level at the price of $50.00 and up. Platinum Deep Bronzing is responsible for deepening your color. It costs $60.00 and up. The procedure of Diamond Minimum Exposure, Maximum Bronzing is priced at $110.00 and up. It provides the longest-lasting tan. Mystic Tan uses MagneTan patented technology to attract myst to the surface of your skin. It costs $36.00 and up. VersaSpa Sunless Skin Care System is priced from $36.00. VersaPro Heated Sunless Spa Series for full body longer lasting color will cost you $36.00 and up.