Pantaya Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Pantaya is a streaming service that was launched by Spanish-language cable company called Hemisphere Media in conjunction with Lionsgate's film division on Aug 1, 2017. This is the third streaming service that Lionsgate worked on more than a year after similar services known as Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud and Comic-Con HQ. The new service is not expensive - it costs only $5.99 per month. Besides, there is a seven-day free trial. This streaming service is available in the USA only. Subscriptions are available for Android, iOS, and Roku apps, and as one of Amazon Prime's Channels. There is also a browser version. The service includes current and classic Spanish-language series, films, documentaries and concerts. It is interesting to know that Spanish-language film studio Pantelion (Lionsgate is one of its owners) adds films to the service immediately after their theatrical release. In fact, Lionsgate owns the streaming rights to more than 16,000 movies, including classic English-language films dubbed in Spanish. According to Lionsgate, the service features the largest and most diverse selection of the most current Spanish-language films and blockbusters from Hollywood and Latin America.

Hemisphere CEO Alan Sokol says that Pantaya was created for Hispanic movie lovers in the USA who appreciate their cultures. The application is easy to use and navigate. Its interface is pretty attractive; it looks like a pared-down version of Netflix. The service offers day-and-date film releases like Netflix, which is another similarity between these two services. Pantaya offers a wide variety of the latest blockbusters, beloved classics and fan favorites, so you can choose from hundreds of movies and original series. The service can be streamed whenever and wherever you are for you to enjoy new hit movies that debut on a weekly basis. Pantaya contains premium exclusive series that can't be found anywhere else. There are films of all possible genres, from any countries and eras. And what ois more important is that the service streams in HD whether you are at home or on the go. To find out more about this streaming service and learn whether it is really worth using let us take a look at actual users' testimonials found on third-party websites.

Customer Reviews - Does Pantaya Really Work?

There are numerous customer reviews about Pantaya online. Most users of the service claim that it is the best Spanish-language streaming service that offers the largest selection of exclusive movies and series. In fact, it is the service that contains the best Spanish-language content worldwide. The application is not difficult to use and is very comprehensive. One young lady writes in her testimonial that she loves this app. She mainly got it to watch the Derbez family; however, once she saw that it was filled with so many nice movies, series and TV shows, she started watching them too. According to the client's words, it is good to have an app that contains movies and shows in Spanish not only for adults but also for children. At the same time, the woman has some complaints about the app. She says it could be better designed. The episodes are not numbered, which is not convenient and it is hard to know where you left off. Sometimes the client doesn't see the title. In addition, clicking on the pause, next and forward 10 sec buttons is rather slow. It needs time to show the option of the next episode when one is over. So, the app is good but it could be definitely better. It does have great movies and series.

One man reports in his review that he likes the service that the Pantaya app offers. It gives an opportunity to his family to watch movies from Mexico's Golden Age. This service is made to showcase Mexican and Latin American movies, so if you want to watch American Hollywood hits, this service is not the best option for you. It does have Hollywood movies but in a limited amount. Another customer also says that she got this app to watch Mexican and Latin movies. And there is really a great number of such films on the service; however, the client wishes there was a review section for every film or show to learn what other people think of the movie. The customer is amazed with a big selection of modern movies and classics. Every week she is waiting for new films. One woman fell in love with the Pantaya app immediately after she got it. She loves all the movies there and feels connected with the app. She likes it so much that she got her mother and family to download it too. The woman wishes she could download it on her fire stick. She appreciates the fact that the service contains the movies and TV shows that cannot be found anywhere else.

There is a testimonial written by a young lady. She says she is in the process of learning the Spanish language, and this application helps her to progress with all of its comprehensive content. The movies are wonderful and it is a must to have this app if you are a lover of Spanish and or films in Spanish. It is a great option to watch movies wherever you are at a much lower price than the other services like Netflix. Even though the girl started using this app just a few months ago she is planning to use it in the future. Beside learning Spanish, this app also allows to learn more about the culture of Mexican and Latin people. Whenever you need to entertain yourself turn on the Pantaya app and cheer up! If you happen to delete the app by accident you will need to re-download it and get charged $5.99 again, though. Few users report having issues with the app. One problem is inability to change one password and no sync option button on the screen. There are no more complaints about the application online. Let us take a look at some other testimonials left by actual users of the service on third-party reviews.

"I love the English language but my native language is Spanish, which is why I prefer to watch Spanish movies and series. It allows me to identify myself with my native culture. I am pleased that there is an app that contains a wide variety of TV shows and film. What I appreciate about the Pantaya app the most is that there are no commercials. I decided to try it out after many of my friends had told me about it. This application is marvelous and worth the money it costs! Before that I have tried other app subscriptions but I was not happy and had to cancel them in a couple of days. Pantaya is simply the best!"

"Pantaya I have given Pantaya five stars. Once I downloaded the app and created my account through their official website, I started enjoying the films. The service is really full of movies of different genres. I am happy I downloaded this app. It works great for the price. There are so many Spanish movies that you won't find anywhere else, even on Netflix. By the way, this app can be used while traveling, which is a vital factor for me."

"I like the Pantaya service because it gives me access to all of these movies in Spanish at a very low price. I have an older TV and I would like to cast movies to our Chromecast. I think I will be able to do so soon. OI do recommend Pantaya to all of my friends. It has a lot of channels for adults and children. My husband loves watching movies from Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Ecuador. It is awesome to learn something from the culture and history of these countries."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learned about Pantaya, it is a wonderful streaming service that is available to the customers on the territory of the USA only. The application can be downloaded on the official website of the company, which is fast and easy to do. It is also very comprehensive and easy to use. The price of the service is almost symbolic - it is only $5.99 per month. Pantaya's membership is subscription that can be renewed on a monthly or yearly basis. It can be easily canceled anytime online, 24 hours a day. The service is not associated with any cancellation fees or long-term contracts. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to the user's Account Settings on your device. If you have a Pantaya subscription already, all you will need to do is just to download the app, log in and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. According to the customer reviews online, Pantaya has a high customer reputation. The app works very well and allows streaming as easy as 123. The customer support people are always ready to help you if you have any problems or questions. The subscription can be canceled any moment if you wish. Taking into consideration all advantages and disadvantages of this streaming service, we do recommend Pantaya to usage.

Pantaya Pricing and Rates

The Pantaya service costs only $5.99 per month and is available in the USA only. The subscription is available for Android, iOS, and Roku apps. There is a browser version and as an Amazon Channel on Amazon Prime's. You can also benefit from a seven-day free trial. The service offers hundreds of premium exclusive films and movies that stream on demand. There are month-to-month or annual memberships to your choice. You can cancel your subscription any time of the day or night in an easy manner online. If you subscribe via iTunes, your money will be charged to iTunes Account. You'll need to make a confirmation when purchasing the app. Subscriptions can renew automatically unless you turn off the auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the period at the rate of the plan you have selected.