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Pathway Genomics

Pathway Genomics provides deep insight into major factors that have a negative impact on human health. In conjunction with your personal physician, the company intends to provide you with personalized treatment options to maintain and improve your wellness. All of their tests are thoroughly analyzed in their CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory located in San Diego, CA. The company promises to deliver the most modern scientifically developed genetic testing. Let's take a look at each of the testing services offered by Pathway Genomics. Overall, the company offers sixteen different testing services to their customers. We are going to mention some of them without discussing them in detail. PathwayFit is a test based on saliva that analyzes more than 75 genetic markers including sugars, vitamins, fats, and more.

Cardiac Healthy Weight DNA Insight is a test that will help you manage your weight through better understanding of your unique genetic profile. Healthy Woman DNA Insight intends to help a woman to optimize her weight and overall wellness via providing physicians with the information about a woman's nutritional needs, potential response to certain medications, optimal exercise regiments, as well as the risk of developing different health conditions. Healthy Weight DNA Insight focuses on customer's genetics to support normal weight and health and to understand risks for some health conditions. Cardiac DNA Insight identifies certain genetic variants associated with the risk of developing definite heart-related health issues. Other tests include Mental Health DNA Insight, Pain Medication DNA Insight, BreastTrue High Risk Panel, CancerIntercept Monitor and some others. To understand how efficient all of these tests are, let us take a look at what real customers think about them.

Customer Reviews - Does Pathway Genomics Really Work?

There is a number of customer reviews about the tests offered by the company online. What people like is that after taking any of their tests, they receive access to an individualized set of recommendations and treatment strategies, for instance a matching diet type or one meal plan type (Gluten-Free, Standard, Pregnancy and Lactation, Vegetarian Dairy-Free). Each customer gets an opportunity to have a free consultation with one of Pathway's Registered specialists. In other words, the company claims that they will guide you towards good health and wellbeing. Their tests help to define not only diseases you may have at the moment but also inform you how your own genetics may influences your health and how you can deal with existing health conditions to enhance your wellbeing. Another thing most customers appreciate about Pathway Genomics is the OME App that brings together all the information in your test results, as well as your health records and other data sets. The app uses data science and IBM Watson's "machine-based deep learning" to provide individual recommendations. For instance, you may be recommended to move more and to eat less caloric food based on your genetic results.

Even though Pathway Genomics has been providing genetics testing for almost eight years (since 2008), there is little individual feedback. However, there are several articles from high-profile resources telling about the offered tests. A 2013 New York Times article suggested some in-depth insight abased on the results received by its author who ordered three different tests from Pathway Genomics and some other companies. The results varied from company to company. For example, one company listed that the woman had "medium" risk of type 2 diabetes while another company claimed that it was "decreased." Which of them is correct? Another important factor is that these tests analyze only about a million of the 3+ billion SNPs within nucleotides. Dr. Klitzman concluded that there are only 23 diseases that develop in adulthood and are possible to treat, and for which tests exist. One example is breast cancer. But there are many other diseases which are difficult to determine based on tests only. Business Insider's Lydia Ramsey claimed that her PathwayFit results were very accurate. She received 51 pages with her results. It was clear that genes aren't the only factor that may cause health problems. Let's take a look at the testimonials of people who have actually undergone the company's tests.

"I have done Cardiac Healthy Weight DNA Insight and I learnt that I had real problems. I followed the recommended diet plan offered by the Pathway Genomics specialists and it helped me lose 15 pounds quite easily. The company provides great service! The report helped me to get rid my fears of Jewish genetic diseases. Their support staff is friendly, patient and pleasant. They answered a lot of my questions."

"I have struggled to lose weight all my life. My doctor recommended me to look into Pathway Genomics genetic testing. When I did, I opened a lot of secrets I didn't know about my body. The company's specialists gave me a number of recommendations which helped me in my efforts. They completely changed my diet plan and created a special exercise plan for me. I finally managed to start losing weight. I couldn't be happier. Now I know what to do to have a slimmer body and I do recommend this kind of testing to everyone. I am looking forward to having an even greater shape."

"I found information about PathwayGenomics on the Internet, and I decided to give it a try. After doing the test, I received the results really promptly - in about a week after they confirmed they got the test. The company-s representative commented on my results and explained some of the things I did not know. I also received important recommendation as to how improve my condition. The report contained many pages, but I was happy to learn more about my health. Thanks for the great customer service and long but interesting report."

My Final Summary

Pathway Genomics appears to be a reliable company that provides sixteen different tests for you to learn what health conditions you may be suffering from. Each test has its own purposes and specifications. The service is associated with a number of positive reviews left by customers on different websites. According to real users' testimonials, this genetic testing service is accurate and provides enough data for you to know exactly how to deal with your health further. The testing helps not only to define the amounts of different substances in your body but also to determine some potential diseases.

Some Pathway Genomics testing intends to help you lose weight and optimize your health, while the other determines the risk of having breast cancer. The majority of these tests are based on your genetic information, thus, they could help your doctor to define potential courses of further action. The company will also provide you with their genetic counselors after your test to decipher all of the data you received. Taking into account the high value of test results, I really find the service useful and recommend Pathway Genomics.

Where To Buy Pathway Genomics In Stores?

The official website of the company lists prices for only three of their tests. Thus, PathWay Fit costs $599, while CancerIntercept is priced at between $299 and $699. You are expected to pay from $999 to $2,999 for CancerIntercept Monitor. The cost of this test depends on the number of tests ordered. Whether your insurance covers any of the costs depends on the specific insurance plan you have. To find out, contact your carrier directly. Pathway Genomics Client Services department can be reached at 877-505-7374.