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Peachtree Settlement Funding

Peachtree Settlement Funding is a company that buys structured payment settlements that are the result of life insurance policies, annuities, lawsuits, lottery winning, and so on. The company promises that the whole process is made maximally easy. You are expected to have your money in three months or even less. In fact, the company is a division of Peachtree Financial owned by JGWPT Holdings. Peachtree Settlement Funding has been in business since 1996 and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There have been just thirteen closed complaints lately. Some of those complaints cite insufficient customer service.

According to the official website of the company, the payments you get as a part of a structured settlement annuity tend to decrease in value due to inflation. This money is considered to be illiquid and is not easily available in case if you face an unforeseen emergency, when buying a home or anything else. Because of this, the company promises to help people receive their money faster and enjoy the benefits. Peachtree Settlement Funding buys your payments making the process easy, simple, and efficient. However, it should be remembered that purchasing structured settlements may be subject to a court ordered review, as the whole process is regulated by state laws. Despite this, the company has a high rate of court approvals, and can provide you with cash immediately.

Customer Reviews - Does Peachtree Settlement Funding Really Work?

There are numerous users' reviews about Peachtree Settlement Funding online. Most customers seem to be satisfied with their experience of working with this company. They are pleased that the official website offers all the necessary information. According to the official website of the company, buying your structured settlement payments includes five basic steps. The first step involves discussion of your individual needs, and making sure that the company is able to meet those needs. Usually each client is provided with an expert who accompanies their customer through the whole process and helps to resolve possible issues/ the next step presupposes determining the value of your structured settlement, and finding proper options. The third step is answering your questions, gathering information, and collecting the proper documentation and paperwork. The forth step involves preparation for the court process. Finally, you can collect your money.

According to numerous reviews, Peachtree Settlement Funding is a good place to work at. For example, one woman writes that she was highly satisfied with her job in the company. The manager was constantly doing fun games to win company bonuses. They got free breakfast each Friday and had quarterly parties. The woman also loved that they had a department meeting every Friday where they could communicate and relax. She also added that most employees are well-motivated to meet the needs of each customer. Probably this is the reason why so many people are pleased with their experience of cooperating with Peachtree Settlement Funding. It is a wise decision to take a look at the actual testimonials of real clients of the company. Here are some of them.

"I needed money from my settlement payments that I got from my mother who died because of a car accident. My house was under foreclosure. As soon as I contacted Peachtree Settlement Funding, I saw that the people working there were just great. They wanted to hold me hostage when the documents were signed. My expert was always available whenever I called him. He accompanied me through the whole process. I received my money in three months. I am very grateful to this company."

"I liked my experience with PeachtreeSettlement Funding. I applied on their official website and I called to check on my application. I was immediately answered and received answers to all of my questions. The customer service is wonderful in this company. I can certainly recommend them to my family and friends."

"I applied for a bob at Peachtree SettlementFunding through a staffing agency. The whole process took five weeks. I was interviewed by two Account Executives. They asked me a list of questions that I answered really nice, to my mind. Some of them sounded like: Can you operate a phone? Can you read English?). So, I was successfully employed at the company. It was one of the best jobs I had in my life. All of my coworkers were young and interesting, so I enjoyed every day. The company focuses on serving its clients, which is why the main goal there is to help others."

My Final Summary

Peachtree Settlement Funding is associated with a great number of advantages. It appears to be beneficial not only for clients but also for employees; however, we will focus on the clients mainly in this summary. The company will allow you as a customer to cash out your structured settlement in one lump sum payment. The whole process is very easy and contains five steps. According to statistics, the majority of structured settlement payments are funded in less than 90 days. As the company has been in business since 1996, it has enough experience in the field. Besides, it can boast an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. There are numerous testimonials about Peachtree Settlement Funding online. Most customers are pleased with the services offered by the company, as well as with the customer service.

This company is not a scam and is considered to be the best one among other companies handling structured settlements. If you wish you can do your research before committing or just believe my words. Other companies of the kind tend to charge extremely high interest rates and fees for loaning funds to you money. There is high risk that you can be put in a worse financial position. It is important to mention that Peachtree Settlement Funding uses honest business practices only. During our research, we found a report from one employee who claimed that the company intends to satisfy each client without charging exorbitant fees. So, it is a good idea to use this popular and reputable settlement funding company. I can certainly recommend Peachtree Settlement Funding.

Peachtree Settlement Funding Pricing and Rates

In order to start the process of your structured settlement payout, it is recommended to contact Peachtree Settlement Funding by calling at 800-821-7773. You can also request a quote on the official website of the company. Their quotes are completely free. The official website is very informative when it comes to the specifics about their fees. However, the fees depend on a number of factors. This structured settlement company will most probably charge 10-20% of the total payout amount. For instance: If you have a settlement at $1 million, the company may pay you about $800K or $900K. The remainder will be their profit.