PediVac Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE PediVac Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


It is important to keep your feet in a well-cared state not because of the fashion but also for the sake of your own health and well-being. PediVac is a device that will undoubtedly help you in this task. It is a hand-held foot file with a vibrating emery pad and high-RPM motor that work together to quickly remove particles of dry skin and calluses. According to the official website of the company, this is the first unit of its kind to remove and vacuum in unnecessary skin cells. As a result, your feet are soft and your room is free from any mess. The manufacturer of the product is Telebrands, the company whose business model involves As Seen on TV products including Red Copper cookware, Atomic Beam flashlights, and the Brass Bullet hose. We are going to focus on PediVac, its functioning, customer reputation, and the price. We will find out whether this device is worth purchasing or not. First, let's learn how exactly it works.

We have studied the instruction manual that comes with the unit. First, you will need to remove a cover over the emery pad, push the power button for a couple of seconds and choose the necessary speed: low or high. In fact, the unit is programed to run at low speed but you can switch to high speed by pressing the power button. You will see the LED light on the power button to become red when you choose the high-speed. It will change into green when you choose the low speed. The device's emery pad spins at 2,000 revolutions per minute when it is at high speed. This speed is enough to effectively remove calluses. According to the instructions, in order to remove a callus, you will need to press the emery pad to the thickest area of your skin. Move the emery pad out toward the healthy skin. All of your movements should be slow. To turn off the device, you'll need to press and hold the power button for two seconds.

Customer Reviews - Does PediVac Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about PediVac not only on the official website of the manufacturer but also on third-party websites. The device works mess-free because the callus eliminator uses a built-in vacuum. This unit sucks up the pilled off skin, preventing any mess. The device also uses high-power home pedicure tools. Its micro-abrasion head rotates at 2000 rpm for maximum comfort. PediVac has a chargeable battery, which makes the unit convenient for usage in any surrounding, whether at home, in the car, at the office, or anywhere else. The device brings instant results because PediVac quickly removes dead skin and calluses from soles, heels, toes, and even hands. The purchase includes a foot callus remover, a buffing head for baby soft feet and a rechargeable battery.

Many users of PediVac report that they are highly satisfied with the results they receive. There is no need to make salon visits regularly because this device can remove dry, cracked skin quickly and painlessly. You are sure to get beautiful skin without damaging it with PediVac. A regular foot file damages skin while grating it. You may even feel discomfort and pain. But the device we are discussing today does not only remove calluses but it also smooths cracked heels for you to enjoy soft and sexy skin. The high-powered head makes the device an ultimate foot exfoliator. During the process of spinning the head buffs and polishes the skin.

Clean-up of the device will take just a few steps. You will just need to remove the emery pad and pour some warm water over it. Then air dry the pad. In order to empty the collection chamber, you will need to hold the device in your hand and twist the top of the device counter-clockwise. According to the directions, you will then need to remove the circular sponge filter from the chamber. Rinse the filter with water and let it dry. The filter can be used up to 100 times before you need a replacement. PediVac comes with a small brush that can be used for brushing out the interior of the collecting chamber.

The majority of reviews on Amazon are positive in character. People say that the device works like crazy, it is safe, sanitary and easy to use. The unit brings amazing results even when used on raspy and cracked feet. The customers also say that the product has a reasonable price! The customers are also pleased that the unit comes with a battery. It works as advertised. And the vacuum makes it even more practical and convenient to use.

One woman says in her review that she was hesitant to use PediVac at first. She was afraid that it would hurt her feet and that it would tickle. Neither of these things occurred and the customer is happy she got the device. She says her feet have never looked better! One diabetic male reports that he has large rough areas on the bottoms and sides of his feet. Now when he has bought the unit he can take proper care of his feet. The vacuum works pretty well removing the particles of dead skin. The man has been using the device for two weeks only but he can see improvements in his feet. Many customers use PediVac not only on their feet but also elbows. Let us take a look at some other customers' testimonials available on Amazon.

"PediVac is a great product for making my feet soft again. Before buying it, I have had such dry feet that I won't go to get a pedicure. They were so ugly that I didn't want to show them to anyone. The calluses are hard, thick and tend to crack often. This can be painful too. But with my PediVac, I have feet I haven't had for many years! Can't wait to put on sandals in summer. I do recommend this product to all of my friends."

"PediVac is so simple to use that now I can have my pedicure done at home with no need to pay additional money. The callouses on my heels and feet became very smooth without any pain or irritation. Previously I had to use a razor to make my skin softer and could sometimes hurt myself. Now my feet are smooth without any pain. And the clean up of the product is easy too. There is no mess after the procedure. This is a wonderful product!"

"PediVac is the best heel smoother I have ever used. It does the job well without taking too much time. It is a wise idea to provide the unit with a vacuum. It instantly cleans the debris and then you just throw unnecessary things. By the way, the seller was terrific - he helped me when I was missing a piece. I really appreciate the service! This product is worth buying!"

My Final Summary

Based on our analysis of PediVac, we believe that this product's greatest advantage is that it features a vacuum that can immediately suck up all the dry skin. The vacuum feature is very helpful. This device spins at 2,000 RPM and comes with a replacement pad. It as a reasonable price when compared to the competition. This callus remover is associated with mainly positive customer reviews online. It can be easily ordered on the official website of the company or from some retail stores such as Amazon. You can also get replacement pads for the PediVac by ordering them on the official site. You can call the customer service line any time if you have any questions or concerns. The company's representatives are responsive and helpful. With these advantages in mind, we would certainly recommend PediVac. The device really works as claimed on the official website.

Where To Buy PediVac?

At present, you can buy one unit $19.99 plus $7.99 for shipping. Your purchase will include a replacement emery pad. You could add a second unit as well as a tube of a foot cream caled "Miracle Foot Repair" for an additional $19.99. there is no need to pay extra money for the shipping. There is an opportunity to upgrading to their "Deluxe" package, that includes a dark gray PediVac and ten additional emery pads. The gray unit comes with a three-year warranty. In this case you will need to pay an extra $20. According to the site of the company, the product includes rechargeable batteries. If you are not satisfied with your PediVac you can return it anytime within 30 days of getting it. To do it, you will need to send it back to the company and include the following information: your name, order number, your phone number, address and email address, indication noting your request for a refund or a return, an explanation for the return.