Peloton Digital Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Peloton Digital

Peloton Digital is a fitness mobile application that will allow you to stream studio-quality workouts from the comfort of your home. It is a perfect option for those who would like to join the Peloton trend but are not ready to drop thousands of dollars on the brand's equipment. The company behind the service, Peloton, received great popularity through a 2012 Kickstarter campaign, and since then has transformed the world of studio cycling. The Peloton Digital program centers on the use of specialized stationary bikes which are equipped with built-in HD touchscreens that allow streaming NYC studio workouts in real time or on-demand, competing with other cyclists, monitoring metrics, and receiving personalized info from the coaches. This fitness system is not cheap but it is reasonably priced when compared to the competition available on the market. If you decide to buy a Peloton bike, it will cost you about $2,000, while streaming classes are priced at $39 per month. You may need to pay $250-$750 for brand-specific cycling gear and bike installation. If you don't have so much money but you still want the Peloton experience, there is an option to use Peloton Digital with another brand's bike. But will this lower-cost alternative bring you as good experience as the real thing? Let's take a look at the details to find an answer to this question.

Customer Reviews - Does Peloton Digital Really Work?

Peloton Digital has become the favorite cycling workout app that was released in June 2018 for iOS only. It became available for Android in December 2018. At present, the app offers over 11,000 on-demand workouts and twenty opportunities every day to join the classes that are live-streamed by elite NYC instructors. These live classes can be found in the app's video library, so there is no need to worry if you have missed any of them. In addition to studio cycling classes, there are such workouts as yoga, meditation, strength training, boot camp, outdoor workouts, and cardio, stretching. These classes range from 5-minute stretching workouts to 90-minute cycling rides. Most of them are provided in the form of vide; however, the outdoor running classes are audio tracks.

The users of the Peloton Digital program can filter through these classes by length, type, music genre, and instructor. This function allows finding the sessions that are the most suitable for you. You can also use the calendar to schedule time for your classes. Peloton tries to appeal to a broader audience by taking the exercises "beyond the bike".

Is Peloton Digital worth paying money for? To find out we looked at the customer reviews of this app on the Google Play and Apple App Store. According to our research, the app's average rank is 4.9/5 stars based on over 22,000 comments on the Apple App store. The average rank on Google Play is 4.1/5 after 150 reviews. The testimonials sections of these stores offer a lot of information about real users' experiences of using Peloton Digital. The majority of reviews we encountered showed that the users liked the app; however, Android users faced difficulties connecting the app to their TV. Some cycling enthusiasts would like to see more side views of cycling instructors while exercising on their stationary bikes.

Peloton Digital received mixed reviews for the instructor enthusiasm and video quality. Some people commented that they wished there were more options for yoga, cardio, and meditation classes. They would like also to have a preview feature for classes. It means that before playing a video you can see what it contains. Overall, it should be noted from these reviews that those who already had a Peloton bike were happy with the app. But those who stopped their choice on a lower budget Peloton experience sometimes lacked the benefits of the original program. At the same time, both categories of users seem to be satisfied with the price of the Peloton Digital program. They like this subscription fitness and some of them have even become exercise addicts in the positive sense of this expression.

The technology of the digital app is good. It is intuitive and user friendly. The display is easy to read, the video has no glitches or lags. The app works well on the iPhone and iPad. However, some users have found that the instructors speed up the classes in order to make them shorter. You may need to take several classes for one workout. They are usually led by different instructors, which may throw off your focus, rhythm, and determination. It seems they make multiple classes a day. Some instructors have a celebrity status and seem more concerned with not breaking dancing, a sweat, and posing, which does not allow them to perform at their best. Some clients have noted they sometimes feel like they are watching a reality TV show. The concept behind the app is great. It's easy and convenient to use at home. Let us take a look at some actual customers' opinions.

"Peloton Digital is a cool thing. The bike is well-built and sleek. It is easy to adjust to fit a rider of any size or weight. It is smartly equipped with tightening handles as they can rotate out of the way when the bolts are tight. The flywheel and pedals turn silently and smoothly. The electromagnetic resistance is sensitive, so I can adjust it as I wish. I also like the comfortable saddle. The app is just cool as I can work out at home whenever I want. I do recommend this program to active people."

"It was my orthopedic surgeon who performed a third knee surgery for me three years ago and told me I was an exercise addict. He recommended me Peloton Digital saying it would not harm my knee while being intense enough. I bought a Peloton and I loved it from the first minute I started. I was surprised with myself. After many years of doing CrossFit and fighting, I really loved Peloton. The bike is perfectly built and the app is well-made. Everything is worth every penny. The instructors are real professionals. They have become a big part of my life. They are inspiring and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the bike and this app."

"I have been using the Peloton Digital app for the last four months and I can say I am obsessed with it. I am keen on the bike workouts. I love the wide range of classes performed by professional instructors. The program is easy to use, while the bike itself is sleek. These live classes give me the sense of community, which is important for effective workouts. As an app user, I would like to have an ability to rate my workouts after completing them. I am particularly keen on sprint intervals followed by three-minute hill intervals. I love the whole idea!"

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about the Peloton Digital fitness program, it seems to be worth the price. While buying the original Peloton bike can be too expensive for you, you may benefit from the app only, while using any other cheaper bike. The app is suitable for iOS and Android. The program has made great impact on the modern fitness world. This app makes allows streaming Peloton workouts with no need to pay much money for the brand's equipment costs. There are thousands of classes that go beyond cycling. For just $19.49 per month, you can use the Peloton Digital app and enjoy professional fitness workout options. There are six workout varieties for you to choose from. The majority of customer reviews of the app are positive. Many users have become long-time subscribers and even exercise addicts. Peloton Digital is a smart way to work out in the comfort of you home. It is an excellent way to check whether you like the service before purchasing a Peloton bike. The company allows you to cancel your subscription whenever you wish and not to worry about spending money on a system you are not using any more. Since we have encountered mainly positive feedback about Peloton Digital, we would recommend this fitness program.

Where To Buy Peloton Digital?

At present, the Peloton Digital program costs $19.49 per month. It provides its subscribers unlimited access to classes on any devices; however, up to three devices are allowed to be streaming content at a time. New users can benefit from the program's 14-day free trial. You can cancel the subscription at any time without having to pay the penalty.