Peloton Tread Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Peloton Tread

The Peloton Tread is the follow-up machine to the company's popular stationary bike. The main concept in the tread is the same as that in the bike: you can use the machine for a $39 monthly subscription. In addition, you will be able to visit on-demand or stream live classes in the comfort of our home. An instructor will guide you on how to adjust your tread and to progress in your workout. The manufacturer of the product is the company called Peloton. It has become very famous within the last several years due to the number of machines it manufactures and sells. The Peloton Tread comes with a wide variety of classes like easier walk-run combos, endurance runs, hill training, and even full-body workouts such as arms and legs exercises or yoga. It also offers a program for 5K training that can be taken every week before your race. The machine has an attractive design and costs about $4,500. It has a reasonable price range compared to other treadmills. There is a 32-inch iMac-like touchscreen on the treadmill. It comes with a sound bar across the bottom. There are knobs along the sides that are meant to help you control incline and speed. In order to jump to the next level up you will need to press the middle button and in order to pause the Tread press the red stop button. The surface for running is a slatted belt that has a rugged texture and is good for smoother landings.

Customer Reviews - Does Peloton Tread Really Work?

Peloton Tread has a great number of customer reviews on third-party website with the average rating of four and a half stars. Overall, the buyers of the machine agree that it is beautiful and can perfectly match any interior. It looks modern in a room. This is a solid machine suitable for casual runners that costs not as much as professional treadmills. Those treadmills have up to twice the motor power but they also have a much higher price. Separate attention should be given to the machine's programming. Although the company is going through a legal battle with publishers over music use as well as labels, the beginners claim that they can significantly benefit from the on-screen classes. At present, Peloton employs eleven Tread instructors each of which has their own personality and style for you to choose from. The library of content is also widening all the time as new classes are taught from the company's live studio in New York on a daily basis.

One woman provides a deep review of Peloton Tread. According to her words, this treadmill has blended well into her small apartment. Within two months of using the Tread, the owner was surprised that it made minimal noise. She says she can even watch TV next door with no need to adjust the volume while her partner is running on the treadmill. Besides, the vibrations from the machine do not transfer to the furniture in the room. The woman's upstairs and downstairs' neighbors never complained about any noise. The screen on the machine wobbled a bit when you start running. Another drawback is the occurrence of some occasional software lags, for instance when the speed doesn't match the number displayed on the screen. The treadmill operates manually without the need to be connected to the internet, which is big plus. It means that you will need to feel out the incline and speed on your machine.

Where Peloton Tread differs from other treadmills is that it is an entertaining machine, since you can watch the instructors on the screen during your workout. Their monologues really help to work out and even kill time between sprints. You will not need to focus on the clock, instead you can listen to the instructors' talk or sing to the song. It is like running outside with a friend and talking to each other. When the instructors exhale, you can do the same thing. This human element makes you feel united in your common activity.

Fitness is a partially mental activity that can help you focus on your goals as you can monitor your output and workout history on your profile's stats. Many users of Peloton Tread claim that it is motivating to see their speed increase as they are running. This makes you continue running even when you feel lazy or weak. The instructors are often reminding runners that that chasing after ambitions is a good choice. The Peloton app offers gamification badges, such as challenges and achievements. Some users of the treadmill like to push for new records, which are shown in every class. You can see the stats from other users via the username or leaderboard search. But if you don't wish to share it with others, this feature can be easily disabled.

One woman writes in her testimonial that when she started using Peloton Tread in mid-February. Her fastest run was 2.2 miles in half an hour. Live offerings turned out to be quite easy but the woman didn't like that the majority of classes too place in the morning when she was not at home. The later classes take place in the evening. The machine offers a six-week 5K course, which the woman made it a part of her routine. With every run, the user felt stronger and faster, culminating in an eleven-minute mile. She likes the fact that she could tack her personal health history. Here are several actual customers' testimonials found online.

"Peloton Tread is a wonderful treadmill that is worth buying for the only reason: the machine gives an opportunity to watch studio classes and to communicate with other runners in real time. The running classes usually take place in the morning, while there are also evening running classes that start at 5:30 pm. I usually join morning classes. These workouts fill me with more energy and give me good mood for the whole day. I like the large display because I can clearly watch live classes and the overall leaderboard. The classes are always different and fun. The trainers bring me a lot of encouragement. All of them are skilled at keeping you active during the workout. Their words are motivational."

"I am pleased with Peloton Tread for several reasons. First, during the live classes I can see a leaderboard demonstrating your rank among all active participants. You can also track your current effort displayed in watts, as well as changes in the incline and speed of the mill. You are ranked based on your total energy output during the workout (in kilojoules). I like the feature that I can click on any participant to see their machine's incline, speed, and output. I have a bit of a competitive character and it is very important for me. I try to stay atop the leaderboard by having the incline of up to 2%. With this incline, I can burn more than other competitors."

"Since I am a very busy person, Peloton Tread is a good alternative to the gym for me. I often miss live classes but I can participate in a pre-recorded session. I means that I can run outside of the live class schedule. The scoreboard works as advertised, displaying my place among other runners who are taking the class. There is an opportunity to filter tm in order to see only the runners who are having the same workout. It is always motivating for me to see my position in relation to other runners. I like the huge screen displaying Peloton's classes!"

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about the Peloton Tread, it can be concluded that this machine has more advantages than disadvantages. It will certainly help you to achieve your fitness goals. This treadmill offers a wonderful indoor running experience, when you will not need to go to the gym. The best part about Peloton are the live classes that will give you an opportunity to run with many other participants and to compete with them. A big screen in front of your eyes will display your progress and your position in relation to other competitors. These features are helpful in encouraging you to train regularly and effectively. The only concern may be the fact that the company has the right to use your personal data. While the treadmill costs $4500 you can subscribe for classes for just $20 a month. With these pros in mind, I can certainly recommend Peloton Tread.

Where To Buy Peloton Tread?

Peloton Tread can be bought from the official website of the company at the price of $4,500.00. The product is also available on some retail stores with somewhat varying prices. For example, sells Peloton Tread at the price of $4,524.00. You can additionally subscribe for regular live classes for just $20 a month.