Philips Indoor Grill Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Philips Indoor Grill Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Philips Indoor Grill

Philips Indoor Grill is an electric grill that features a detachable grill rack (to fit three steaks 15cm long) and a removable drip tray. It has no temperature control. There is only a knob that can be used to turn it on, off or to keep it warm. According to the manufacturer, it heats up to 230 degrees C via infrared technology, which can minimize splatter and smoke. It takes five minutes to preheat the grill. The grill uses heat reflectors and infrared burners to cook your dishes evenly. The official website of the product is It was registered in April 1987. The company claims that you will have 80% less smoke than when using a traditional grill. The grill features a wide grate and is made from nonstick aluminum. It promises to evenly grill your foods at 446 degrees F with infrared burners. Each unit includes a grease drip tray. The product is said to be easy to clean. Its detachable parts can be washed in dishwasher.

The manufacturer of the product is the company called Philips. It is one of the most popular and well-known manufacturers of electronics. This company used to be a trustworthy name, now it belongs to China, which may be quite disappointing for some people. The official website says that the Phillips Indoor Grill can be used at any type of weather for preparing a barbecued meal. Its main advantage is that you can use the device indoors. The manufacturer claims that it works without creating any smoke. But if you look attentively at the promo material it says that this grill produces 80% less smoke than competitive brands do. Another claim about the Phillips Indoor Grill is that it provides healthy grilling. You can cook perfect food, according to the promoters of the grill. It means that food has brown color on the outside and remains juicy on the inside. The hype says that the grill is easy to clean. Is this claim correct? We will find an answer to this and many other questions in this review further.

Customer Reviews - Does Philips Indoor Grill Really Work?

There are numerous customer reviews about the product on third-party websites, probably because the company behind the product is very famous. Despite great popularity of the manufacturer, Philips Indoor Grill has some complaints. One of them is that this grill can also create a mess and you may need much time to clean the grill after cooking foods on it. This grill can also burn the food off. What can be grilled on the product? Well, grilling meats takes about ten minutes to achieve a medium rare doneness or to get chunky steaks. The meat retains its juiciness, and the fats stay visible. Pork sausages and marinated chicken thighs usually come out moist and tender. You can grill squid and prawns within five minutes. They will be tasty with their briny flavor. You will just need to add salt. Vegetables such as sliced tomatoes will be well roasted in less than fifteen minutes. They will be full of flavour and moist in combination with nice grill marks. You can also make corn on the cob within twenty minutes. The corn will be juicy and have a light flavour.

Many people who have bought Philips Indoor Grill are sure that this device could be better in some features. For instance, some of them report that it got a bit too hot to sit next to the device during grilling. The bright red infrared light emitting from the grill can be unbearable to sit in front of. It would be better if the 1-cm gaps on the grill rack were narrower for them to be able to prevent smaller pieces of meat and vegetables from falling through. Another common complaint was that it is very difficult to clean off the charred bits and splatters from the grill rack. One customer wrote that he bought this grill and had to send it back after the first use already. According to his words, it doesn't produce enough heat to carry the name of "Phillips grill". This brand is usually trustworthy. The device produces no smoke because it produces no heat. It did not meet the man's expectations. Bright red light created by the appliance is there just to dazzle the user. It performs no useful function. Although the man followed all the directions, the grill did not perform as advertised. It took forever for him to grill meat. It is better to use a cast iron grill pan that costs ten times cheaper. Another customer thinks that he was deceived since the description of the product said that there were two grilling grates, a thin one and a thick one. But there was only a thick one in the box. Let us take a look at some actual customers' reviews available online.

"PhilipsIndoor Grill worked well at first. Afterwards it would overheat in ten minutes and shut down. My steaks were always underdone. I had to wait another fifteen minutes until it cools down to continue grilling. I bought the product in mid-July and the warranty was expired in August, so I didn't manage to request a refund. The grill is very expensive for such a low quality. Save your money!"

"I experienced a big problem with my Philips Indoor Grill. When I was using it indoors, it has just melted. I was surprised about that because I followed all of the instructions provided by the manufacturer. I have attached the pictures, so you can see what has happened. At present, I am waiting for help. I do not recommend this product to anyone."

"Stay far away from the Philips IndoorGrill. This thing for almost 300 dollars really sucks. It is even made from plastic, the power button is plastic and the clips are plastic. These broke with my first use. I have been a head sous chef for more than 35 years and I am really disappointed with the brand. "Smokeless" grills have always been around and they cost much less."

My Final Summary

We cannot give the Phillips Indoor Grill thumbs up because it has a lot of disadvantages. We like that the company is popular and reputable, but this product does not deserve your attention. It has a high price but does not feature the properties it is claimed to have. It often fails to cook food, based on real customers' reviews. The device does not sear well enough. It is too difficult to stand next to the device, because your eyes will be affected. Some customers complain of receiving defective products. The grill does not always prove to be "smoke-less". Your apartment will be filled with smoke. When using this grill indoors don't forget to open the window. Many buyers feel very disappointed with their purchases. It may take a lot of time to cook even the simplest dishes. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend Philips Indoor Grill to purchasing. It seems to be a waste of money.

Where To Buy Philips Indoor Grill In Stores?

The Phillips Indoor Grill costs five payments of $59.99 when purchased from the official website. Most users will admit that this is a high price even though it is made by a reputable company. The product proves to have a low quality. According to, the Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill costs about $280. It can be found in many stores including Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, and Kohl's. It is listed as an Amazon's Choice at present. This site sells Philips Indoor Grill for $219.95, while the list price is $299.99. In this way, you can save $80.04 (27%).