Pocket Fisherman Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Pocket Fisherman

The Pocket Fisherman is a specially designed fishing pole that fits easily in a male pocket. It can be appreciated by new fishers as well as professional fishers who wish to enjoy casual fishing experience with no need to carry a bulky fishing rod. The device we are going to discuss today is small enough, so it can be stored in your glove compartment or pocket, yet strong enough to catch a big fish. In addition, the unit has a perfect drag and can be used by almost any person. It features a tackle box inside of it meant for storing different essentials of yours. So now you can take a fishing pole with you and fish whenever you want to do this. According to the infomercial, whether you are a casual fisher or a professional, Pocket Fisherman has something special for you. The infomercial claims that it is one of the best fishing poles in the history. It has been significantly improved. The infomercial says that all you will have to do is just unfold the device and you have a fully functional and durable fishing pole.

The Pocket Fisherman is strong and has adjustable drag. It has a tackle box to help store tackle and bair easier. Each unit features powerful reeling capabilities and an easy-to-use handle, which makes it a good choice for any fisher. The product comes with two Bonus Lures. It includes a hook, weight, swivel, bobber, and practice casting plug. Automatic Anti-Reverse does not allow the handle to turn backwards. The product attaches to your belt or fits into your glove compartment. It seems to be a wonderful idea of a gift idea for young people and adults. At the same time, it is a perfect option for children of all ages mainly due to its lightweight construction. It is really easy to handle.

Customer Reviews - Does Pocket Fisherman Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, the Pocket Fisherman is a specially designed fishing pole to be small enough to be taken with you in your pocket, which makes it easy to carry it with you and fish whenever you want to. The device can unfold and get the form of perfectly usable fishing pole with the necessary capabilities to catch a big fish. Its strong reeling capabilities make it beneficial for both new fishers and real professionals. Since it has become very popular among users lately, this product is associated with a great number of customer reviews. The Pocket Fisherman is appreciated for its functionality, durability and high quality. It also has a small tackle box for you to store your supplies. This small but functional device can easily fit into a glove compartment. It already includes its components necessary for successful fishing experience. The powerful reel and smooth grip means that it is a strong fishing pole. It can be cast fairly far, thus it can catch big fish easily.

The Fisher will be a great addition to the relaxing sport that can be done by both men or women. Bulky fishing poles can be annoying for casual fishing. They can take a lot of space and a lot of time to set up. The Pocket Fisherman does not require much space to be stored and it can be brought out at any time. In this way, this device will allow you to fish easily at any hole without having to lug a large fishing pole. It makes fishing an easy and pleasant sport. What the users really like about this fishing pole is that despite its small size it is fully functional. The original Pocket Fisherman used to be very popular, and now it is back and better than ever. You can store it in your pocket or a glove compartment. If you want to fish just unfold it. Many users report that they have managed to catch big fish with this product probably due to its firm grip and strong reeling power. The buyers also appreciate the tackle box where they can store anything they want. It will be great addition for those who often take children for fishing.

One professional fisher claims that Pocket Fisherman is a great little fishing gadget! He has got different kinds of reels and rods in the truck including fly fishing gear. The man does a lot of fishing on the fly, even during lunch. So he has got all kinds of full size rods, collapsible rods, and large bait casting and fly rods. He says that he used the stock lures that came with the product. He didn't even change the line. He was happy to start using it by just opening the box. The guy competed using this rod with the other competitors in the Adult Fishing Derby. According to this man, the rod is convenient to carry, well made, seems to be durable and repairable. In general, the man has fished about ten times with this rod (including from a canoe) and he can say that it performs flawlessly. It provided him with real enjoyment. If he breaks it or it gets damaged, he says he will buy another one. One customer reports that he bought Pocket Fisherman for his kayak, tried it out and caught a four lb fish. It functions great. It is easy to use due to its light weight. The neat folding mechanism allows the pole to stay compact. In general, this $15 folding fishing pole is worth the money it costs. It is compact and does the job well. Let us take a look at the real users' reviews about the product available online.

"I ordered Pocket Fisherman to give it to my son who is fond of fishing. He is happy with his gift, saying that it does work well and that it fits in a backpack pretty well. It casts just fine in the small streams he goes to. It has some built in storage place inside it and has really become his favorite rod. He uses it a lot and has a lot of fun doing it."

"I don't regret having bought my Pocket Fisherman. If you want to improve it put high-grade string on it and a star or lock washer on the handle nut. I have had this rod for a year already and it is still great. Several times, I was surprised at the size of fish I managed to catch with this device. It is very compact. I can give it five stars. Just buy it, and you will realize how great it is."

"Pocket Fisherman is a must have for each fisher. As soon as I received mine I started wishing with it. As a result, I caught a good-size catfish. It was not a problem to catch it. I would highly recommend this product to everyone who is fond of fishing. It seems to be very durable and stores easily in any motorcycle or vehicle. Don't pass this rod."

My Final Summary

Summing everything up, the Pocket Fisherman is a special fishing pole that has a small size and can be carried with you in your pocket. This makes it easy to bring it out and fish any moment you want to. The device unfolds easily and becomes a usable fishing pole that is able to catch a big fish. The product has a small tackle box that allows you to store your supplies. The device is highly portable and compact. Despite its small size, this fishing rod is sturdy. It casts well, works well, and retrieves nicely. Lines does not tangle easily. This ultra-light rod is able to handle deep-water fishing. It is easy to transport and store. The device has good price and high quality product. It will be suitable for kids who are just learning to fish. Most customers are pleased with this product. Based on many consumer reviews, Pocket Fisherman has very good rating. Pocket Fisherman is a little rod that can be used to fish at any time. Due to its compact size, this rod is very light-weight. It may be not suitable for sea fishing, but it is a convenient for fishing by the river shores, banks, or even from piers. This device will make your fishing experience unforgettable. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the Pocket Fisherman, I highly recommended this product to buying.

Pocket Fisherman Pricing and Rates

The cost of the product on the official website of the manufacturer is $19.95 plus $9.95 shipping. So, the total price is $29.90. Pocket Fisherman may be also found for sale on Ebay or Amazon. Amazon sells one unit for about $30 plus free shipping. BoolPool.com sells the device for $29.99.