Pocket Hose Brass Bullet Reviews - What Is It?

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Pocket Hose Brass Bullet

When spring comes, there appears a great need for the right garden hose. Today we are going to discuss one of the latest products of the kind. Pocket Hose Brass Bullet is a new brand of retractable hoses endorsed by star Richard Karn. This is a 3/4" hose that expands and contracts automatically when you turn the water on and off. This makes it easier to store and transport. The company behind the product calls it the lightest, easiest, and most convenient hose on Earth. Beside its re-engineered expandable rib cage from the inner side, the hose also has an exclusive seamless Micro-Mesh biaxial braid fabric sleeve from the outer side. It is claimed not to tear, tangle, burst, or kink easily. Besides, it features a larger diameter for a stronger spray. There is an industrial-grade solid brass connector at the tip. As a matter of fact, the Pocket Hose Brass Bullet is manufactured by a non-reputable company that has an official website but it does not list any postal address of the company. The manufacturer does not seem to offer any other products of the kind. This is a bad sign for potential customers. But is the Pocket Hose Brass Bullet right for you? Can it really work as claimed in the commercial? Is it worth the money it costs? How durable is it? Let us try to answer these and more questions by taking a look at the real customers' reviews about the hose available online.

Customer Reviews - Does Pocket Hose Brass Bullet Really Work?

Pocket Hose Brass Bullet is a brand new product the time, even though it has a more recent version in the form of Pocket Hose Ultra. During our research, we have found a great number of customer reviews about this hose. For example, HighYa contains testomonials from more than 70 readers who had given the product an average rating of 1.4 stars. It is a very poor estimation, I must admit. These testimonials are most often related to complaints about poor functioning, leaking, sometimes after the first use, bursting out and high cost. The new Brass Bullet model claims to have a thicker inner tube but it does not prove to be beneficial enough. It is also vital to note that until these blowouts happened, most customers reported that the hose did contract and expand as advertised. It means that it can really be easier to store. But what's the use if it doesn't work long? By the way, many reviewers mentioned that these hoses are not meant for outside storage, and that they can wear and tear easily, especially when being dragged over such rough surfaces as concrete. Even its re-engineered design does not help Pocket Hose Brass Bullet to be as durable as claimed by the manufacturer. Let us take a look at what real users are writing about their experience of using the Brass Bullet. This will give you an idea if it is worth buying.

One woman writes that she bought her 75-ft pocket hose from Home Depot for $39.99. She has used it three times only but a major leak exploded in the hose. There is a 100% money back guarantee, but one needs to pay for shipping it to the company for a refund. The process is not worth the headache or your money! Another user considers the product to be a worthless hose. A man named Kevin purchased two 100-foot hoses before summer for almost $100. And after a few months both hoses have failed and sprung leaks. Even though the company offers 100% satisfaction guarantee, they only have a 30-day money back guarantee. You cannot return the product after thirty days. Many other users agree that this is a terrible product. One woman reports that she received it several days ago and has used it once with the nozzle. As a result, the hose slit right down the center. The woman feels sorry that she bought this hose for such a high cost. She says she will never order it again or recommend it to anyone. It is simply not worth the time or money. Many other people who have bought this garbage recommend staying away from the company. Hopefully, these reviews will help someone to avoid a useless purchase. Let us take a look at some more.

"I am not pleased with Pocket Hose BrassBullet. The hose I received exploded after using it for several weeks only. I paid $40, which was like wasting money. This company is selling junk like this. There are more and more scam companies with each day. Maybe the reason is that most people don't want to spend much money for a high-quality. In any case, I would not recommend this product to anyone."

"I ordered two units of PocketHose Brass Bullet but both of them were defective. I connected the hose, so it started to get filled with water. But the problem was that no water would ever come out. So, I decided to remove the nozzle, but nothing happened. I returned both products to the store and they sent me other items in exchange. But when I connected the new hose, it worked fine for a minute. Then it burst. I feel disappointed."

"Pocket Hose Brass Bullet is a crap and a total scam. The hose I bought from the manufacturer leaked at the bib and at the nozzle the first time I used it. I tried to get a return but when I called them I was informed that there is no option for return, even though the company claims to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't waste your money."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about the Pocket Hose Brass Bullet, this product does not seem to be worthy. It has a re-engineered design but the modern market still offers a wide variety of better expandable garden hoses such as Flex-Able Hose, XHOSE, and Dap XHose Pro. There are other generic options priced between $15 and $50, which is much cheaper that the hose we are discussing today. Pocket Hose Brass Bullet has a number of cons. When fully opened this hose may shrink quite a bit, so the water pressure may drop a lot. Many people report that the water cannot leak out of the hose but it leaks from elsewhere. You could get messy when using this hose with a sprinkler. Some people who have bought these hoses report that these products broke at the plastic fitting after a few uses only. These expandable hoses tended to explode quite often. The company behind the product also received many complaints from users. Their money back guarantee is useless since it works only within the first thirty days of purchase and requires paying for shipping the product to the manufacturer. With this in mind, Pocket Hose Brass Bullet cannot be recommended to buying.

Where To Buy Pocket Hose Brass In the Stores?

Pocket Hose Brass Bullet can be bought from the official website of the company. It is available through two offers, which might be confusing when you are checking out. Main Offer includes one Turbo Jet Nozzle and one Top Brass Bullet. Single 25 feet long hose can be bought for $19.99, while Double requires $12.99 fee (total of $32.98). A 50 feet long hose can be purchased for $29.99, while Double costs additional $16.99 fee (total of $46.98). 75 feet long hose is priced at $39.99, Double plus $29.99 fee (total of $69.98).Finally, 100 feet long item costs $49.99, Double plus $36.99 fee (total of $86.98). There is also Deluxe Offer that includes one Turbo Jet Nozzle, one Top Brass Bullet, and one Mighty Blaster Fireman Nozzle. You can order a hose of the same length but the cost will be about 10$ higher each. Whichever offer you choose, you will have to pay an additional $7.99 shipping fee. You can order a Protective Holder during checkout for $14.99, plus $2.99 shipping. The company provides a 30-day refund policy on all purchases. You can request a refund by calling the company's customer support at 855-668-1655.