Pocket Mouse Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Pocket Mouse Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Pocket Mouse

Pocket Mouse is a wireless mouse in the shape of a pen. This design allows you to comfortably use the device with more accuracy than while using a traditional mouse and a mouse pad. Due to the wireless technology this mouse can be used from just about anywhere. According to the manufacturer, it can be used up to 30 feet away from your device. This mouse can be used with any kind of devices such as laptop, tablet, or a desktop computer. Since Pocket Mouse feels like a pen you can hold it with no need to worry about cramps. This shape also lets you use it with better accuracy. This mouse does everything a traditional mouse can do and even more. You can use it to swipe, click, write, and scroll. It features a scroll wheel that allows the user to scroll through many pages quickly and easily. Each order comes with two of these items, as well as a custom stand for you to have a place to put your mouse into when it is not used. The stand can be located on your desk or any other surface.

Pocket Mouse has a compact design that allows you to bring it with you anywhere you go. You can put it into your pocket and take it out when you need it. This wireless mouse can be used on any surface, directly on your desk, on your leg, on the wall, on a clipboard, etc. It requires no installation of any software. It is quite easy to use it, as the manufacturer says. You will have to plug the provided receiver into a USB port. The mouse will light up automatically and connect to the receiver. You will be able to control the screen with its help. You can flip this Pocket Mouse over and use it as a stylus on your device to draw comfortably. This product is said to be ideal for travelling due to its small design. It can be used on your leg when you are in the back seat of a car or use it on a flight with no need to worry about finding space for a mouse. It is easy and versatile to take with you on the go. All of these claims sound very promising but what is known about the manufacturer of the product? Unfortunately, there is limited information about the company behind the Pocket Mouse.

Customer Reviews - Does Pocket Mouse Really Work?

The manufacturer tries to ensure that the success of this product lies in its shape. The shape of a pen gives you more accuracy, which in turn increases control and precision. You can use your devices with no need to worry about repetitive movements. A traditional mouse can lead to cramps and there is a lack of precision due to its bulky design. Using the Pocket Mouse you are not expected to experience these issues mostly due to its shape and feel. Why do cramps occur when you are using a traditional mouse? The major reason is the repetitive movements during the use of the mouse. In some cases even injury may occur. The repetitive motions can sometimes cause arthritis and carpel tunnel. Pocket Mouse does not require any repetitive movements, which decreases the chance of injury or cramping. The pen-like shape makes it comfortable to use and hold this kind of a mouse which makes it suitable for people who suffer from arthritis, carpel tunnel, or dexterity issues.

The manufacturer claims that the Pocket Mouse functions like a traditional mouse but works and looks like a pen. It works on almost any surface. It boasts an ergonomic shape that lets you to hold the pen without any cramping. It can be used by people with wrist pain or arthritis. Due to the fact that its works like a pen makes it smoother and more accurate to use. This gives you more precision. There is no need for software to be installed before use. Just plug it in and start working. There is a roller ball that allows you to scroll through many pages. Another advantage of this product is that it uses wireless radio technology, which means that it can work at thirty feet away from its receiver. Thus, it can be used during presentations and meetings. You can also connect your computer to your TV screen and control it by using the mouse while having rest on your couch.

There is a great number of customer reviews about the product online but they appear to be not as positive as the manufacturer's claims. Many users of the Pocket Mouse are not satisfied with their purchase. One customer reports that he bought two units but only one of them worked properly. Both devices seemed very cheaply made. The working mouse did not work with Windows 10, though. Other customers reported that the device was awkward to use. Many people were unsatisfied with the customer service of the company. Thus, one guy tells in his review that he had a problem with his pocket mouse and called the company to consult. But he was responded that the company would not stand behind the product. Many real users of the mouse simply ask the others to save their money and not to buy the product. Several customers had issues with delivery. Thus, one user reports that he ordered two packs but received only one. By the way he paid the money for two units. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

"I ordered the Pocket Mouse just to try it. To tell the truth, it took me some time to get used to use it. It was quite difficult for me to control locations. I haven't still got used that the thumb button for right click is located on the left side of the mouse. I have to engage my thumb to click a button, which is uncomfortable for me. I am very disappointed with this button location. The battery life also leaves much to be desired. Actually, I replaced the original battery after about a week of daily use."

"I cannot use my PocketMouse because of arthritis in my hands. This item causes pain in my hand, despite the manufacturer's claim that it can be used by arthritis patients. I thought it would work for me but I had to give it to my daughter since the company did not allow returning it. I didn't read that the product was non-returnable when I was purchasing it. I will never buy anything from this vendor again."

"Pocket mouse does not work. I installed this thing but I cannot use it as desired. It is awkward to use. I thought it would help me with my carpal tunnel but I understood that that it is not worth the money it costs. I need to apply much effort to use it. It also did not come with batteries, as said in the description. There were no usage instructions with the product either. I feel very disappointed with my purchase. Don't waste your money on this product."

My Final Summary

Even though the Pocket Mouse is a wireless device, it has a number of drawbacks. According to the customer reviews, it is not as practical or accurate as claimed by the manufacturer. It is also not suitable for people with arthritis or pain in hands. Do not expect that this mouse will decrease your wrist pain or the development of carpel tunnel. To avoid such problems, be sure to take breaks and to exercise. The Pocket Mouse may not be comfortable and easy to use for some people due to the different placement of the buttons. Taking into account all negative points about the Pocket Mouse I cannot recommend buying this product. The modern market offers a number of alternatives at lower prices.

Where To Buy Pocket Mouse In Stores?

Pocket Mouse can be ordered from the official website of the company or from some retail stores. The total cost of the product on buypocketmouse.com is $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping. According to the special TV offer, you can receive a second unit at a lower price of $6.99 for a total price of $33.97.