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Portion Controller Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Portion Controller Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

The Portion Controller is a weight loss belt, unique in its character. I can see such a garment for weight loss for the first time and I want to say that my initial opinion about it was very skeptical and it remains the same. Even though this device is scientifically-designed, according to the manufacturer, I cannot see any sense in it. The maker claims that this belt allows the wearer to feel full and assists to prevent stretching of the stomach because of overeating. The official website of the product claims that it is patented. The device works by ceasing hunger as soon as it is worn onto the waist. It is said not to have side effects if it doesn’t bring discomfort when being worn.

So, Portion Controller promises to help you lose weight without any surgery, to prevent overeating as it makes your feel full faster. At the same time you may eat anything you want. There is no need to exercise when using this garment. The item can be successfully hidden under the clothes. The manufacturer also claims that the device has no side effects and is recommended by some doctors. However, these claims are not confirmed as true. The official website of the product is poorly made because it doesn't even mention what materials it is made from. It looks like a retail store more.

Before and After Photos of Portion Controller - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

What is the mechanism of work of the patented Portion Controller? Unlike other medical devices, this one compresses the stomach in the exact spot. It immediately shrinks the stomach staying comfortable enough to wear. The garment helps to control daily intake of food, promotes permanent weight loss and prevents weight fluctuations.

Portion Controller

What is the scientific background of the product? Well, the manufacturer describes some studies which were conducted by Dr. Allan Geliebter from The New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center and Garrow and Gardiner (British Medical Journal, Volume 282, 1981). It was confirmed that the belt compresses the stomach and this pressure activates gastric receptors. The latter then inform the appetite center in the brain that the stomach is full. It's logical. To my mind. As your belly is constantly compressed you simply cannot eat much food if you have a strong character, of course. But if you have a weak character, you will most probably take off the belt and eat as much as you wish.

There is another study published by Dr. Allan Geliebter from Columbia University Obesity Research Center in the American Journal of Physiology 1986. It was proven that the pressure on the abdomen due to the blood pressure cuff helped the users to decrease daily food intake.

When putting on the Portion Controller your stomach should be empty and you should be hungry. It is better to put on the belt in the morning after you have taken the shower. If you fix the belt onto the full stomach, it will be your "fullness spot", so there won't be any effect. Locating the belt when you are full may also cause discomfort and unpleasant feeling of pressure. You will have to wait at least four hours after having your last meal in order to put on the garment.

The front plate of The Portion Controller has to be placed with the bubble against the skin above the navel. It should be well pressed by both hands on the belly sides. At that moment you are expected to start feeling full. If not, the bubble of the belt should be pressed further into the stomach. If you have a very big stomach and experience trouble finding your fullness spot, strap the belt over it. Next, the Portion Controller has to be tightened over your fullness spot for you to feel comfortable. The main principle of this belt is that you have to feel full when wearing it. If you don't feel full there is sense to wear it at all.

When you have the Portion Controller on, your skin should overlap above the front plate. The latter should never touch the ribcage. Avoid placing it too high. There should not be any gap above the front plate. To avoid it, rotate it to the opposite side.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

A lot of people nowadays are obese not because they exercise little or eat high-calorie food but because they eat big amounts of food. Their stomach stretches and demands more and more food each time. The Portion Controller makes you feel full and helps not to overeat which causes stretching of the stomach. The belt works compresses the stomach to "shrink" it. The wearer doesn't have to undergo any surgeries or dangerous procedures. With the Portion Controller you are expected to eat smaller portions. You will eat a less which will enable your body to burn fat naturally.

These promises sound very hopeful but does the belt really prove effective as it is claimed? To my mind, the Portion Controller is not as comfortable as claimed. Some people, for example, tend to suffer from gas and bloating every day. This is not the food which makes their belly bigger but it is gas. Should they suffer wearing such a garment on their waist? I don't think that this device can be used by this category of people.

The belt can be concealed under clothing, it does not require any batteries for work. There is high risk of feeling uncomfortable when wearing this garment not because you have put it on incorrectly but because belly compression is generally unpleasant and even painful. The manufacturer claims that you don't need to be on a diet, but, to my mind, it is also a diet when you are unable to eat what you wish only because of some item pressing your stomach. However, light exercise is recommended in the form of daily walks, for example.

The Portion Controller does not have side effects, as the manufacturer says. However, as a specialist I can say that wearing a belt made from unknown materials may lead to certain skin reactions. It sounds frightening when the company staff says that even children as young as six can use the Portion Controller. Personally, I would not recommend using this device because child's body grows and develops and it would be a crime to press the child's belly. Let us have a look at the users' reviews.

"I was skeptical when ordering the Portion Controller but it was my last way to get rid of excess fat on my belly. Unfortunately, this product is just funny, it does not help at all. Even if it does I simply cannot use t because of great discomfort I feel when wearing this belt."

"I bought the PortionController for my teenage daughter who has about fifteen pounds of excess weight. I can say that it is the worst product I have ever used for weight loss. It irritates my daughter's skin and causes many unpleasant things."

"I am 42 years old and I wore a Portion controller for about two weeks. Unfortunately, my life has not changed for better. I still have obesity. I think this belt is too small for my figure. I weight more than 120 kilos."

Where To Buy Portion Controller?

Portion Controller can be bought from its official website by calling on the phone number. However, this telephone can be used by a resident of New York state only. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

I cannot recommend Portion Controller for a number of reasons. As a specialist in weight loss, I don't think that it can really be helpful for this purpose. The only thing this belt can do is visually improve the waist line. Most users report that this garment is very uncomfortable to wear. Thus, if you wish to lose weight in a better way look for another more reputable product.