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Posture Brace Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Posture Brace Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Have your parents or grandparents told you to sit up straight? It seems to be an old-fashioned piece of advice but proper posture is undoubtedly beautiful. Besides, proper posture can prevent different kinds of discomfort and pain. If you want to correct your posture because of pain or discomfort in your shoulders, neck, or back, this review may be quite useful for you. Bad posture can cause cardiovascular problems, increased stress, and even constipation. In addition to these internal issues, slouching can make you look overweight. If you are ready to make a change in your look and health, you need to know that Posture Brace may be very helpful in this goal. There many different products available on the modern market. In this review we are going to take a look at Smart Back Brace. Unlike a traditional posture brace, this back brace comes in the form of two straps that you slip your arms through and tighten.

This Posture Brace promises to help keep your shoulders in place, while a small electronic device is located on your back. This unit has sensors that pick up on whenever you slouch, so that you will feel it vibrate and remember to sit up straight. It also connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth technology, and an app sends you alerts to remind you to sit up straight. It also keeps track of how often you hunch over, so you can track your progress. This brace does not only hold your back and shoulders in a correct position but it helps to train your muscles to hold proper posture. So, when you take off the brace you will maintain proper posture. This method is suitable for forgetful people who need a reminder. The designers of the Posture Brace made the shoulder straps adjustable so it fits different body types, including short, stout, or tall people. The Smart Back Brace is claimed to work as a posture-correcting device because of the features it offers. We are going to take a closer look further but before that you need to know that the manufacturer of this product is not very popular in the country.

Customer Reviews - Does Posture Brace Really Work?

Based on what has been said higher, it is clear that the straps of this Posture Brace work together to change the way you hold your shoulders physically. Regular nagging reminders are meant to make you stop slouching. The product can be used by any individual regardless of their age or size. Besides, this device promises to help you fix your hunching problem, mainly due to the low frequency vibration reminders, the clavicle brace, and the app that tracks how you are doing session to session. Shoulder straps can be loosened and tightened as needed to get a comfortable fit around your shoulders and arms. They work similarly to other clavicle braces and are designed to be a bit tight, since they hold your shoulders back in the right position for proper posture. Some users find it uncomfortable, but that's because of bad posture they have had for many years. The straps will help you to understand where you should hold your shoulders for proper support and posture. There is no need to wear this Posture Brace continuously; instead it intends to help you to maintain correct posture on your own.

Posture Brace

There is a smart part about the Smart Back Brace. It features an electronic device that rests on your back and helps you hold your muscles to maintain a more natural position of your body. This provides your bones, joints, and your entire body with the proper support. The unit is very small and lightweight; however, some people do notice it a lot, especially when they start slouching. The sensors inside the device have an ability to sense your wrong movements and send you a vibrating alert until you correct your posture. These vibrations are like tapping of your momís hand on your shoulder. Your natural inclination should be to keep your shoulders in the proper position for the right posture and the device just reminds you to do this. The Posture Brace comes with the App that connects the brace and the electronic device. It informs you whether you are in a correct position or not (while you are wearing the unit). However, you will need to calibrate the device to see your sessions which are recorded by the app. This allows you to see whether you are doing well or whether you need some more practice. This device works on a battery, because it would be impractical to keep it plugged into a wall outlet while being used. The manufacturer has included a rechargeable battery to the set. It is said to last quite a while. The battery can be charged with the included microUSB cable and should last for a few days. The great part here is that your back brace device can be charged with the use of a phone charger, a computer, or a wall outlet.

To find out whether the product really works it would be a wise idea to take a look at the real customersí reviews available on third-party websites. There are quite many customersí testimonials but not all of them are positive. Many users are not satisfied with the quality of the Posture Brace. One consumer reported that it had torn after just a few uses, so he had to throw it in the garbage. Other customers agree that the device is too expensive for the quality it provides. Some people faced issues with the size of the brace. While some found it too small, others found it too large. Let us take a look at the real usersí reviews available online.

"I received my Posture Brace two weeks ago but I am not pleased with the product at all. First, it turned out to be a little small for me but I still decided to try it. I am a bit overweight. My waist is 130 cm. It looks very funny on me. The unit does not keep my back well enough. Finally, I donít like its smell! Because of the smell I can wear it at home only. I do not recommend this item."

"Posture Brace is very difficult to calibrate. It is also uncomfortable to adjust shoulder straps because I have carpal tunnel issues and tendonitis. Besides, padding under shoulders bunches up and is difficult to get it where it needs to be. I am going to return the product but I am not sure whether I will get my money back. I have heard that the company hesitates to give refunds."

"The Posture Brace I received seems to have a very small size but I still manage to wear it somehow. It stinks and has many protruding threads. I have washed it properly but it still has an unpleasant smell. In general, the product has poor quality. I have worn it for a week already but I donít feel like it helps my posture at all. I do not recommend this unit."

Where To Buy Posture Brace In Stores?

The product is currently unavailable on Amazon. The model of the Posture Brace called Smart Back Brace can only be bought from the official website of the manufacturer. It costs about $20.

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about the Posture Brace, this product does not seem to be worth trying because it has a great number of disadvantages. Speaking about its specific model, Smart Back Brace, it has to be mentioned that its quality leaves much to be desired. Many consumers report facing unpleasant issues linked to the quality and design of the unit. People get irritated with constant alerts and vibrations produced by the product. It only works with Android and iPhone smartphones. Assembly may be difficult for some people. Some users report that shoulder straps do not always help to correct posture. There are many concerns about the size of the product too. According to the company, if you find that the Smart Back Brace does not work for you, you can contact the customer support team and request a refund. However, some customers report that they failed to get their money back even though they called the company within 30 days of purchasing the product. Taking into account all these pros and cons, I cannot recommend the Posture Brace to buying.