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Potty Dance Baby Alive

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby is a doll that is claimed to be able to grow fast, say over fifty phrases and sing song. The phrases this doll loves to say include "I love you, Mommy." If you hold her left hand, she will dance. If you from feed her bottle, she will say, "Uh oh! I gotta go!" if means that you will need to put your baby doll on her potty and she will "pee". So, she can drink and she can pee. You can clean her with the included soap dispenser. Give her a star on her rewards chart to indicate what she has learnt to do. You have to celebrate her achievements. Before putting your doll to bed, brush her hair with her comb that is included in the set. Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby is a trademark of Hasbro. There is a warning that a kid under three years of age may choke. The official website of the manufacturer is low-informative and seems to carry a purely marketing character. It contains little information about the company behind the product.

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby comes wearing big kid undies and removable outfit. Children can share vital moments with their doll by pretending to help her go to the potty. When the baby is thirsty, you may give her a drink, since there is a real bottle that can be filled with water. Don't forget about the potty time after that. Hold your doll's hands and she will dance for you. Help her on the potty and she will sing a song and go "pee-pee". The manufacturer claims that there is no need to worry about making a mess; since the only place she goes to pee is in the potty. You can wash her hands and apply a sticker on her rewards chart to celebrate her achievements. Children will love dressing this small doll in the outfit, listening to her songs and silly things she says, as well as combing her hair. The product comes with four batteries (AA). It is high time to check what real customers are saying about their Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby.

Customer Reviews - Does Potty Dance Baby Alive Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Alive Potty Dance Baby on third-party websites. While some buyers are satisfied with their purchase, others are not. What some people like is that she really tinkles on her potty. The doll can sing songs and say funny phrases. She will dance if you hold her left hand. After feeding the doll from her bottle, she will say, "Uh oh! I gotta go." Kids like to put their baby doll on her potty where she tinkles in reality. Children like to clean her with soap dispenser and reward her with a star on her rewards chart. Girls can brush her hair with her comb. The kids like that they can drink their doll from the bottle. After that she will certainly pee on her potty. You don't have to worry about the mess, because the doll will pee only into her potty. People also appreciate the fact that the doll known over fifty phrases and songs. She expresses her love for her mommy and daddy. However, not all customers are pleased with their purchase. Let us take a look at what unsatisfied people are writing about their experience of using the doll.

One woman reports that her two-year old daughter had zero interest in her Alive Potty Dance Baby. She took the doll, looked at it and put it back into the box. In fact, the mother bought that doll to help her daughter with potty training. So, the reaction was not as she expected. Another woman writes in her testimonial that the doll is manufactured from too hard plastic and is kind of slippery, which makes it hard to hold. Besides, it doesn't pee right. The water runs out where the head attaches to the body. The doll doesn't work as it is claimed to work on the official website. Another woman purchased this doll to inspire her little daughter to use the potty. It is interesting for the girl to observe how it moves and dances. The woman tried to settle the doll onto the potty but had difficulty getting it to work properly. Unfortunately, her daughter does not want to imitate the actions of her doll and go to the potty. What she likes, though, is that it comes with handsoap to wash the doll. The woman's daughter as doesn't like her new doll as her other dolls. She hopes that she will like it more as she gets older.

The next woman reports that the doll was not as advertised by the manufacturer. She didn't really drink, eat, poop, or pee like other dolls of the kind. Her body just makes the sound as if the water is dripping. Besides, the product does not come with the written directions on how to use it. There is only some paper saying what it can do. It is too expensive for what it offers. Some people say that if your child still wants to have this doll, it is better to wait for a sale, not pay full price. Let us take a look at the testimonials left by real users of the doll found on third-party websites.

"Alive Potty Dance Baby is not what I expected to receive. I just took it out of the box and started to test it. It doesn't drink or pee. I was very excited about starting potty training with my two-year old kid and now I am very disappointed. This is a crap doll. I would never recommend it to anyone!"

"I am giving a poor review about the Alive Potty Dance Baby for a few reasons. It is creepy with the sounds even for adults. This toy really scared my daughter and she refused to play with it. Besides, legs were locked when it arrived. Stickers were stuck to the package and many of them came off. I have attached a video."

"Alive Potty Dance Baby was delivered quickly in a box of good condition. I expected that the doll would have high quality too; however, it broke very quickly. This doll is really too fragile. It is made from low-quality materials. Save your money for buying a worthier doll for your child."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about Alive Potty Dance Baby, this toy does not appear to be worth purchasing. It has too many disadvantages. First of all, it is manufactured by a badly known company that is not known for making any other products. Second, based on customer feedback it is made from low-quality materials, which makes it dangerous for usage by children. Next, many people complain that the doll does not work as promised by the manufacturer. If does not drink or pee, as claimed. The water simply leaked (sometimes where the head attaches to the neck) when the doll was given some water. Some people received damaged purchases. They say that their kids were scared by the sounds the doll created and did not want to play with it. In this way, the concept of the product seems interesting but it is poorly accomplished. Some people even complain of receiving the doll with blemishes like damaged hair. They say that the doll is destroyed after a couple weeks of use. If you want to buy a doll that can eat, drink, poop and pee, Alive Potty Dance Baby or Daddy is not the right option for you. This product cannot be recommended. The modern market offers better options at a lower price.

Where To Buy Potty Dance Baby Alive In Stores?

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby is meant for girls and boys who are over three years old. Do not give the doll to children who are younger than three years of age. If you still want to buy this toy, it can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer, as well as from some retail stores online. Amazon sells one doll at the price of $38.82 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.