Potty Putter Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Potty Putter Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Potty Putter

The Potty Putter is a kit that will give you an opportunity to practice golfing while sitting on the toilet. It was designed with busy people in mind, including women and even children. The main pieces of the kit include two golf balls, a putting cup with a flag, a golf club, and a miniature putting green manufactured from professional material. You will need to set it up just in front of your toilet and practice your swing any time you are using the toilet. In this way, you won't need to get to the golf course. As the creators of this game say you won't have to waste your time sitting on the porcelain throne, but you can play a quick game of putt-putt. Is it really worth buying? Won't these game breaks harm your health? Let's find out by taking a look at how the device works and who the manufacturer is.

The Potty Putter comes with its own green putter and hole, so that you can play golf with your pants around your legs several times. Be sure you will not get arrested for that. However, this game is more like a joke and it won't make you a golf professional. It can be used as a gift to close friends and relatives. By the way, each set comes with Do Not Disturb sign. Before we take a look at what real users think about this product, let us find out what is known about the manufacturer of this toilet golf. We failed to find an official website of the company. It seems to be simply absent. The product has an official commercial on youtube.com, but it is made unprofessionally. You can buy the product from retail stores like Amazon.

Customer Reviews - Does Potty Putter Really Work?

Before using the product you will need to set up its pieces. First, place the miniature putting green in front of your toilet. It is about a bath mat in size. Ensure that your golf balls and small club are at hand. Set up the putting cup and the flag. It is advised to place this cup near the edge of the putting green for it to be the farthest from your toilet. You can start practicing your game. You can use two golf balls and a small golf club just while sitting on the toilet and doing your major job. You task is to hit the balls into the putting cup. You can do this as long as you like, but not for too long; otherwise you risk getting a hemorrhoid. Besides, sitting for too long may make your family members or roommates angry at you. Once you are done practicing the game, you will need to pack up the kit and store it where you have defined. It can be a bathroom cabinet or a drawer. The whole process may take some time. If you are the only one who uses your bathroom, the kit may be left in front of your toilet. You may finally leave the bathroom.

There are not so many customer reviews about Potty Putter online. You can encounter both positive and negative opinions. This golfing kit is also linked to some complaints. This kit is not as compact as it may seem. It takes two or three feet of space. Some people have smaller bathrooms and have no opportunity to place this kit in front of their toilet. If you have a large bathroom you will be able to place it without any problems and move it around if needed. Besides, you will need some space for storing the product. The product is said to be made of professional-grade green. This material is used to make the green found at golf courses, according to the manufacturer's description. But based on real customers' testimonials, it is not durable and wears quickly. The product comes with Do Not Disturb sign in addition to the main parts that can be used to practice golf. This sign can be easily attach to your bathroom door. It can be used to signify that the bathroom's not free, even when you are not golfing. So, your close ones will know that the bathroom is busy. It is high time to take a look at the real customers' reviews left online.

"I ordered PottyPutter Package about a month ago and was very disappointed with my purchase. It came without a cup and balls. Instead, it contained a putter and a do not disturb sign. It was my brother in law who opened the box when it arrived. It was such a shame that half the stuff was not in the box. I called the customer service department several times until I finally reached the representative. I returned the product to the company and now I am waiting for a refund."

"Potty Putter is not made well. It has very poor quality. It simply falls apart and makes a mess in my bathroom. The club broke the very first day. Initially, the whole thing came damaged; half of the items were missing. In reality, the product is made of very cheap materials. I regret wasting my hard-earned money. Do not order it! By the way, I was thinking that it could lead to a hemorrhoid problem."

"When my Potty putter arrived I was shocked that it was called "Sheet and stroke" on the box. This product should definitely not be listed under the category of Toys/Sports Outdoors. It is not a toy for children. It is very inconvenient to use, since it has no ball retriever. You need to stand up every time to get the ball from the floor. That's distracting from your major purpose of sitting on the toilet."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Potty Putter this product appears to have many negative points. First of all, using it in the toilet may result in hemorrhoid. This isn't a full-size game. The putting green included within the kit is not even near the size of the green on a golf course. It meant that even if you are able to aim your ball into your putting cup when playing at home, there is a high chance that it won't happen when hitting a ball on a real course. Potty Putter may be a time-waster, especially if you are not combining this game with your toilet tasks. Getting this golfing kit may result in a lot of wasted time. You may become so preoccupied with your game that you find it difficult to come out of the bathroom. This could anger other people who live under the same roof with you. If you show this fun to your coworkers, family members or roommates, they may end up becoming unproductive and wasting time too.

But if you still have decided to buy Potty Putter kit, I have an advice for you. Make sure that you close your toilet's lid before you start playing. There is high risk that one of your balls gets into your toilet and gets stuck in the toilet's chute. The product has some positive points too. For example, it can be used not only in your bathroom, but in any other room in your house, even beside your bed. However, you should not hope that it will help you to improve your game. Another advantage of the product is that you can play game in any season of the year, including in winter. It makes a good gift but remember that not everyone will like such a gift. You should take into account this individual's character and sense of humor not to insult them. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Potty Putter, I cannot recommend this product to buying.

Where To Buy Potty Putter In Stores?

The product can be ordered on As Seen on TV Commercial page: buypottyputter.com. The cost of one set of Potty Putter is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. Thus, the total price will be $27.98. Amazon sells one set of this unique golf for $26.76 plus $3.23 shipping. It is currently in stock and ships to different countries of the world.