Power Air Fryer XL Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Power Air Fryer XL Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Power Air Fryer XL

If you adore fried foods the product we are going to discuss today is meant especially for you. Its name is Power Air Fryer XL. The advantage of this device consists in the fact that it cooks food without any oil that can be unhealthy for many people. This cooking appliance will allow you to enjoy fried food with no harm for your health. Besides, such food contains fewer calories than traditional fried food. But if you like the taste of oil you can add some for flavor only. This cooker can prepare foods at up to 400 degrees F and provide 1500 watts of power. There are many infomercials about this product on TV, which means that this is a reputable product. The Power Air Fryer XL is supported by culinary expert and chef Eric Theiss on the commercials.

The device is manufactured by the company called Fusion Life Brands. The latter is owned by Tristar Products, a leader in the As Seen On TV industry. You can contact the customer service of the company by calling 1-973-287-5129. They can be also contacted at www.customerstatus.com or by email at info@powerairfryer.com. Power Air Fryer XL works with the use of turbo-heated cyclonic air, so you can cook your favorite foods without oil and with "80% less calories than traditional frying." It is rightfully called "rapid air technology". This device fries products with heated air. It's like placing your food inside a superhot heater that immediately fried your food.

Customer Reviews - Does Power Air Fryer XL Really Work?

You can find a great number of users' reviews online. They are mostly satisfied with the product as this device possesses some beneficial features. It has a digital easy One-Touch Panel and a non-stick coating. It parts can be easily washed in a dishwasher. The main thing that the users like about this product is that it does not require oil for frying foods. There is a timer with an Auto Shutoff. All purchases come with a 60-day money back guarantee. One of the main advantages of the Power Air Fryer XL is that it is extremely easy to use. The customers like that the appliance has a lot of different functions. It can saute, roast, bake, air fry, steam, or grill your food. Due to the digital panel you can control those settings and easily choose from seven pre-set cooking programs for better convenience. When the device is done, its parts can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning.

You can also choose from two varieties of the Power Air Fryer XL. These are a 3.4 quart option (for 2 to 4 people) and a 5.3 quart option (for 4 to 6). Many people say that using this device they managed to lose weight as it provides less fat and calories in you food. This oil less fryer does all the work for you, the automatic shut-off stops the cooking cycle. It prevents food from overcooking or burning. The appliance offers a great versatility of foods. People are glad with the fact that there are two sizes of this device, so you can choose the one that is more suitable for your family. This allows you to enjoy fried foods with no guilt. Even though air fryers are not a new invention but the Power Air Fryer XL has become dramatically popular. I believe that air frying works better than conventional frying machines. Besides, it is much cheaper. It is believed that healthy food does not taste well, but this is not the case with the Power Air Fryer XL. This device does not make you sacrifice the taste and flavor of your food. Let us have a look at some of the testimonials of people who have used this wonderful device in life.

"Power Air Fryer XL is a great product, the company is reputable and popular in the country. The product works exactly as advertised. It helps me to cook the tastiest chicken wings in the world. I also cooked egg rolls, fish, garlic knots, whole chickens, tater tots, chicken tenders, and other great dishes in the convenience of my home. I am happy to have purchased the fryer. The shipping time is very short. I received my parcel in a few days after ordering the product."

"PowerAirFryer XL is a good cooking machine. I have used it six times and every time it has worked well. Their meat came out delicious, crispy on the outside, and tender inside. I have also cooked other dishes in it. Everything was very tasty. Besides, this cooker is easy to use and time-saving. It has become my top small kitchen appliance. I am very happy with it and I recommend it to all of my friends. It will be a great investment for them."

"I love fried food but I have always restricted myself in eating it. Now I can enjoy my favorite dishes due to the Power AirFryer XL. The food cooked in this device is so light, crispy, and not grease at all. I use my convection oven, deep fryer, and rotisserie much more seldom now. I have a small kitchen, and this appliance is just good for it. My favourite foods cooked in it include chicken, pork chops, shrimps, and rib-eye steaks."

My Final Summary

To my mind, Power Air Fryer XL is worth your attention. This product really works, which can be seen from a great number of positive users' reviews online. This device can be used for cooking a lot of dishes that were shown on TV commercials. Besides, you are expected to get the food free from grease and beneficial for your health. The appliance is easy to use, fast-cooking and time-saving. Most people who have used this device are very pleased with their powerful airfryer. It works exactly how advertised on TV. In fact, this can be named a perfect piece of engineering. By the way, Power Air Fryer XL is easy to clean in a dishwasher. Even children can use it for cooking because all you will have to do is to place food inside the container and push the necessary button.

Many users claim that Power Air Fryer XL has exceeded their expectations. They use it constantly and are in love with it! The device can cook different sorts of meat, seafood, fish and vegetables in a fast manner. Everything comes out so delicious that you won't help trying any of the dishes. But you won't feel any guilt, as this food will not harm your shape. It contains no oil and is low in calories. It can be even eaten in the evening. Cooking time is always minimal as food is cooked at high temperatures. The company behind the air fryer can be completely trusted as it uses a just business practice. The Power Air Fryer XL is not very expensive which makes it affordable for almost all categories of people. So, if you want to improve your health, protect your heart, slim down, or just enjoy fried food without feeling guilty, you can try using the Power Air Fryer XL.

Where To Buy Power Air Fryer XL In Stores?

The device can be purchased from the official website. The machine's price depends on the size. 3.4 Quart costs $119.97 (three payments of $39.99 + free shipping). 5.3 Quart costs $149.97 (three payments of 49.99 + free shipping). These devices differ not in size only but in power too. The smaller option has 1500 watts of power while the larger option has 1700 watts. The smaller option is priced at about $120 and is available on some other retail stores too (for instance, PowerAirFryer.com).