Power Cooker Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Power Cooker

The Power Cooker is a digital pressure cooker that promises to cook delicious food with only one button. The manufacturer calls it a "pot kitchen miracle", as it is expected to help you in preparing slow-cooked meals in a short period of time. This "As Seen on TV" product is claimed to assist you create wholesome meals up to 70% faster than conventional methods. Thus, you are expected to save your energy, time, and money. The Power Cooker has a commercial that promises cooking dishes in a few minutes only. Let's try to understand how the product works by looking at its major features.

Power Cooker uses Flavor Infusion technology that keeps extremely hot steam inside the pot forcing moisture into your food. What happens is that both the flavor and nutrients are locked inside your food. The machine can boast intelligent one-touch settings and promises to be perfect for cooking such foods, as fish, meat, vegetables, rice, beans, stews, soup, and much more. According to the official website of Power Cooker, this device promises to save you prep time by giving you an opportunity to add all the ingredients into the pot before cooking. It is allowed to put even un-defrosted frozen foods. Then you'll need to push only one button, choose your setting, and leave it alone. The appliance does not use much energy and helps to keep your kitchen cooler.

Customer Reviews - Does Power Cooker Really Work?

More than 500 readers have left their reviews on using the Power Cooker on HighYa. Let us see what kind of experience they had for us to get a better insight into this cooker's performance. Based on those reader reviews, the product has an average rating of 3.0 stars. Thus, there are both positive and negative opinions. Let us have a look at the advantages and common complaints of the consumers. What people liked is that the product is easy to use.it is able to save your time, effort, energy and money. You can easily adjust the pressure of your cooker between 10-80 kPa. It means that you can either brown or saute your food. You can also choose between cooking, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. Other features include stainless steel housing, a 6, 8, or 10-quart capacity, digital display panel, reinforced, safe lock lid, and built-in steam ledge.

The customers are pleased with the fact that they can put all the components into the future dish at a time and just go away. Once your food is finished cooking, the cooker will automatically change to "Keep Warm" mode by creating a specific sound for you to hear it in the other part of your house. The machine will keep your food warm until you come to enjoy it. The manufacturer says that cleaning the device is a breeze due to the Power Cooker's removable inner pot that is dishwasher safe. By the way, this pot is non-stick. The users are pleased with the short Shipping Times. Most customers experienced short delivery of the product - about 5-7 days. However, some people said that it took them 4-6 weeks to get the product.

Another advantage of the company selling the Power Cooker is high-rate Customer Service. Whenever you have any problems, questions or concerns, you can call the company's staff to have your problem solved. All the staff are professional and well-educated, so you will undoubtedly receive good advice. In case, if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you can require getting your money back. You can also contact the company by email. Most users are satisfied with the quality of the Power Cooker. They say it works as advertised. The device can perfectly maintain adequate pressure, does not burn food and is easy to clean. The timer works well and it takes the unit 20 minutes to pressurize before cooking. Even people living 2,000 feet below the sea level claim that the system did not fail to work. You can find a lot of pressure cooker recipes available on the Internet. It takes between 50 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes for pulled pork to be well-cooked. Here are some of the actual users' reviews.

"We bought the 8-quart Power Cooker from Costco several months ago and we like it very much. We have cooked Barbeque Chicken Thighs, a Pork Butt Roast, BBQ Wings. And tonight my husband did BBQ Pork Steaks. He is a perfect cook! We thought the chicken cooked in this device was the best we had ever eaten in the world. The Pork Steak tasted better than that cooked on the grill outdoors. It was unbelievably tender! My friends liked it too. I highly recommend this slow cooker!"

"I bought my PowerCooker at Costco after I saw the infomercial on TV! I am fond of canning in the fall and this appliance is extremely helpful in this activity. It has become my favourite device in the kitchen! I started using it as soon as I received the product by mail. The food comes out full of flavor, tender and moist. This is certainly not a scam. I would recommend this to all of my friends."

"I love my 10-qt Power Cooker as I can use it all the time to cook food for my kids. All dishes cooked in this appliance are very tasty. Even my three-year old son eats that food. By the way I was given a big recipe book as a gift. It always helps me to find new recipes. Thank you for the fast delivery and perfect customer service."

My Final Summary

The Power Cooker deserves your attention as it has a number of advantages. First of all, most people who have tried it are completely pleased with the product. They say it works as advertised, the food comes out delicious and healthy. The product has an attractive infomercial and TV commercials that show what delicious meals you can cook with less effort in a short period of time. Other positive things the reviewers experienced with the product include fast shipping times, reasonable shipping charges, good customer service. You can buy the pressure cooker from a local retailer (Walmart). Most customers are satisfied with the Power Cooker's overall performance.

It is important to emphasize the fact that most consumers were pleased with the product, but even those who had bad experiences may be to blame themselves. Mistakes could occur due to unfamiliarity using the Power Cooker. While some users claimed that the device often burned their food, this may be due to avoiding reading the instructions and over-cooking your food. The Power Pressure Cooker is not expensive. This kitchen appliance can be recommended to usage.

Where To Buy Power Cooker In Stores?

One can buy the device directly through the official website of the company. The Power Pressure Cooker XL is priced a bit differently depending on the model of the product. 6 Quart cooker costs $99.99 or three payments of $33.33, 8 Quart product is worth $129.96 or three payments of $43.32, 8 Quart Deluxe cooker (with a steaming rack, canning lid, and cobalt, copper, and cinnamon colors) costs $159.93 or three payments of $53.31. 10 Quart product can be bought for $159.93 or three payments of $53.31. You will have to buy $29.99 for the shipping. Each product comes with a power chopper and power canning recipe books.