Power Precision Cooker Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Power Precision Cooker Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Power Precision Cooker

Power Precision Cooker is a sous vide cooking device that needs to be clipped to the side of your cookware. It works by circulating hot water and creating a 360-degree bath to cook different kinds of foods, including fish, meats, soups, vegetables, and desserts. The device features a temperature and digital time display for you to better control the cooking process. Actually, the manufacturer claims that this cooker eliminates the risk of overcooking and preparing mediocre meals. In this way, it is guaranteed to provide ideal results. In general, the process includes three stages. First, you will need to put food in a plastic bag, place the bag into the water, and press start. What is left is seeing as your food cooks. The device works with any sealable plastic bags. All of these benefits are just great, if you need to cook a fast and easy meal that retains flavor and moisture. But is the Power Precision Cooker really worth buying? Are there any better sous vide options? We will try to answer these questions further but at first let us take a look at what is known about the company behind it.

The official website of the product is colorful, well-designed but low-informative. It does not even contain a word about the manufacturer of the product. All if provides is the phone number of the customer service. The site is meant to make you buy their product. To understand how the device works, let's take a look at what is sous vide and how it differs from other cooking methods. In fact, this French phrase stands for "under vacuum," since food cooked using this method is vacuum-sealed in a cooking bag and heated up at a definite temperature in water. It was developed in the 1970s by Chef Georges Pralus. Compared to other cooking methods, the sous vide process cooks food at a lower temperature, but for a longer period of time (between one hour and a few days). The food is said to be perfectly cooked, tender, and more flavorful. The device allows you to forget about your food being cooked, which is convenient for some users. But this method of cooking is not suitable for people who need to cook food really fast. Some unpleased customers note that sous vide meals take too much time to cook. Besides, they lose the experience of cooking. You don't feel the smell or tinker the way you can when cooking on a grill or stove. Let's take a look at other features of the Power Precision Cooker and online customer feedback associated with it.

Customer Reviews - Does Power Precision Cooker Really Work?

There is nothing difficult involved in the operation system of this cooker. This device does not involve many pieces of equipment that need to be put together before using. All you need to do is put the food you want to cook within a plastic bag and place it into a pot with water. The bag doesn't need to be vacuum-sealable. The food needs to be cooked below the water level. Then you will need to attach the circulator to the rim of the pot and to make it stable. To start the cooking process, turn on the cooker by pressing a button on it. When the device is on, use the digital dial on it to choose the duration and temperature at which your food will be cooked. According to the manufacturer, the major feature of the device is its 360-degree Technology. It means that the heat is gradually spread in the entire pot of water. But this will take some time during which there is high risk that your food will be cooked unevenly. So, this 360-degree technology is still under question.

The device also features temperature fine-tuning. It has been designed for customers who might need a device that would cook at the right temperature without any deviation from temperature you have set for your dish. You can cook a wide variety of dishes with this device and you do not need any additional specialized equipment like a grill or oven. But this device is able not only to cook a wide variety of foods (vegetables fish, meats, soups, desserts), but it can be used as a replacement for the oven or the grill. At the same time, your food is not expected to lose moisture. The reason is that your food is locked up inside a plastic bag, so all of its moisture is intact. This also helps to make food juicy and tender. According to the manufacturer, Power Precision Cooker provides healthier options, since cooking with this device does not require the use of oil while grilling or frying. I have certain doubts that this device is able to create different variations in food, since these variations include changes in how the product feels, its consistency on the tongue, tenderness, intensity of flavors, etc. I don't think that this device is able to provide consistent results. To my mind, you will get the same results when cooking the same sort of foods (meat or fish). The standards of food preparation should not be ignored. Power Precision Cooker offers a new method of cooking food at lower temperatures, which can be not applicable for some users. There are some negative aspects about cooking food using this method too. The food cooked in this method is not always more flavorful than that cooked in a traditional manner. Don't think that this cooker will save your time on cleaning other cookware. You will still need to wash the dishes used for preparing foods before placing them into the cooking pot. Whether using this cooker or another one, remember that you will still need to sear your meat to get an attractive brown glaze. If you don't it will taste and look like a piece of boiled meat. It is high time to read actual customers' reviews left online.

"After two weeks of using PowerPrecision Cooker I had to throw this piece into a bin of garbage. At first it operated well but then it would just turn off on its own. It did this about seven times within four hours. It became simply impossible to do long cook requirements. I called the customer service and realized that their call center was probably in India. The rep told me that he needed to talk to his supervisor. I would be put on hold but he probably forgot to click the "hold" button. So, I could hear the noise around and I did not hear him talking to any supervisor. When he got back on the line he told me that there was nothing the company could do."

"Power Precision Cooker is nice but it is not as sturdy as expected. It is really cheap and does not cost the money. However, it works well and is easy to set up. I was probably unlucky to receive the unit that is too noisy. It displayed an EE1 error code after usage. So, I had to send it back."

"I purchased the Power Precision cooker at Sam's Club, but this device works well. Temperatures were consistent and verified with three different types of thermomitors. I am going to update in six months if issues come up. But I wish didn't waste my money on this stuff."

My Final Summary

While we didn't test the Power Precision Cooker ourselves, we analyzed the information available about the product. At the price of more than $100 this device is certainly not worth buying. The product itself leaves much to be desired. Some users reported that it stopped working after several uses. Furthermore, when the customers tried to reach the customer service, they found out that the representatives of the company were sitting somewhere in India and were completely unhelpful. Despite the 60-day refund policy, they said that there was nothing they could do to help their disappointed clients. With all this in mind, Power Precision Cooker's cannot be recommended to purchasing.

Where To Buy Power Precision Cooker In Stores?

There are two ways to buy the device. A 30-day trial costs $14.95, plus free shipping. After that, you will be charged three equal installments of $33.33. Thus, the total price will be $114.94. You can save the $14.95 trial charge by paying $99.99 in full. No matter which payment option you will choose, your order will include a recipe book, as well as a 60-day refund policy. To request one, you will need to contact Tristar Products' customer service department. You can check the status of your order by clicking www.customerstatus.com 24 hours per day for the latest information. Phone Number of the customer service with English and Spanish agents available is 973-287-5192.