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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is a special product designed for cats. It has some specific features that most cat owners appreciate a lot. This substance is able to improve the life for your cat as it is able to alert its owner to any health concerns with litter that tends to change its color after use. This will undoubtedly help the cat owner to detect feline issues. In case of any health problems you can take your pet to the vet. It is a well-known fact that felines are good at hiding signs of feeling bad due to the inborn risk of being eaten in the wild. This is the reason why cats seldom show any signs of illness until they can no longer conceal what is wrong. The same concerns little kittens that prefer to curl up in an out of sight place for few days in case when they feel not well. As a result, any signs of sickness are difficult for their owners to notice. Pretty Litter was founded by Daniel Rotman who is the company's CEO at present. He invented this illness-detecting litter after he lost his beloved cat because of an illness that could be treated if detected earlier.

The Pretty Litter team includes Product Advisor Carly Martinetti, the creator of the popular animal blog Featured Creature, and Dr. Geoff DeWire, Veterinarian in Chief. In short, the guys behind the product appear to be real specialists in animal health. The device itself looks like white litters possessed by many cat owners. It is made of silica gel, which is why it is light when compared to clay litters. The overall weight of one-month supply is only four pounds. You have probably seen those little packets contained in shoe boxes to prevent moisture from getting inside the box. These packets also contain silica gel. This material possesses strong odor protection properties. The water in your pet's urine evaporates, but what is left can create an unpleasant smell. However, silica crystals will absorb the odor very well. Besides, this material is completely safe for cats even if it is being ingested. It will simply pass through your pet's system naturally without causing any harm. Another advantage of the substance is that it is totally dust-free, thus, it is healthier for humans and cats.

Customer Reviews - Does Pretty Litter Really Work?

Pretty Litter is made in China but it does not mean that it has low quality. In fact, there are no crystal cat litter manufacturers in the USA. The product is safe for cats' health, according to extensive quality checks it has been subjected to. Before using Pretty Litter you will need to pour it into your cat's litter box as usual. The litter should be at least two inches deep in the box. Clean the litter on a daily basis by removing solid waste with a scooper. Cleaning the litter box, you will see colored patches where your cat has urinated. It is quite easy to decode the colors of the litter. Dark yellow to olive green means that the urine is normal. Blue color indicates high alkalinity which may be associated with Struvite Crystal, FLUTD formations or kidney disease.

Green indicates abnormal acidity which means FLUTD, urinary blockage in males, calcium oxalate crystals, or kidney problems. Orange indicates presence of bilirubin. The red color may mean the presence of blood in the urine associated with Crystals (Crystalluria), Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (FLUTD), or Interstitial Cystitis. Sometimes, it means an internal injury, bladder cancer, poison ingestion, or a female being in heat if it is over four months old and hasn't been spayed. Temporary color changes can occur because of changes in environment, a new diet, or temporary stresses. Due to these reasons, a cat's pH levels may vary significantly.

There are many user reviews about the product online. The majority of customers are satisfied with the litter as they have a chance to notice a developing disease in their pets and consult a veterinarian if needed. It should be remembered, however, that Pretty Litter isn't intended to diagnose any illness. Changes in color can indicate that you may need to check your cat for such health issues as liver failure, pancreatitis, urinary tract infections, or diabetes. Early detection can save your pet's life and decrease your vet's bill. What users like about the product is that it perfectly absorbs the unpleasant smell of urine. Besides, they don't need to change it every day. It is recommended to throw the used litter after one month. Numerous Pretty Litter's Facebook comments show that the product is very helpful in diagnosing early diseases in cats. Many users are grateful to the founders of this fabulous invention. Here are some of the actual reviews left by real users of the litter online.

"This product has been a lifesaver for my family. We have three adopted cats and we used those heavy litter boxes earlier. But since we found Pretty Litter, we stopped our choice on it forever. While the spoilt litter goes in the toilet, the rest can be used again. The cats love it. We have not detected any health risks for our cats, but we are happy to know that they are alright. Even though the product is not cheap; it is worth the money it costs. Thanks for making such a wonderful litter option."

"I love PrettyLitter. I ordered one bag of this product just to check if it worked. I have two litter boxes for each of my two cats and I replaced one with Pretty Litter. It is strange but now both of my cats use this litter box. My older cat does not use puppy pads any longer. I am happy as an owner because I don't need to pick up any messes anymore. Besides, I forgot about that unpleasant and strong odor. I changed my subscription to two bags each month."

"I was skeptical about Pretty Litter at first, but now I am so glad I tried it! The smell has gone and I can't even tell that a litter box is located in my bedroom! I am happy that there are no clumps from urine. Cleaning the box is fast and easy! The product has helped me with my allergies as there is no dust residue. I would certainly recommend this to all cat owners."

My Final Summary

Pretty Litter is associated with an overwhelmingly positive customer reputation. There simply no criticisms available regarding the product. The customers are pleased with the customer service the representatives of which are highly responsive and professional. The product itself is easy to use, helpful, and delivers on all of its claims. The only drawback of the product is that it is slightly more expensive than other brands of cat litter, but Pretty Litter does guarantee the quality.

No pet owner wants to treat a UT infection. This product will potentially help you to avoid it as well as a number of other dangerous diseases. In some cases, Pretty Litter can even help save your pet's life. This is the reason why I am sure that it is a worthy investment for cat owners, especially for those who have faced recurring UT infections or kidney problems in their cats. The product is dustless and odorless, too. It is a great invention for cat lovers. If you have a cat and you worry for its health, you should certainly try Pretty Litter.

PrettyL itter Pricing and Rates

You can order Pretty Litter online. One cat usually requires a four-pound bag of the product per month. It costs $21. If you have two cats you can buy a set for $39. The owner of three cats will need to pay $68 (the fourth bag is completely free.) You purchase will be backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your order, call the customer service and they will refund your order really soon.