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Pristiq Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Pristiq Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Pristiq is an extended-release pill for oral administration. It contains desvenlafaxine succinate, a new SNRI designed to treat MDD. This is the major active metabolite of the antidepressant venlafaxine, a drug used for the treatment of major depressive disorder. The formula needs to be taken once a day. Each pill contains 38 mg, 76 mg or 152 mg of desvenlafaxine succinate that is equivalent to 25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg of desvenlafaxine. Depression can negatively influence your whole body and lead to physical and emotional symptoms such as being unable to enjoy life, feeling low in spirit, overeating or poor appetite, disturbed sleep, lack of energy, loss of sex drive, and feeling guilty over nothing. Pristiq is associated with a great number of side effects, allergic reactions, drug interactions and warnings, which is why you are recommended to talk to your doctor if you have any questions about this product.

Pristiq's main ingredient, desvenlafaxine succinate, belongs to a group of drugs called Serotonin-Noradrenaline Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs). Noradrenaline and Serotonin are chemical messengers that help certain nerves in the human brain to work properly. Pristiq promises to increase the level of these messengers, in this way restoring your feeling of wellness. The medication is said to be not addictive but it requires a doctor's prescription. Pristiq is not allowed to usage in children or adolescents under 18 years of age. You must not take this product if you are taking any other drugs for depression called monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Pristiq should be avoided by people who are allergic to venlafaxine, desvenlafaxine, or to any other components of the drug. Let us take a closer look at the ingredients in the product.

Ingredients of Pristiq - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was already mentioned, Desvenlafaxine is the major ingredient in the medication. It is used to treat depression, improve your feeling of well-being, mood, and energy level. This compound is actually a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) that works by restoring the balance of such natural substances as norepinephrine and serotonin in the user's brain. Before using Pristiq you should read the Medication Guide and the Patient Information Leaflet. If you have any questions about desvenlafaxine or any other ingredient, ask your doctor. Take this drug by mouth with or without food as your doctor has prescribed you, usually once a day. The dosage may depend on your medical condition. Do not chew, crush, or dissolve these pills in water. Doing so can release all of the medication at once and lead to side effects. Swallow the whole tablet with water.


To reduce the risk of undesired reactions, you may need to start this drug at a low dose and increase your dose gradually. Follow usage instructions and do not increase your dose. Your condition will not improve if you use more of this drug more but the risk of side effects will significantly increase. It is vital to continue taking Pristiq if you feel well. Some conditions may become worse if you suddenly stop taking it without consulting your doctor. You may experience such withdrawal symptoms as headache, mood swings, tiredness, brief feelings and sleep changes. To prevent these symptoms, your doctor will reduce your dose gradually. It may take a few weeks before you see the positive results of using this medication. Inactive ingredients of the tablets include hypromellose, talc, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate. A film coating consists of polyethylene glycol, polyvinyl alcohol, talc, iron oxides, and titanium dioxide.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As you can see, all of the ingredients in Pristiq are chemical in nature. Many of them may cause undesired side effects and allergic reactions, especially when taken in high doses. The most common side effects may include dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, constipation, dry mouth, loss of appetite, blurred vision, trouble sleeping, weight loss, nervousness, or excessive sweating. If any of these side effects worsen, inform your doctor. This drug may raise your blood pressure significantly, which is why you should check it regularly and inform your doctor if it is too high. Tell your doctor immediately if you have any serious side effects, like pounding or severe headache, changes in sexual ability, decreased interest in sex, shakiness (tremor), easy bleeding or bruising. Ask for medical help if you have any signs of very serious side effects, like shortness of breath, cough that doesn't go away, chest pain, vomit that looks like coffee grounds, black stools, eye pain, redness or swelling, vision changes, widened pupils, seizures.

There is a great number of negative customer reviews about Pristiq. Many of them report that the medication is ineffective when it comes to the treatment of depression. Others report experiencing many side effects. Several individuals even reported that the product can be life threatening. One woman reported that her husband died due to a very low sodium level that was caused by taking this medication. In his last hours, he was unable to speak and had severe seizures. Before his death he had gone to his doctor two times complaining of flu-like symptoms, but the doctor dismissed it as a common virus. Here are some other testimonials about Pristiq.

"I could not feel any better after taking this Pristiq. It simply did not work for me. I had many side effects too. I wonder why it has so many positive reviews. I think, every person has a different chemistry. What is good for others was horrible for me. Do not ever give this drug a try. It can be dangerous for your health."

"I started taking Pristiq more than two months ago after I had tried a lot of different antidepressents. The first week was a real torture for me. I felt extremely bad, dizzy, sleepy, and nauseous. I even missed a few days of work. The second week I had a severe diarrhea, so I decided to stop using it. I never felt that bad. This drug does cause severe side effects. I would not recommend it to anyone."

"I thought Pristiq was a magic pill to cure my anxiety and depression. I have been on nine different drugs since 1998. Pristiq did not help me to fight my depression. I still feel depressed and my anxiety has not become any better. These pills were my last hope and now I have to go to my doctor again. I don't think that he knows how to deal with the problem. Please take care of yourselves. I wish all the best to all of us."

Where To Buy Pristiq?

The product can be bought from the official website. It is also sold at different pharmacies. Duane Reade sells it for $122.49. Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy offers the drug for the same price. Rite Aid sells Pristiq for $194.10. CVS's price for the medication is $260.47. You can buy it from CVS Inside Target for $260.47 too.

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Pristiq, this medication seems to be not as effective as claimed by the manufacturer. Many users have reported that it did not help them to fight their anxiety and depression. Instead, this drug caused them a great number of unpleasant side effects. A few people even reported experiencing severe side effects. One person died. The matter may be that Pristiq may increase serotonin and lead to a very serious condition called serotonin toxicity. Its symptoms include hallucinations, fast heartbeat, loss of coordination, severe vomiting or diarrhea, severe dizziness, unexplained fever, twitching muscles, and unusual restlessness. Before using this drug, you are highly advised to take into account all warnings and precautions. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend Pristiq.